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Thursday, 29 September 2016

W0nd3rl4nd (Non-Member)

Hello, Jammers! It is Flint again with another scammer. I'm on a roll. I found them on September 29.

This is this them scamming with a 'give me _____ and get my list' scam.

This is a really bad Snipping Tool I got, but I'm going to put it here anyways.

I kept asking "Why must we give you a spike instead of just giving it away" and they ran to another part whenever I asked. Then I told them they were scamming and I got this.

Then they left, and I tracked them to a fashion show. I was feeling annoying so I said to everyone there 'They scam' and I got this! ('NO you don't' refers to 'No you don't know I scam')

Then I left once the folks there started shooing me.

Report this scammer for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Electricaoife (Member)

Hello people, Flint here with another post. I found this person on September 26.

This is them scamming. You know it's a scam because 1. Gift-4-Gift and 2. Very unfair for them.

You'd think I would have asked them why they couldn't trade, but someone else asked them this and they said they couldn't trade. I then flew over to tell him they only disable BOTH trading and gifting together. Then he logged off.

Report this kiddo for scamming.

Status: Unknown

Sunday, 25 September 2016

peanutsammy + 1003p4 (Member)

Hello, Jammers, it is Flint again with 2 WHOLE, NOT HALF scammers found on September 25.

So I found Peanut advertising for a giveaway.

I went, and they said this. In case you are wondering, Fabulous Magicwolf is the scammer, and Snowspirit is another person. And a 'contest' is a scam.

And this. They meant 'If I don't scam, how do I know who wins?'

Then we called it a scam, and she said this.

And she locked.

Then I tracked her to the 2nd person, 1003p4, and they were partnering and doing another spike giveaway.

This is her partner supporting her. 

This is how to 'win'.

This is a chat box picture that isn't very useful but I took anyways. The important thing it Fabulous Magicwolf's sentence.

This is her announcing her partner 'won'. This is when everyone starting calling 'SCAM'.

This is her insulting me after I said she scammed.

This is her volunteering to give us one last chance to get scammed.

And after we called 'SCAM' on that one she left. Report both of them for scamming,

Status: No One Harmed

Saturday, 24 September 2016

coolwolf5u (Member)

Hello, Jammers, it is I, Flint, again. I found like 6 scammers today. Do I have Scammer Attraction sprayed all over me or what? Anyways, found this kiddo on September 24 AGAIN.
This is the giveaway ad that got my attention.

I went, and I got a chat log picture on how to 'win'.

Then she said 'Come on, Falcon (Me)' and locked me out for no apparent reason other then she just saw me scam catch.

I went back because she unlocked it. I told everyone there that she scammed, and then she said 'THE FALCON RUINED YOUR CHANCES NOW NO ONE WILL GET IT' and locked us. I had screenshots, but I lost them.

Sooo yeah. Report this person for scamming,

Status: Unknown

comet1216 (Member)

Hello Jammers, it is I, Flint, here with ANOTHER scammer. They are out of their dens today. I found this girl on September 24.
This is them scamming.

I asked why they couldn't trade, and they went with the 'takes the fun out of it' arguement.


Then they went on this tangant about 'You can't stop me from scamming'. YOU ADMITTED IT YOU SQUID!

No, we can't, unless we get AJHQ to ban you. Anyways, then they left, and I tracked them to Crystal Sands, scamming.

Good relocating. I confronted them, told 'em I tracked, and they went back to Jamaa Township, where they said I was 'creepy'.

They then told me to 'die in a hole'.

They then left after I told them that I was experienced (at least more experienced then you), and to deal with it. They then logged off.

Report this scammer for scamming, and possibly bullying if you didn't like the last remark.

Status: No One Harmed

Calamity Corner- brandonandcharlotte (Non-Member)

Hello, Jammers, it is I, Flint, with a Calamity Corner found on September 24
This post contains sexual content. Continue reading at your own discretion.

Xkellb6 (Member)

Hello, Jammers! It is I, Flint, with a defensive kiddo. Found em' on September 24.
This is them scamming. She was saying to trade or gift her 2 short spikes and she would gift you 3 long spikes in return, which is an obvious scam because 1. That is ridiculously unfair on her side, and 2. She could just trade.

I asked her why we couldn't trade, and she went with the 'I like gifting' excuse.

I told her we could get scammed gifting, and she said I NEVER SCAM. Of course you don't, sweetie.

Here is A LOT of pictures of when I told her I had evidence and would post it.

Then quit now, kiddo.

She got real defensive here.

After that, she left, saying 'YOU ARE SO MEAN' 'LEAVE ME ALONE' "BYE BULLY' and yeeeah.
Report this kiddo for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed