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Friday, 29 July 2016

prettybaby1232 (Non-member)

Hello Jammers! This is Agent Skywalker, with a scammer found on July 29th, 2016. I saw them advertising that they were giving out a den portal that Appari supposedly gave them, which to me was pretty fishy (If you had gone through the trouble of acquiring an item from Appari, why would you trade it away?)  I said I wanted the portal, and asked her what I had to do for the item. Her reply was this:

Now she's asking us to trade her our good items for a den portal. This deal is getting worse all the time! (Lando quote <3) I told her we had no way of knowing the portal really was from Appari, and a person who had asked for the portal before me chimed in as well. I knew she wasn't about to hand over a screenshot of the trade from Appari, and sure enough, her reply didn't answer our question in the slightest.

If anything, she was baiting us to trade our items some more while sorta acknowledging the fact that we had no way of knowing she didn't go out and buy that portal at the diamond shop. Now was the time to say that the portal wasn't worth diddly squat, regardless of whose hands it was in previously, whether it be Mark Hamill, John Williams or George Lucas himself. She paused for a minute, then screamed "BUT APPARI HAD IT,"and called me a liar with some familiar song lyrics, punctuating the outburst with "YOU'RE RUDE"

Another super long pause, then she apologized for her behavior, claiming she had anger management issues (that's a new one). There was a lot more pausing from her, and she asked to be my friend a bunch of times, until I decided to come right out and ask her if she was lying. She stuck to her story for a little while longer, but in the end, I got this:

Really not quite sure what "He gave me and chair" means (maybe 'and' was supposed to be 'an?') but she did confess to lying about Appari giving her the portal. I was about to ask "So then you admit to scamming?" but before I could, she said "I have to go, bye" and logged out on me.
Welp, I guess that's that. She tried to bait people with a portal that could bring about rarity, but all anyone would have gotten was the cold shoulder from wiser folks. I believe her offer for friendship is sincere, and I doubt she'll be scamming again anytime soon, but just to make sure she learns her lesson, please report this gal for scamming.
Skywalker out.

Status: No One Harmed


Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Poetic10 (Non-member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here. A few days ago, when I was wreaking havoc in one of the player-hosted medieval parties, this girl came in and started advertising for a spike "giveaway". She said that the next trade she accepted would win a spike, which she showed no evidence of even owning.

I went up and asked her why we couldn't just trade directly for the spike, and she ignored me, not even putting forth any effort to come up with some lame excuse (that I wouldn't have bought anyway). I continued to ask her until someone traded her, and she accepted. The winner of the giveaway asked her for the spike, and Poetic responded by saying "ok hold on". She then proceeded to immediately leave the party.

I asked the victim what they lost, and they just said they lost round glasses. Either this scammer doesn't know how to scam properly, or they just have unbelievably low standards. Whatever it is, be sure to watch out for this girl and report her for scamming.

Status: 1 Harmed

Monday, 25 July 2016

madowns3 (Member)

Hey Jammers! Agent Shimmer here with a scammer I caught on July 25th. This one was advertising that the first trade they accept wins a headdress. Of course, they didn't have one. As you'll see in the video, all they had on trade was a rare heart locket. I would have done my normal method of catching these scammers, actually trading them, but I didn't have anything I was willing to part with. So I asked them to show me the headdress, and they started calling me and a Jammer who decided to help me a liar and scammer. All I did was ask them if they could put the headdress on trade! In the end, I don't think anyone got scammed, as before they got offline they still had the locket on trade.

Status: No One Harmed

Sunday, 24 July 2016

diamondgurl34 (Non-member)

Hey Jammers! Agent Shimmer here with another scammer I caught yesterday. This person said, 'Trade me if good u get spike!' They had nothing on their trade list for a sec, so I brought it to their attention and they put two necklaces on trade. When I asked then why not trade directly for the spike, they left, and when I tracked them and asked them again, they said becuz. "becuz it makes you feel good when you win" was their response. People started calling them a scammer and warning me not to trade them, so I asked diamondgurl to come to my den. When I asked them if it was a long, their response was "yes" then I asked if it was a black long, again they said yes. I kept asking them to put it on trade but they kept saying it was a surprise. Why was it a surprise what I'd get if I already knew what the supposed spike was? They left after they had enough of my asking, so I tracked them a few more times. Finally, they said "person who thinks I scale come to my den!" I didn't get it on the video cause I paused it, but I went to their den.

(First part of the video)


(Part two of the video)

When I arrived in their den, they said that they were trying to get a beta for their friend, that's why they attempted to scam me. I asked them to bring in their 'friend' assuming they'd bring in an alt, and I do believe that's what they did. They refused to move around at the same time when I asked them, and they were even taking turns talking. I apparently 'made them mad' so the alt left and diamondgurl locked me out after I said I was still recording. I tracked them one more time, and then they blocked me.

