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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Heyboo2003 (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here. A few days ago, I caught this girl claiming that the next trade she accepted would win her entire Animal Jam account. When asked why she was quitting AJ, she claimed that her parents couldn't pay the bills, which makes no sense, since she already has a paid membership and it costs nothing to play AJ.

I asked her why we should have to trade her to win the account if we're going to get the account anyway, and she claims "idk so i can know my last trade was worth it". Considering she started her sentence with "idk", I don't think she was very confident about this answer. Plus, I don't think making your last trade "worth it" would matter if your family is going bankrupt.

After I called her out on scamming, she began backpedalling and claimed that she was making a video which was intended as a joke about how scamming is bad. I give her kudos for such a unique excuse, I've actually never heard this one before, but too bad for her, it was also the worst excuse I've ever heard.
Firstly, how is the video a "joke"? All she did was attempt to scam someone, I don't see where the joke is here. Secondly, you can't just do something against the rules and then say "IT'S JUST A PRANK BRO!". For example, I can't just break into someone's house, steal all their money, and then when the police get there and apprehend me, I just say "DUDE IT WAS JUST A PRANK" and expect to be let off. That's not how the justice system works.

After I told her I has pictures and was making a post, she completely trashed the idea of the entire thing being a prank and went through an entire rollercoaster of emotions through a Jam-A-Gram train.
It started by her saying "got no friends huh?!", which was clearly intended as an insult. I told her I actually had quite a few, if this society is any indication, and she replied with "I WAS JK GEEZ". If this is the extent of her "humour", along with her joke about scamming, she's not very witty.
She then said "i like you you're funny", despite her just insulting me and claiming it was a joke. Plus, flattery doesn't work on scam catchers.

She ended up saying she had to do something and left, not coming back.
Report her for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed

Monday, 30 May 2016

Bye873fly (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here with a nobody who is trying to make a personal gain by pretending to be somebody. This guy, Bye873fly, was asking people to gift him a beard and a fancy top hat. I told him that he should be offering items in exchange if he actually wants the items. He then ignored my device, hastily changed into an arctic wolf and copied Aparri's colour scheme, and began claiming he was Aparri's backup account, asking for people to trade him.

After that, he decided that trading just wasn't good enough for such an imposter, I mean high roller like him, and started asking for people to gift him instead.

And then after that, he decided that Aparri's backup account and a beard and fancy top hat wasn't enough. He trashed the idea of being his backup and started asking for people to give him spikes.

After I asked him "so now you're just flat-out scamming?" he ran away, came back once, I said the exact same thing again, and then he ran away. Permanently, hopefully.
Although I don't care for Aparri or his content, impersonation is not okay and should be frowned upon and punished. Report this guy for scamming.

Status: Unknown

Sunday, 29 May 2016

sinai201 (Member)

PC with a scammer found on 24 May. sinai201 claimed that if you sent them a Headdress, they would send four black long Collars in return. They said they 'don't like to show' their black longs so they refused to prove they had them. They protested being called a scammer, and called us 'mean'. Eventually they ran away. When I followed them and asked what they had to say for themselves, they ran to a locked den, presumably their own, and shut off Jam-a-grams.

You should have been able to figure out that they do not actually have four black longs; in fact they probably don't even have one. Even if they did, if someone sent them a Headdress they would not send any Spikes and would instead run away with the tricked-away item.

I think most people with Headdresses are at least moderately scam-savvy, because I've never seen anyone actually send this type of scammer anything. This was no exception and they do not appear to have gotten anything at all except a place on this blog.

Report sinai201 for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed


Saturday, 28 May 2016

bow715 (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here. I was advertising for the society when I saw this guy advertising for his headdress "giveaway". It was less of a giveaway and more of a gift-swap. He claimed that if you sent him a spike, he would send you a rare headdress in exchange.

When I asked him why he couldn't just trade the headdress for the spike, he first said, and I quote, "UM" "idk", then he decided that his horrible excuse wasn't good enough, so he then claimed that "it's a surprise for which one you get". Of course, this is a clear lie, since the rare headdress only has one variation - the white and purple one.

I then asked if I could see the headdresses he claimed to have. He ignored me, so I asked again, and he started getting all defensive and said "i don't scam i am not like that", even though I didn't say anything about him scamming. Suspicious?

I asked him once again, and he ran away. I then started Jam-A-Gramming him, asking him to defend himself, and this is a series of the wonderful replies he gave me.

