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Thursday, 29 December 2016

fuzzypanda0206 (Member)

All credit goes to my friend, sneezy77, for catching this one.

They started off by advertising a "Christmas giveaway" at their den.

A few people went to their den, and they followed us in after a short time. I managed to buddy them, just to try and prevent myself from getting locked out.

Mhmm, sure we will. We asked them why they couldn't trade, and they said this:

I'm surprised this guy was actually able to come up with a slightly believable excuse. Very few scammers can do that, at least the ones that I see.
Each person in the den then gifted their items. I gifted a black studded collar, the deer gifted a phantom plushie and a Best Dressed game, and the arctic wolf gifted a fireplace. They unbuddied me, then announced the winner:

Judt isn't a word :|

No fricking duh
They then locked us out. Report fuzzy for scamming.

Status: 3 Harmed

~ Agent Pixyl ~

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Livingpie (Member)

Hello everyone! Fox here with another person being mean to little kids! Yay!
So I was giving my first try at baiting scammers, and I found this one within 2 minutes of advertising.
This person also showed up, but they wouldn't talk besides saying "I can", so I locked them out.

So back to Livingpie, they wanted to get down to business:

Thank you for splitting up your sentences. It's really nice.

I asked them if I could trade a "test item" (aka a store item). Apparently not.

Oh yes, wouldn't want to waste your amazing hacking skillz.

I tried to trade them, and they rejected. What.

They then got impatient:


Riiight... I'm wasting my time just talking to you. Anyways. I traded them some rares that I won from the daily spin.

They left my den, unbuddied me, and logged off. 

I'll be looking into the other person I mentioned at the beginning, to see if I can get proof of them scamming.

Report Livingpie for scamming. 

Status: No One Harmed

Sunday, 18 December 2016

12 Days of the SWS Update

Due to nobody attending the events that have been hosted thus far, the 12 Days of the SWS event has been cancelled. However, the Christmas Party on December 24th, the Secret Santa exchange on December 25th, and the Grand Christmas Drive Giveaway on December 26th are still going to be hosted.
The dates and times for these events are posted on the Upcoming Events widget on the sidebar. Hope to see you all there, thanks.


Saturday, 17 December 2016

lucyfalcons (Non-Member)

Feathers here, with a scammer I caught on around November 10th. Beware, there are a lot of screenshots thats go with this one.

Usually, this would not be suspicious, but it just came back in stores, so it was.

Yeah, those aren't worth anything anymore.

Trying to pass off an item worth close to nothing as an actually good item.

 After this, she tried to separate us into groups of who wanted the collar and who wanted the wrists. 

lucyfalcons is Chief Funnyrose, I'm Awesome Snowyruler. Sleek is some random person that left when she found out the worth of her list. 

When confronted, she locked me out.

Lucky for me, she unlocked it right after. 

No, I don't actually.

When confronted as a scammer, and that I was a member of the SWS and people would know she scammed, she started begging and making up obviously false excuses.

Scammer logic.

Being scammed does not equal being hacked!

Well, those are member. Of course someone would have traded it. But, if she were innocent, why would she lock me out when I confronted her?

Honestly, I'm not sure what she's trying to do at this point. 

And then she tries to bribe me. I wouldn't do my job very well if I accepted every time I got bribed!

Right. She's obviously been playing for a bit, she has out of store wings and a rare ribbon scarf.

Has that ever worked? Like, ever? 

lol no

That makes literally no sense.

It's hard to argue with someone illogical.

Because thats an overused excuse.

Of course, I didn't believe her. Her attempts to convince me are even worse.

Because it's pretty obvious. 

Yes, you do. At this point, someone who I assume was their buddy comes in. 

And then she tried to convince random other people that she wasn't a scammer. (The person was just sort of idle) Well, at this point I had all the evidence I needed, so I left.  Report lucyfalcons for scamming.

Status: No One harmed