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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Note from Agent PC

Unfortunately, I will no longer be nearly as actively involved in Animal Jam.

I wish I could continue to be fully active, but continuing to associate myself with this game and its community has repeatedly been proven to have negative consequences on my already unstable mental health. I cannot afford any more unnecessary stress, of which this game produces a toxic amount.

I will still challenge scammers when I see them, of course, but I don't think I'll be posting them. I will not be playing online very often either, except to do things with friends and the society.

Speaking of the society, I will still be a council member, just now doing more 'behind the scenes' organizational work instead of in-the-field scam catching.

That's about it, really. Thank you, and as always stay safe.


Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Calamity Corner - Jooniebug (Member) - A Very Special Calamity Corner

Hello Jammers, Cerise here. I'm just going to cut to the chase here since I've been having a bad day and this girl hasn't been making it any better. One of my friends on deviantART got blamed for encouraging someone to commit suicide, which, you guessed it, he didn't do. He's been having a pretty rough time because of this if you couldn't guess. This girl then complimented his art on his Jammer Wall, and proceeded to spam it with emojis. He kindly asked her to leave him alone, and she then started reporting him, lying to his friends about him (I'm assuming that's what the whole suicide encouragement thing was about), and got all her friends to report him.
Jooniebug here then decided that she should attempt to apologize to my friend here by commenting on his Jammer Wall. This was their entire conversation.

After that, I went on Joonie's Jammer Wall to start explaining to her how my friend has actual problems and she should just leave him alone, when I noticed she had left a note for him on her Jammer Wall. This is the note in its entirety:

So, get this. She asks why she needs to leave him alone, even after he explained to her that he's sad for most of the day and he simply wants to be alone. She then claims that she actually thinks he's very cool, despite not knowing him at all, and then says that she is crying. After that, she claims she "never wanted to hurt his feelings", despite her attempting to turn his friends against him, shaming him for something he didn't even do, and getting mad at him for his mental issues.
And to top it all of, she says that she wants, no, she NEEDS to be his buddy, and if he doesn't buddy the same persom who abused him, she will be sad and then STALK HIM AND HARASS HIM SOME MORE. This is just inexcusable.
This is the exact reason that I hate the entire AJ community.

Please report this girl for bullying. Don't attack her, we don't need any more drama. Just report her and be done with this - I want justice to be served.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

animalwolf73 (Member)

PC with a quick scammer report. animalwolf73 claimed the best accepted trade would win a black long Spike. They did not respond to questioning, refused to prove they had the Spike, and went silent for a good 5 minutes, so I eventually just left.

It's obvious they don't have a black long, and even if they did, there is no reason for them to not just do direct trade attempts...well, there is one reason, and that would be that they're trying to scam, so.

Report animalwolf73 for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed


Friday, 24 June 2016

betajammer2016 (Member)

PC with a scammer found on 23 June. betajammer2016 claimed the best gift might win a diamond shop Spiked Collar off his trade list. They didn't respond at first when we asked them why not to just do trading attempts, then claimed their items were unwanted, and said they wanted to do a contest (despite the fact that trading attempts is very much a contest). Eventually, when lots of people started calling them a scammer they did switch to doing trade attempts like we suggested.

It's good they changed to something actually fair, but that doesn't change the fact they tried to scam at first. It might have just been a ploy to get people off their backs, they could very well go back to scamming later, though I hope not.

It doesn't appear anyone actually sent them anything of value, thankfully.

Report betajammer2016 for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed


Wednesday, 22 June 2016

myherodog (Member)

PC with a scammer caught on 21 June. myherodog claimed to be quitting and doing a giveaway for their diamond shop Spike and 'all [their] rares', but they said the way to win was to send and accept the best trade for their Necklace. They claimed this was because their 'friend' needed items; when asked why they couldn't just give their friend their own items, they claimed their friend already had a Spike (why would they need items then?). They directed me to their Jammer Wall so that I would believe them, but there wasn't much there other than them saying 'goodbye'. Then someone did the trade and accepted, and they refused to give the Spike, admitted to scamming, and locked us out. 

They scammed someone and admitted to it. That's all the explanation you need, really.

Report myherodog for scamming.

Status: 1 Harmed


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Update Notes 21/06/2016

Hello Jammers! Cerise here with our new set of updates to the society. Agent Fem has stepped down from her position as a council member and has decided to become the council secretary. In a council meeting, she suggested several updates, many of which are added in this update.