Status: Unknown

Saturday, 23 July 2016

betina91 (Member)

Hey Jammers! Agent Shimmer here with a scammer I caught today in Jamaa Township on July 23rd. She was advertising for a Black Long giveaway, which I didn't get video or screenshots of her saying. It was a 'best gift wins', so I gifted a worn that I don't really care for. No one else gifted, because they knew it was a scam, so I 'won'. You can see what happened below.


When I tried to get the black long, they were quiet for a while, then refreshed. When they came back, they refused to trade the supposed black long for what they 'accidentally' gave me. When I asked why, they locked their den. Report betina91 for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed

Sunday, 17 July 2016

janec3 (Member)

Hello everyone! Agent Fire here after a small hiatus of ~1.5 years. I was talking to Agent Flint in chat, and he sent me these pictures of a "gift me" scammer.

After Flint took a screenshot, he tried to question the scammer, but janec3 changed her call-out to "Send me short, I'll send you better short. 

She then began to advertise a giveaway in her den, which Agent Flint went to, along with 2-3 others.

She said that coolcool37, who wasn't present at the actual giveaway,was the winner. This might mean janec3 and coolcool are partners, but I'm not sure.

Flint asked Janc to JAG coolcool to see if she would come to claim her prize. janec3 said she did, but CoolCool never came.
Everyone started to call janec3 a scammer, and she proceeded to lock her den.

Status: 1+ Harmed

Thank you to Agent Flint for finding out about this scammer, taking screenshots, and assisting me in writing this.

Because all my existing banners are extremely outdated.
-Agent Fire

Saturday, 16 July 2016

mitch2013 (member)

Hey guys! Brave here, and today while I was in Coral Canyons trading and stuff, I saw mitch2013 advertising something. He was saying "Gift me I will reply with a pink headdress." I found this very suspicious, so I decided to send her a masterpiece that I made. 2 minutes later I still had no response.

He continued to advertise, and eventually,  more and more people started gifting him. Someone finally said "I gifted you" and he responded with "Sorry I didn't check my JAGS" I then said to him, "You know, I gifted you about 5 minutes ago, and you STILL didn't check your jamagrams." Then, this girl came in and hosted an adventure. So, mitch2013 finlly had a way to escape the situation, and he did. He joined the adventure and disappeared. 

In conclusion, this proves that when somebody says something like "If you send me something, I will send some really rare item back," there is always a chance that you will get scammed. So, if I were you, try your best to just avoid these types of scams, because you never know when you can trust somebody or not. Also, if you ever see this person walking around Jamaa saying stuff like this, don't trust them.

Status: 1+ Harmed

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Crashingthegame (Nonmember)

Hiya, jammers... Skywalker here with the apparent storage of a very frustrating scammer. In Jamaa Township, I saw them advertising for a black long giveaway at their den (even though this account appears to be an alt or storage, if this one is banned, all the accounts under that email may be banned as well.).

This seemed pretty suspicious because of their lack of items on their trade, clothing items on, and achievements. Plus, I still have yet to witness a true black long giveaway. Upon going to the den, I saw four or five other people there, and Crashing asking for gifts.

Most of the people there were pretty smart and started yelling that he was a scam, and not to gift him, but Crashing didn't seem to care. I didn't get a screenshot, but one girl was even saying they had been scammed spikes (not sure if this is true or not). Me and one or two other people asked to see the spike a few times, and he finally produced a black long to his trade, which surprised me greatly.
A few people traded Crashing despite the others' warnings, so I assume he got some gifts in. But I guess that wasn't quite enough, because he tried to top of his haul by yelling that he needed one more gift, or else he would lock his den on us. Now this is pretty funny, because even if he had indeed planned to give away a spike that day, by locking the den, he would have scammed those whom already gifted! Talk about not thinking before you speak.

Despite his threat, the people who gifted didn't seem to want to give up any more of their items, and the 'SCAM' yellers hadn't changed their mind about him (with good reason, too).
Here I'm not sure what got into this guy, but a second later he said 'SEAL HAS WON' then immediately changed back to his threat. Like I said, I don't know why, but it did get the seal pretty exited. She asked Crashing to trade her the spike, but he ignored her and kept asking for one last gift. Then, they finally locked the den on all of us.

When we were all teleported to back to Jamaa Township, the seal was pretty upset about C locking, and did the mad emote a couple of times. Although I can't say she was never warned, since I jagged her that C was a scam and that nobody was getting the long after he said she had won.
Now here comes the part that makes my blood boil: C had enough nerve to come back to the place where he had just locked the people he scammed, and advertise for a new round of gullible and black long-wanting jammers to do the exact same thing to. I went back to the den, and saw that only one or two new people had shown up, and the rest were people who had just been at Crashing's last attempt. The seal made a second attempt at getting the black long, be he again asked for her to trade him another gift. Then, he said 'alright, ill do best gift wins.' This cracks me up again, because this is still a very obvious scam, if not an even more well known one than the last one he was doing. He must have sensed this or something, because he switched right back to what he was doing before. This guy really needs to make up his mind on things.
Then he again said 'alright, seal wins' and locked the den again, only the seal wasn't in Jamaa Township with the rest of us. He must have kept her behind to try and get the gift without us getting in the way. I waited for a few antagonizing minutes until they appeared and I could  find out what happened. Apparently, she had traded a very bad rare to shut him up and hopefully get the collar, but she was locked immediately after. I guessed this guy wasn't aware a certain scam catcher had been screenshotting them :)
Please report them for scamming.

