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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

vonjoy9 (Non-member)

'Ello everyone! Light here with a scammer Sonic alerted me about on August 24th. Also thanks to Agent Berry for helping me with this scammer. On the player tag, it says New Jammer, but her den glitched so it had her real username in the corner. According to Sonic, vonjoy was saying that she had a 'glitched' necklace on trade. We didn't get a screenshot of her advertising the scam, but she said that it was worth "lots of spikes".

Berry asked her to put a store-bought necklace on trade next to the "glitched" one, and we were greatly surprised that she complied.

If you zoom in very carefully, you can see that there is no difference, thus making her a scammer. I called her out and got this response: 

After screaming a few other things like that, she locked us out.

(Sorry about the not so lengthy report, I just have a ton of things going on right now.)
(its ok Light, mother still loves you patpat)

Status: Unknown


Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Brindlenose (Member)

Hey Jammers! Vic (Agent Pyro) here with my first post on the blog. a couple days ago ex-agent Dragon came on chat talking about how their friend had been scammed by a Jammer named Brindlenose. However, she had no proof, so Sky and I went to investigate. Brindle was in her den and ignored us for a bit, before finally speaking. Obviously there was no way to catch her in the act the exact night, so I casually mentioned that I would like to see her scam.

So basically, she flat out admitted to scamming and actually offered to demonstrate with her alleged cousin. To make it even worse, she asked if I had any buddies she could scam.

As seen above, she would act like she got a rare, glitched item to scam people of rare items for something they could buy in stores. At this point the scam victim that Dragon had mentioned before had came into the den, and was begging for the orange long that Brindlenose had scammed. Brindlenose then sent me this Jam-A-Gram.

After this, Sky and I basically pressured Brindlenose into giving the spike back. Brindlenose apologized and got all mushy and crap, but I honestly think she was pulling a stunt. I don't have any screenshots of this, but I do have Sky's word to back me up. 

Please report Brindlenose and Arcticwo1flover for scamming.

Status: 1+ Harmed


owlmanda8 (Non-member)

Hello jammers! Light here again! Agent Blaziken came to me asking if I could write her a post on a scammer she caught a few days ago, as she was a rookie and couldn't post yet. Apparently the scammer said that there was a 'glitched' necklace on trade, and that it was uber rare.

Blaziken played along with this scam, trading her some of her rare items. 

Blaziken clicked reject, and she revealed who she was to the scammer.

Honey, you can't just go up walking to AJHQ and ask them "hey is my necklace glitched?" They've got a game to run.


Report owlmanda8 for scamming.

Status: Unknown

~ Light~

Sunday, 28 August 2016

sharkboy876 (Non-Member) + pinkpie33 (Member, Calamity Corner)

Hello everyone! Light here, and today when I was in Jamaa Township, I came across this scammer. He was doing the classic 'Trade for my necklace to get my rare items!" In this case, his 'rare items' were den betas.

I asked him why I couldn't trade directly, and he ignored me. At this, I turned into my pig and called him a scammer, covering up his nametag. This got his attention, along with several others.

This resulted in multiple people defending the seal, and getting other people to say things like

Cowlan, G, and I were threatened countless times by Pinkpie33 that we were going to be reported. 

Pinkiepie kept on threatening us and saying things like 'we should be ashamed', which led to everyone supporting her reporting us. In the end, sharkboy left the room. 

Report sharkboy876 for scamming and Pinkpie33 for bullying

Status: Unknown


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

High School.

High school is coming up. That means grades count towards College, which I'm going into in 4 years. Not to mention it's a bit odd being in a Society aimed for such a low age group when I am going to be an adult in 3 years. I'm hereby retiring the majority of my roles within the Society. The only role I will be keeping is Chat Mod. I'll be active during the rest of the summer. School starts September 8th.

The recent events with Electro have made me really decide it's better for me not to be making big choices, as school stress + big choices = Bad, and I'll 100% *fizzy drink* up the Society if I remain as a CM. I love this society. I don't want to be the end of it.