For our first update, we have the badges. I know that a few updates ago we released the official badges page on this website, however, we have gotten no use out of it. After looking through the badges, we have decided that we will soon be rebooting the badges page and actually giving it a use. Along with this, we will also be adding quite a few new badges to the roster we currently have so that we can expand our goals on what this society actually does.
This new and improved badge system will also add prizes. After an agent earns a certain amount of badges, every badge they get afterwards will reward them with a small sum of about 750 Gems. And, if that wasn't enough, you also get bragging rights.
We're implementing these new features to help get older agents back into the game as well as encourage newer agents to step up and help out more in our community. This system will be implemented within a few days of this post being made if it isn't done already.

For the second update, we are finally getting around to recreating the meet the team page. Our wonderful secretary, Agent Fem, has decided that we should keep a record of all the agents and whether they're active or not so that we can finally keep a steady number of agents at the ready. We have begun work on a meet the team page and will be publishing it soon, so if you have yet to be added to the page and you are indeed an active agent, please leave a comment on this post.
Along with this, we are also planning on adding an ID system. Each agent will have an ID, a 6 digit code made up of a combination of numbers and letters. This code will be used to differentiate imposters in case we believe someone is trying to impersonate an agent or anything along those lines. This idea is currently a work-in-progress, so don't be alarmed if you don't have an ID yet. We will give out the IDs when we finally perfect this idea.

For the third update, we will be considering adding a new page to this blog - the update log. Every time something happens in the society, like an agent getting hired or fired, or if we publish a new update notes post, or even if we simply go out to do community service or we reach a pageview milestone, it will be logged on the updates page so that those who were not here for the updates, or agents that have been inactive and want to see what has changed, will be able to simply check the page and see what's been going on.

For the fourth update, there are alterations being made to the PCC (personal claim contract), or the society policies. This will call for the removal of one rule parents coppa email stuff, but it will also make for the creation of another rule:
If in any case you find out about a scamming team or another agent asks you to scam with them, DO NOT, under any circumstances, try and go undercover and deal with it yourself. Instead, get evidence and tell a higher up immediately. It is not your job to deal with them, and it isn't an unlikely possibility that you will simply blow your own cover.
This new guideline has been added to every agent's PCCs. Because of these changes, we are calling in every agent who has their PCC signed to come in and get it re-validated as soon as possible. If you have no idea what a PCC is and this is the first time you're hearing about one, then please read the policy page. If you don't even have a signed PCC yet because you presumably just signed up, talk to a council member and they can set you up.

For the fifth update, the society has figured out a new system for Agent Game Night, as well as a new event, Agent Movie Night. Every week on Fridays at 5:00 PM AJSWS Time, we will either have Game Night or Movie Night on the chat room. We will alternate between the two constantly so that we can have Game Night one week, Movie Night, another week, and so on.
In Game Night, the agents will gather on the chat room and play some games together, such as, Oregon Trail Deluxe, Transformice, or simply AJ Adventures.
For Movie Night, the agents will, once again, gather on the chat room YouTube video player and watch a movie together.
The first OFFICIAL Game Night will be Friday this week.

For our last update, we are adding yet another event every week. Taking the place of Agent Game Night's original timing, we will be hosting Mastery Club meetings at Cerise's den. During Mastery Club meetings, you'll either be put in groups or stay solo to complete challenges and tests. Completion of these challenges leads to rewards and badges. It's entirely optional to attend, but if you want to get badges, rewards, and overall get better at your job, it's highly recommended you attend whenever you can.

Enjoy the new updates!

xxrareslover56 (Member)

PC here with a scamming account found on 20 June. xxrareslover56 claimed the best trade they accepted would win a purple long Spike Collar. They did indeed have this purple long, but on their trade list were 'junk' items. They refused to answer why they couldn't just trade directly, ran away whenever someone called them a scammer, and locked me out when I asked them if they had anything to say for themselves.

Later they Jam-a-Grammed me explaining that their friend had done it on their shared account:

I told them that if they share the account, they must also share the responsibility, and that they needed to have a talk with their friend to tell them not to do it again, which they agreed to. Therefore, it is the account as a whole that should be disciplined.

Speaking of the person behind the account, it has come to my attention that some people go and harass people who scam, whether directly or through Jam a Grams or Jammer Walls. It is NEVER acceptable to bully anyone, even if they are breaking the rules by scamming. By bullying them, you are just as bad as they are. Instead of harassing them, just report and move on, or, if you see them actively scamming, challenge their lies and warn people that they are a scammer. But do not insult them, threaten them with violence, spread lies about them, or anything else that may be considered harassment.

