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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Scammer Goldmine #48

hey is vic here goes

Attempting the "best gift wins" scam.

Attempting the "first trade I accept wins ____" scam.

Attempting the "gift me and I'll give you rares" scam.

Attempting the "glitched ____ on trade" scam, when the item is, in fact, not glitched.

Attempting the "best trade wins" scam.

Please report all of the above users for scamming.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

spike15770 (Member)

Hello, I'm Flint, I think the folks do posts on fools like this, so here I am. Found them on November 27.

I saw this.

I told them that was a bad idea, they ran to a locked den.
Even if it is a joke, you don't joke about stuff like that.

Keep an eye on them.

Status: No one Harmed

babydoll4903 (Member)

Hello. I am Flint. I found this person on November 26.

This caught my attention.

This is the jammer wall. I suspect this is a 'best gift wins' scam.
The way it works is you gift her a masterpiece, and she showcases it in her den or jammier wall.
The one with the most likes wins a spike.
Sound like a scam yet?

They said they would gift it back, but I doubt it.
I asked this.

They took it as this.

I said I meant showcase it on our trade while not giving it to you.
A jammer wall picture of a gullible person.
Hey wait a second I didn't notice fire was there.

I started calling them a scammer. They went to a locked den.

Onto the others.
Fire gave me these screenshots, along with a little report explaining them.

According to fire, awesome is a person who claimed to be working with babydoll on her Jammer Wall, Empress and Countess are rookies, and Legit is Fire.
Another one.

And another.

This is a jammer wall. Superbunnyftw has a good point, assuming the contest is over.

Apparently, she deleted all the screenshotted jammer walls from Fire.

Combining both sources of evidence, it's safe to say they scammed masterpieces.
Report them for scamming.

Status: 1+

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Update Notes 26/11/2016

Hello everyone, Cerise here with the early December update notes. We have several things planned for the last month before our 3 year anniversary, and our deadline. Speaking of the deadline, though, I'm immensely proud of you all. The society is getting a lot better, and if we keep this up we may be able to beat the deadline. But let's not think about that for now, I have some good news.

Firstly, we will be having a special event for Christmas - the 12 Days of the SWS. For every day between December 15th and December 26th, we will be hosting a special Christmas event, whether that be movie night on the chat, a raffle, or so on. On the very last day, December 26th, we will be doing the Christmas Drive giveaway, meaning we will go around to random areas and give random Jammers items from our item bank. The dates for each 12 Days celebration will be up soon, likely tomorrow or the day after.

Along with the 12 Days event, we will be having a Secret Santa exchange. Every active agent will be given another active agent whom they will have to get a gift for. We will collect all the gifts on a storage, and then, on the day of the exchange, we will give out the gifts to the appropriate agents.
The items we're looking for are anything within the value range of a pseudo-rare (fox hats, worns, pirate swords, gloves, bow and arrows, etc.) to rares and betas (spikes, den betas, retired items, etc.). Please get your items to a council member by Christmas Day, when the gifts will be exchanged. If for whatever reason something happens and you cannot get your gift in on time, talk to a council member so we can sort something out.
If you are an active agent interested in participating in the Secret Santa exchange, please comment your agent name and username below.

Current Secret Santa Participants
Agent Fire (fire66300)
Agent Cowlan (Cowlan)
Agent Cake (novanightmares)
Agent Electro (Electrowaffles)
Agent Phoenix (feathers13)
Agent Flint (swan867)
Agent Pixyl (littlesleepy)
Agent Hazel (Harmonioustune)
Agent Beta (Sleepyspirits)
Agent Light (fernlight2)
Agent Brave (hoppyfrogbug)
Agent Sharky (sharky10117)
Agent Zephyr (Kola33319)

Lastly, we have a new system for joining. Learn more on our new Join The Team page. We're still in need of new agents, so don't hesitate to submit an application.

That's all for now, Jammers. Happy holidays!

Yoeagles110 (Member)

Hello, readers. Vic here with another post. Today I caught quite the peculiar scammer named yoeagles110. I was roaming around Jamaa Township when I saw someone attempting a simple "best gift wins spike" scam. 

I thought he wouldn't have much interesting to say, so I just screenshotted him saying this so I could add it to the scammer goldmine I'm making. Of course, it would be irresponsible to just walk away, so I told him to go to his den so I could confront him. Once he showed up, I asked him to confirm that he would, indeed, gift me a spike if I gifted him.

I told him I would gift him a long spiked wrist, and he did say it was good enough when I asked. To stall him more, I asked what color the spike he'd be gifting me was. He told me that it was a purple spike, so I assumed that it was the wrist he was wearing and he confirmed this.

He started to get impatient after me asking this and told me that I was taking long. Obviously eager to steal pixels from stupid kids.

I wasn't going to gift him, so I asked why I couldn't trade for the spike instead and he gave me the most moronic answer I've ever heard from a scammer.

I was so dumbfounded by this response that I was at a complete loss for words. After a couple minutes I managed to ask him why, and he claimed his mom thought trading was "dangerous." So I decided to play along and asked him to get his mom on. He went AFK for about 6 seconds, then his mom said hello. When I asked "her" why she thought trading was dangerous, she said this.

Her grammar is surprisingly broken for an adult, don't you think? 

After saying this, I was locked out.

How predictable.

Please report Yoeagles110 for scamming.

Status: None Harmed

Friday, 25 November 2016

adieachloe (Member)

Hello. It is I, Flint. I found this person on November 25.

This caught my attention.

This is the instructions, leading me to believe this is a best-gift-wins thinly veiled as a video.
I am also sure the '4 days ago' is suspicious.

I asked them this. They ran around the place as I asked until they logged off.

Report them for scamming.

Status: Unknown