Status: Unknown

P.S. Sorry for the super long last paragraphs!


Monday, 11 July 2016

pandapanjam (Nonmember)

Hello again, jammers! This is Agent Sky with a scammer Cake and I caught on July 11th. Just so no one gets confused while reading this, there is no 'double tool' or any way of doubling items on Animal Jam, the SWS simply uses it in a tactic to catch scammers. Someone in jamma calls out something along the lines of "COME TO MY DEN IF YOU CAN DOUBLE MY SPIKE" and catch the scammer that usually comes. That's what we were doing when this gal showed up. I asked her if she was here for the doubling, and when she confirmed I asked if I had to trade her my spike. If the person is a scammer, the answer is usually yes, so it's no surprise that's what she said.

The next question we usually ask is if they can just tell us how to double our item, so we can do it ourselves and not have to gift them. Their answer is usually this:

Here we would do some more things like a test with a necklace and such, but we never got to that since they logged out abruptly. My guess is that they either chickened out or had to go, but it really doesn't matter since all the evidence we really need had already been gathered: they tried to get my to trade them my spike in hopes that they would gift it back doubled, but all I would have gotten myself was scammed.
Please report this guy for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed


Saturday, 9 July 2016

jollyfeet (Member)

Hello world! Agent Skywalker finally figured out his computer, so now I'll be making posts from time to time. This scammer with their alt was caught on July 9th advertising that if you gifted them, you would be entered in a purple hd and black long giveaway. A few people were crowded around them saying 'SCAMMER,' and one gal was claiming jollyfeet scammed them.

When asked to prove they had the items they were claiming to be giving away, the scammer said 'gift me first' and when prodded some more they ran away. I chased them down and again asked them to prove they had the items, but their reply was the same. I told them that there was really no harm in me simply observing the items, and asked why he insisted on me gifting him first.

His reply was this:

The funny thing about this is that I wanted to make sure HE was trustworthy and really had what he said he did, but I decided not to keep pressing this topic, and move onto the question of why we even needed to gift him the first place. He again played the the trustworthy card, and tried to speed things up a bit by telling me that if I didn't gift him immediately, the items would be given to his friend (this is where the alt comes in). chickennuggetlover came to the den a second later, and jollyfeet said 'trade me, random stuff on trade.' I looked and their trade was as blank as a sheet of paper, so they probably meant to say it on chickennuggetlover, who's trade had a couple items on. The trading bubble flashed above each player's head and dissipated, leaving chickennuggetlover to say 'OMG THANKS' and turn to me saying they were just given a black long by jollyfeet.
When I asked both accounts to move at the same time, the scammer made a pitiful attempt to try and convince me by switching between tabs and moving each account in sequence. And instead of complying to my request to see the spike, chikcennuggetlover said 'NO, MY SPIKE' and left. 
Although I wasn't able to screenshot any of the events described in this paragraph, (because they were too fast paced for the snipping tool), I decided I had enough to expose jollyfeet, and asked if they had anything to say in defence of their scamming. jollyfeet made absolutely no attempt to defend themself, and simply left the den without a word. I gave them one last chance in a jag, but recieved no reply. I hope this guy's okay with being on the blog, because he serves it.
Please report them and their storage for scamming.

Status: 1 Harmed


Friday, 8 July 2016

puplol1234 (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here with this scammer that one of our new rookies, Agent Cake, caught. Apparently this girl came into Cake's den, asking to borrow her gingerbread hat and promised to give it back, like all scammers of this type do. Of course, Cake said no, and apparently that wasn't the answer this girl was looking for.

When Cake said no and told her she wasn't going to give out her items to a stranger, pup started calling us mean, and then immediately afterward started insulting us.

After a few rounds of her doing the sad emote and the sleeping action, we finally locked her out. Report this girl for scamming and watch out for her in the future.

Status: No One Harmed

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Calamity Corner - katiew2006 (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here with some kid who got angry because I didn't accept her application for the society at our hiring session today. She started saying I was just jealous because she had a spike (which we didn't even see) and then started insulting me.

This post contains content that some viewers may find disturbing. View at your own risk.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

srs31 (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here. I was advertising for recruiting for the society at my den when I saw this girl advertising that if you sent her a pink and blue racoon tail, she would send you her outfit. I was busy advertising so I sent her a JAG asking her why we couldn't just trade for the outfit. She ignored me, so I asked again. She ignored me and ended up running away.
Report this girl for scamming. I promise there will be a longer post later.

Status: Unknown