Report xxrareslover56 for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed


Monday, 20 June 2016

frozenflamxs (Non-Member)

PC here with a very quick report of a scammer found on 18 June. frozenflamxs claimed to be doing a light pink (the rarest color) Headdress giveaway. However, they said how the giveaway worked was that we had to trade them, make them accept, and then trade back. They refused to answer what the point of this was, and locked me out almost immediately after I mentioned a scam.

I don't know the outcome of what happened, but I'm willing to bet no-one got the Headdress and someone got scammed.

I don't have much other information about this scammer.

Please report frozenflamxs for scamming.

Status: Unknown


Sunday, 19 June 2016

Calamity Corner - tuffy77 (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here with a bully and presumed scammer. I caught them trying to scam, but didn't get pictures, so I won't call them out on that.
Anyways, a little backstory. I found this girl who was advertising for scamming victims to go to her den. It sounded a little fishy, so I went to her den and tuffy77 was the only other person there. She started claiming she had been scammed of 3 spikes, and the den owner actually believed her and started saying she would get them back. We tried to run a program where we retrieved scammed items, so I know this doesn't work, so I immediately intervened.
I told the den owner that she can't just believe anyone who claims they got scammed, and she started saying that she was "helping" tuffy. I then explained to her that helping doesn't necessarily equal doing the right thing (if you help a serial killer hide the body of their victim, are you doing the right thing, or are you apart of the problem?), and she started getting angry at me. Tuffy then proceeded to start roleplaying some rather morbid and obscene situations in which she apparently grabbed a knife and ripped my head off, and she then invited some buddies of hers in to lie in her defence.

One of here buddies, 24ducks17, even made a wonderful cameo as a part of their insult fest, so please take some time while you're reporting tuffy to also report another contender, 24ducks17.

Report tuffy77 and 24ducks17 for bullying, and maybe scamming if you really want to for tuffy, but I have no evidence of that.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

sprite39 (Non-Member)

PC here with a scammer found on 17 June. sprite39 claimed that the best accepted trade for their Fancy Top Hat would win their long Spiked Wristband. They protested being called a scammer, but refused to answer the simple question of why they couldn't just trade directly. They and their presumed buddy started reporting me for 'stirring up drama' and 'lying'. They kept saying 'I'm not going to listen to anyone, just waiting for trades' but then whenever I warned others they were a scammer they immediately went back on that promise and screamed 'I'M NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!'. Eventually they just left to another room because 'there are less liars' there.

Have you seen the Daily Explorer post on scamming? Here's an excerpt:

sprite39 was doing exactly what AJHQ themselves has defined as scamming, yet they claimed not to be a scammer and went so far as to report me for saying so. How cute.

Report sprite39 for scamming.

Status: None Harmed


Friday, 17 June 2016

penguinpalace7 (Member)

PC here with a scammer found on 16 June. penguinpalace7 claimed if you sent them a den beta, they would send you a Worn. They ran away when people called them a scammer, but when I went to their den they continued with the supposed deal. They claimed if I sent them my two Nature Archways, they would send me their rare purple Worn. They claimed it was lagging too much to put the Worn on their animal, and that they couldn't put it on trade because their trading was disabled (but not their gifting, apparently). I asked them to prove they could still gift by sending me a Necklace, and they refused. They later admitted both their trading and their gifting had been shut off - meaning they were lying and therefore scamming.

They admitted to having lied - I think that's enough explanation.

Report penguinpalace7 for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed


Thursday, 16 June 2016


Agent Icy has been fired by Agent Beta on account of treason, and lying to Council Members.

Dear Newer Agents.....

As you can probably tell by the title of this post, this post is mainly for "newer" Agents. This post will probably only benefit you if you joined anytime after January 4th, 2016. (Yes I know 6 months isn't exactly "new", but...) With that PSA out of the way, let's, gettt rightttt, into the newwssss

Hello Jammers! Taco here with his bi-annual post to remind everyone that The Blog of The Agents is a thing that still exists, and probably inform a lot of the newer Agents that it does, in fact, exist. 
This blog is mainly created for the Agents to stay in touch, and just post interesting things about their life, or maybe let off steam in a rant. You can post absolutely ANYTHING. Well, not anything, but anything that doesn't break either of the only two rules we have for it.