"dude stop you don't know how it feels to not be cool you are cool so you don't know how it feels".
I don't know why he thinks I'm cool when the only time we interacted was when I was interrogating him so that I could expose him as a scammer. If he was just going off of my items and my animal's looks, then that's more of an insult than a bribery compliment.
I told him that I have been scammed before and asked him if he knew how that felt. He then replied with "then i am sorry for being something i am not". I have no idea what he meant by that, and I tried to talk to him more, but he refused to reply to any further messages.

Report him for scamming.

Status: Unknown

Friday, 27 May 2016

gamergirlbri (Member)

PC here with a scammer found on 22 May. gamergirlbri asked people to send them a 'really bad Spike Collar or Wrist' if they wanted a Headdress. They refused to show this imaginary Headdress, nor did they let people trade for it. They denied being a scammer, saying we 'do not understand'. Then they justified it by saying 'I never said I would give you a [Headdress] did I? I said if you wanted [one]. / See? It is called English'. When me and another person revealed we were recording, they fled. I followed them a few times, but they never engaged with me, running away every time they caught a glimpse of me, before finally logging off.

They were very obviously implying that they would send a Headdress if the Spike Collar was sent, and they were just using the phrasing to cover up their tracks and try to feel superior to us. That's called baiting, and it's a low blow. Credit for a lame attempt at creativity, though.

Report gamergirlbri for scamming.

Status: None Harmed


Thursday, 26 May 2016

Calamity Corner - needyou6 (Non-member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here. Several days ago, I was doing that Jammer Wall thing where people put a motivational speech on their Jammer Wall and ask people to read it if they're having a bad day. In my speech, I mentioned that we recently put my rabbit down, and then this chick decided to be an insensitive jerk and start saying things like "i don't care if you put your rabbit down, i would like to eat it". Too bad this kid doesn't know he had worms, aka fly larva, so she probably would've got some foreign disease if she ate him.

After I defended myself, she said I was being mean and selfish - for taking in a rabbit during Winter of 2011, whereas he would've starved to death otherwise. I'm not going to say anything else, just read the entries.

Report her for bullying.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

cat7079 (Member)

Hello Jammers, Cerise here. This girl was advertising for a trust trading party at her den. I told her that there was no point in trusting because people like her couldn't scam with it anymore, so she then decided to start pulling the "gift me and i'll give it back scam", which is clearly a scam because there's absolutely no point in giving a stranger an item who claims they'll return it.

I called her out, saying it was also a scam, and she started saying "you're just scared i'm going to scam you" and she even started calling me a wimp - because I told her she was scamming. But wait,t there's more. After another person and I started confronting her, she claimed she was reporting me. She didn't say why.

She then proceeded to run away. Report her for scamming.

Status: Unknown

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Amily123z (Member)

PC here with a rampantly rule-breaking player found on 21 May.

amily123z was advertising 'my den if you want my account for a Spike!'. When I got there, they began by saying 'I'm glad I have never scammed in my life' which is already highly suspicious when the context is considered. I asked them to remind me what the deal was (so I could get evidence on video), and they sent a series of Jam-a-grams saying: 'I give you my past [password] to my AJ [account] to play on it! XD'; and 'I'm doing it for Spike [Collar]! XD'. They then said they'd Jam-a-gram me the password. I asked if I needed to send my Spike first, and they said 'Umm I guess don't worry I'm not aloud [allowed] to scam' and 'if I do I lose my Animal Jam [account]'.

I informed them that what they were doing was a scam, and even if it wasn't it would still be against the rules, and they said 'no I'm not scamming' and 'No I will never!'. They claimed they were 'not trying to' scam. Then they apologised and said 'I won't do it [the deal]'. They thanked me for reminding them of the rules. 

All is well, right? I told them I would show it to my 'mentor' (a Council member of the SWS) who would decide what to do, because even scammers who apologise are often bluffing it. Then I casually asked if there was anything else they wanted to say before I ended the video.

PLOT TWIST: they admitted that the account wasn't theirs! To put it in their words, 'umm this is not my AJ [account] though'. They said it was 'jammer reds' (???). When I accused them of admitting to hacking, they backpedalled by saying 'no he gave it to me!' I asked why they were trying to give away the account if jammer red had given it to them, and they denied trying to sell their account in the first place by claiming 'I wasn't'! I asked why they claimed the account wasn't theirs if jammer red GAVE it to them, and they said 'omg goodbye person' and locked me out.