Also please read my Comic Blog I'd love you if you did

Monday, 22 August 2016

boo63291 (non-member)

Hey guys, Brave here and today we found boo63291 saying that she was giving away her member account. When we arrived at the den, there wasn't even a member in the den besides me.

 Also, she said that she 'paid alot for this membership because it lasts long." Well, if you paid a lot for it, then why don't you keep it if you really bought it? It could save money, just saying.

As you can see in the pictures, she was telling us that whoever traded the best, would win. Then she told us to trade her some junk so that she could 'prove' that she was 'telling the truth'. Most scammers do this because they think that by doing this, it makes everybody ACTUALLY think they aren't going to try and scam you.

Someone traded boo63291, and presumably got accepted, as they were in "first". 

But moments after boo63291 accepted the trade, we all got locked out, I'm pretty sure with the victim along with us, so that rules out the possibility of being the same person.

Please report boo63291 for scamming and safety.

Status: 1+ Harmed

Sunday, 21 August 2016


UPDATE: Electro has been re-hired as an elite agent.

Today is a sad day in SWS history. For the first time ever, a council member has been fired.

We regret to inform you that former council member Electro has been fired ez-baked on the account of defending and being in alliance with known and self-described hackers.

-The SWS Council-

smartcookienerd12 (Nonmember)

Hello everyone, Agent Fire here with a non-member scammer that one of our newer rookies, Agent Hazel, found at a giveaway.

Smart was apparently qutting AJ, so he was going to tell everyone to give them their rares for a chance at this list.. How do scammers logic again?

When Smart announced the trust-trading was beginning, AgentHazel traded the scammer the only item she had, a cheeze hat.

Hazel made her point about not scamming, then..

 The scammer said to the fox above "Congratulations, you win!" and then they locked them all out. 

 Status: 2+ harmed

Thank you to Agent Hazel for catching this scammer!

 (I procrastinated a lot on this, and the ending is very rushed. Sorry.)
-Agent Fire

Movie Night Week 2 - New Meeting Time

Disclaimer: Altough the Movie we're watching itself is rated PG, the Chat Room may get a little mature. Viewer discretion is advised.
Hey Jammers! If you read the update notes, you know that Movie Night is now a weekly event! I was originally going to find a family comedy movie, but by popular request, we will be watching another Pokemon movie this week! This week, we are watching Pokemon Hoopa and the Clash of Ages

Also, as the title suggests, Movie Night is going to be at a different time and day this week. Instead it's going to be on Tuesday August 23rd, 2016 at 5:00 PM SWS Time, and we will meet on Chat Room 1. Even if Pokemon isn't you thing, I implore you all to come out. The one this last week was so much fun, and there are already so many inside jokes with the Agents who chose to attend. 

~Your Community Manager~

Saturday, 20 August 2016

ashbooo (Nonmember)

Hello everyone, Beta & Sky here. So we were out scam catching and stuff and we came across this girl, ashbooo. She claimed that the first accepted trade would get a black ling.

So we kept asking her to show us the spike, but she kept ignoring us. It took us forever to get her to speak, and when she did she said that she no longer had the spike. So we questioned her, seeing as her old blanket was still on trade from earlier. No reply.

We questioned her, seeing as her old blanket was still on trade from earlier. No reply. 
After that, she  simply put other rares on trade, trying to prove that she was rare. But at the same time, the rarity of her trade list is nothing compared to a black long.

In the end, we all decided that it was already proven that she was a scammer, and chasing her around and all that was rather annoying, so we left it there. However, one of Sky's friends happened to get her to admit and confess that she indeed was a scammer. But unfortunately, the screenshot was lost somehow, so you won't be seeing it in this post.
Anywho, let the acid rain of reports flow down upon this chick for scamming.

Status: None Harmed.

-Sky and Beta