1. Hate speech directed towards a certain person, especially someone else in the Society, is not allowed.

2. The posting of explicit imagery is strictly prohibited.

That's it! Now, of course, with these being the only two rules, please know, swearing is allowed on this blog, and there is a LOT of it. All you need to join The Blog of The Agents is to have a blogger account, and of course, to be an Agent of the SWS. Just ask Cerise to add you to the blog, and I'm sure she will!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

oceanandland (Non-Member)

PC here with a scammer found on 14 June. oceanandland asked us to trade all our Spikes for all their Spikes. They only had a single silver diamond Spike on trade, but claimed to have 'loads' of black longs that were glitched and couldn't go on their trade list. They ran away to a different den when we questioned them. Then they said if we traded them all their Spikes they would trade them all back. They said 'I don't care' when I told them about being posted, and then told me to 'be quiet in a mean way'. They ran back to their own den, where they told me to leave and then made a bunch of sad emojis. Then they locked me out.

If it wasn't painfully obvious, this scammer did not have loads of black longs as they claimed. There is no known glitch that allows you to put some items on trade but not others; if there was, it would have been reported and patched by now, because scammers have been claiming that glitch for years. And of course if I traded them all my Spikes they would most certainly not trade them back.

Report oceanandland for scamming.

Status: None Harmed


Monday, 13 June 2016

lauryn10 (aka lauryn87) (Member)

Hello Jammers! Taco here with a scammer. They claimed to be giving away a membership and spike, I got them to talk about the deal a bit, blahblahblah, see the video below.

Having trouble viewing the video? Click here to view it on YouTube where you can put it in full screen mode!

You know whats nice? When a possible alt for a scammer reveals there main member username. Gotta love it when they make it eas- BAWTTTT TICOO WHERE IS TEHJ PROOF ITS THEYESJHJ ALT- Kid I'm typing here can you not interrupt? Anyways guys, watch most of the video if you want to see where I discover their main username.
Report this gal for scamming.


I have the attention span of an iguana so I can't watch this, but if you would like to tell me what happens in it I would be very grateful

Status: No One Harmed

Sunday, 12 June 2016

catmittens1 (Member)

PC here again with a scammer found on 12 June. catmittens1 claimed that if you sent them a Spike, they would send either a light pink or a light blue Headdress. They refused to wear this light pink Headdress, saying it looked ugly on them, and then refused to put it on trade, saying they had already gifted it to their sister, amina45678. But amina45678 is nonmember. They backpedalled, saying they traded it, but just a few moments earlier they said their 'sister' wasn't online, plus there was no trade bubble in sight. Eventually, they got tired of people calling them a scammer, and said that if we didn't want the Headdress it was fine by them. They offered for us to Jam-a-Gram amina45678, despite saying they were offline. Then they fled suddenly. I followed them around, and they kept leaving as soon as they saw me. Finally, I cornered them, and when I asked if they had anything to say before I closed the video, they said 'why u stalking me' and then proceeded to mostly ignore us.

It's obvious they didn't have a Headdress in the first place, and that amina45678 doesn't have one either - even if they are a separate person's account, Even if they did, if someone gifted them a Spike there is a 99% chance they would not get anything in return.


Report catmittens1 for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed


Saturday, 11 June 2016

thebean234 (Non-Member)

PC with a scammer found on 10 June. thebean234 claimed if you traded them rares, they would gift a black long Spike Collar. Ignoring that a few ordinary rares are not anywhere near the value of a black long, they didn't have any proof of having one in the first place. When I asked them, they claimed it was on a storage account, but conveniently forgot what account it was on. When another person and I called them a scammer, they told us to 'chill', before fleeing offline.

Based on their achievements, thebean234 is an old account. They have achievements for gifting, but not the one for membership, which means they must have been around when non-members could still gift. They also have a few game achievements and ones for spending gems, so while it might be an alt, it might not be.

Report thebean234 for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed


Friday, 10 June 2016

ilana52 (Member) + mscouto (Non-Member)

PC with a sockpuppeteer scammer found on 9 June. ilana52 was advertising their very valuable trade list (Headdresses, Spikes, etc.) in exchange for a blue Werewolf Mask. By not-so-coincidence, mscouto was a few feet away with the Mask on their trade list. I suggested they trade each other, but then they both left without responding. 

In case you didn't know, this is a type of scam where both the account asking for the item and the account with the item are the same person, and once someone drastically overtrades for the item in order to try and get the goodies on the other account's trade list, both accounts flee.