I sent them a complimentary Jam-A-Gram informing them they were going on the Scam Watcher Society website, and they sent some pretty typical responses: 'I'm not scamper [scammer] and I blocked u' and 'you should not no [know] everything about my AJ life'

And sure enough, they proceeded to block me, effectively ending any way I had to contact them.

Thankfully, no-one else was there but me, so they didn't trick anyone in the time I observed them, but I'm fairly certain they're going to try it again so they're still a potential threat.

This should go without saying, but buying and selling accounts with onsite items is a strong violation of the rules and can result in all accounts in question being permanently banned. In many cases where it's not organized in real life it results in someone getting ripped off - in this case, if I had sent them my Spike, there is a very high chance I would not have gotten the password. And buying and selling accounts and items with real money is potentially illegal because you are profiting off WildWorks' copyrighted material without their permission. In short: don't buy or sell accounts.

Please report amily123z for scamming AND safety AND personal info.

Status: None Harmed


Monday, 23 May 2016

fify25 (Non-Member)

PC here with someone found on 20 May. fify25 advertised to go to their den if you wanted to 'share acts'. When I went to investigate, I informed them that passwords are personal info and therefore sharing accounts with someone you don't know is against the rules. They mostly ignored me, but at one point said ''why are you being like this, I [will only share my own account not yours]'. Well, it's still against the rules, and you can still be harmed because any items you put on that account will be stolen and sent to the main account (there were few achievements so I doubt it was their main).

I kept warning everyone else not to do it, but fify25 eventually got tired of me and locked me out. There was still at least one of the targets in there, though, but I can't be sure if they actually shared accounts or not. 

Remember, do not share accounts with anyone you do not know very well, and even then use caution. They may take any items you put on that particular account, change the password on it, or even get the account banned on purpose in order to troll you.

Please report fify25 for scamming.

Status: Unknown


Sunday, 22 May 2016

Calamity Corner - animallove45 (Member)

PC here with a rule-breaking player found on 20 May. Basically, everyone in Township was minding their own business, when animallove45 came along and started screaming that Straw Hats were the rarest item in the game. I told them that wasn't correct, and that those were only considered rare because of demand. They got mad at me, claimed to be 14 (personal info), said they had played since the beta days (no proof of this), and once again incorrectly stated that Straw Hats were beta (Straw Hats were released in 2014, while beta testing was in 2010). This misinformation alone isn't enough to get a Calamity Corner post, but then they started losing the argument and resorted to swearing.

They told me 'FG U', a clear filter-bypass for '*fizzy drink*'. They did this not once but twice: the first time was when I sourced the Wiki for Straw Hats not being beta, the second time was when I told them they were immature for cursing at me.

I informed them that they were going on the Scam Watchers Society's website, and then they ran away.

Report animallove45 for bad words and possibly personal info.


Thursday, 19 May 2016

Some Announcements

1. I'm back!
Yes, yes, I am aware that I have been on a long hiatus on posting, but I'm back. I won't be posting as often as I used to, but I wll try my best to post frequently. I'm going to highschool next year, though, so I may not post as much then. But for now, I'll make use of the summer time and the 16 days left of middle school I have.

2. Policy Claim Contracts
Agents! Your PCCs are due either now or in the near future. If you have not signed a PCC yet, contact Cerise, preferably via the chat box, and she will interview you for information that will be stored in the database. A council member will reply to your comment/pledge in the comments of the Policy page if your PCC has been sealed.

3. A Self-Insert Advertisement

If you wish to be a part of an Animal Jam based roleplay, but you simply don't have the time to continually get on AJ and roleplay live with other people, then Bottlenose Brigade is for you! This is a fun, interactive roleplay made by Cerise herself that is based off the Animal Jam underwater adventures - specifically the Bottlenose Brigade from Turning the Tide - but with twists. Your goal is to complete quests, defeat your enemies, and protect Jamaa's oceans from the phantoms and other threats. You can level up your character, buy upgrades in the upgrade shop, train new skills and abilities, and attend raids of enemy bases. There's also a side roleplay if you want to freely roleplay with your friends and other members of the Brigade. You can also explore in Crayfish Cove to find treasure, or take whirlpearls from the whirlpearl clam, which you can then use during roleplay. There're lots of things to do there. You can create your character with their own unique personality and join now. There's lots of fun on the roleplay! If you're interested, the link to the roleplay is here. You can sign up on the "about" page. We hope to see some new members of the Brigade!
For a limited time, new members that sign up for the roleplay will be able to claim their free Roleplay Beta Tester pack, which contains 30 experience points, a free pet egg, 500 gems, and 3 antidotes to use in roleplay.

swan88 (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here. I was hosting signups yesterday when this girl Jam-A-Gram'd me "i am already a scallop, am i'm really rich because of that". When changed from Jammer Speak, this roughly translates to, "I'm already a scammer, and I'm really rich because of that".