They had both gone to the den of an individual victim, and ilana52 asked the victim to get them the Mask, which again was on mscouto's trade list. Unfortunately the victim believed and trusted them, even when I warned about what would happen. ilana52 was outraged and called me 'mean' when I said they were scamming, and denied being mscouto but refused to move at the same time as them to prove it. Eventually I started lagging so badly that I couldn't move to see what ilana52 and the victim were saying to each other, but I assume they persuaded them to lock me out, because that's what happened.

Unfortunately the victim believed ilana52's tricks, and I assume that they got scammed, though I didn't see it myself.

Remember, if it seems too good to be true, or too much of a coincidence, it probably is. This scam is tricky to recognize as a scam at first, but it can do a lot of damage.

Report both ilana52 and mscouto for scamming.

Status: 1 Probably Harmed



They published this comment on my video on 15 June. They essentially admitted to having scammed. The video was recorded and published on 9 June. So less than a week between them scamming and them claiming to have reformed - not exactly a long time. In addition, I do not take down videos or posts even when they apologize or claim not to scam anymore, because there is always a chance they are lying. 

Thursday, 9 June 2016

almisen06 (Non-Member)

PC here again with a scammer found on 6 June. almisen06 claimed the best trade they accepted would get a rare 'surprise'. Of course, they didn't show us this or say what it was, under the guise of it being a surprise; it's likely they didn't have anything in the first place. They strongly reacted to being called a scammer, using a lot of emojis, hopping up and down, and asking people to report me. They offered to 'make this a deal', but when asked to elaborate they only repeated that they weren't a scammer. As more people came to the room, they went offline.

They're very likely an alt, but if we can get them banned, all the other alts or possibly the main on the same parent dashboard email will get banned as well.

Report almisen06 for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed


Monday, 6 June 2016

Agent Game Night!

Hello, Cerise here with a new update and upcoming event for the society! Introducing Agent Game Night, the new occasion taking place every Wednesday at 5:00 PM AJSWS Time (shown on the left sidebar of the blog) where every agent can get together and play a game together! Sometimes they'll be competitive, other times they'll simply be struggles in which every agent will have to work together to get to the finish line.
The first Agent Game Night will be this Wednesday, at the scheduled time. Agents will meet in the chat room at about 4:50 - 5:00 PM AJSWS time, and then we will decide which game we will play based on the current poll. If you want to help us decide which game to play, you can vote on the poll directly to the left of this post.

When - Wednesday, June 8th @ 5:00 PM AJSWS Time

Where - AJSWS Chat Room

See you all there, and we hope you have fun participating in the first ever Agent Game Night!

25lstroud (Member)

PC here with a scammer caught on 5 June. 25lstroud claimed if I sent them my black long Spike, they would return it, along with an Elf Tail. I confronted them for scamming, and they pretended they didn't know what a scam was. They sent me an Elf Tail, I'm assuming as a bribe. They started talking about how they 'just wanted someone in [their] vid', and while they had said something about a video while in Township, they hadn't mentioned it while I asked for details in their den. They refused to go into detail about what they meant, and held their stance that they didn't know or was not scamming. They had nothing more to say, so I left.

Later in the day, they came on our site's chat room. They admitted to and apologized for scamming:

and claimed their brother would abuse them if they didn't get a Spike for their shared account:

and apologized again, this time seemingly more genuinely:

I'm glad they apologized, but that doesn't change what they did. It is my duty to post evidence of scamming even if the person repents.

Please report 25lstroud for scamming.

Status: None Harmed


Wednesday, 1 June 2016

yass14 (Non-Member)

PC here with a scammer caught on 28 May. yass14 claimed the next trade they accepted would get a rare Spike. They did surprisingly have a Spiked Wristband, but they accepted someone's trade and ran away without giving them it. They went to another server to try the same thing, but when I appeared warning others it was a scam, they ran away to a locked den.

But wait. Did they get banned? When I went to search up their playercard for this post, this came up:

It's possible that AJHQ actually banned them! Either that or they changed their username, but I doubt they would bother changing the username of an alt because that process takes time.

That being said, they ARE an alt. However, they did have a Spike Wristband on the account, so they probably lost it, meaning it'll be harder for them to scam in the future. If they were short-sighted enough to use the same email as their main (let's face it, most scammers don't think ahead for their alts), it's possible their main account and other alts got banned too.

So...I guess you don't need to report them.

Status: 1 Harmed