Now, we don't know if this girl is actually a scammer, but she's soon going to learn that telling a high-ability scam catching society that you're a scammer is the wrong way to troll.

Report her for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed

Monday, 16 May 2016

So, I'm apparently an Art Thief?

Let me make this perfectly clear, this is a rant post. If you don't want to read a rant, don't read this post.

Hi everyone. I'm pretty salty right now. Awhile ago, I was friends with a select someone who's user begins with "Br" (as not to confuse anyone with other ex-friends they know I have). I still refer to them as "Wind" though. To set the stage for this post, I need to explain: all the way back in December 2012, I founded a scam catching group called AJSG (It was disbanded in around November 2015 or something?). My second in command's name I'll refer to as "Cat". "Cat" was my best friend on Animal Jam until she quit in around Summer 2015. "Cat" was an extremely talented artist, and made the majority of my profile pictures. "Cat" and I stay in touch via Google Hangouts to this day. "Wind" and "Cat" were also friends. "Wind" and I had had a very rocky friendship, filled with lots of drama. Looking back on my "friendship" with her, I absolutely despise her and wish I had never met her. She is truly one of the absolutely most despicable people I have met on all of Animal Jam, and I used to be friends with blue54899, so that's saying something. One day, in Fall of 2015, "Wind" decided to try to convince me that "Cat" believed I was the alt for people I was pretty salty with at the time. Most notably of these people were someone I believed was the alt for one of the few Jammers I can say I absolutely despise, emb0. I'm now friend's with the majority of other people she claimed "Cat" had "accused" me of being. I sent "Cat" video proof of "Wind" saying "Cat" had accused me of being the alt for these people, and here is a censored response of what "Cat" said replied to me.

 "Cat" then proceeded to comment on "Wind's" Channel and said this.
(The comment above is a screenshot of the comment that "Cat" sent me, because the original conversation was removed by the channel owner I believe, which is why it say's "0 seconds ago")

And replied again to my hangout with this.

We "fought" in the comments for a while, but got nowhere. The drama settled for a while. "Wind" and I blocked each other on Social Media and Animal Jam, and we never really spoke again. Recently, "Wind" approached "Cat" again, and apparently had forgotten about our fight we had. Although I'm not sure exactly what "Cat" meant when she said this:

Although I'm not sure exactly what "Cat" meant when she said "scam contest", I'd be willing to bet "Wind" was hosting a fake contest, and needed a fake winner, so chose "Cat" to try to help her.

I decided to view "Wind"'s channel today. She had had some of the art she made quite a while ago stolen by someone, and then that person claimed it was her own art. I commented:

"Well that's what you get for scamming ____'s art back then"

She replied, with this.

I am EXTREMELY salty right now. "Wind" has now accused me of stealing her art, which, frankly, is terrible art. And ohhh boy, let me tell you. If there is anything I hate more than a scammer, it is an art thief. I have 0 tolerance for disrespect of other people's property, especially the theft of someone's own creation. Based on me basically telling her karma came back on her, she is so *fizzy drinked* off as to automatically jump to the conclusion that I was the art thief. Why am I making this post? To let off steam. Is it off topic? Yup. Is it my only place to vent? Yup. Is "Wind" most likely the daughter of Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler's long lost half sister? I'd love to say yup, but instead, I'll only say most likely.

P.S- If some kid comments "wait bawt tico im confused r u an art theef or naw"- I will be extremely tempted to kill a few chipmunks or something.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

ja51835 (member)

Hey it's Electro here, I am so sorry for being an inactive bum. But here I am, with once again, another scammer. As you can see in the picture above is ja51835.

Just walking around Jamaa I got this JAG saying, "if you want my headdress gift blue spike". I really doubt shes going to gift me her headdress considering how high headdresses are on the rare scale.
Please report this scammer and have a good day!

Status: No One Harmed

Saturday, 14 May 2016

cakezz (Non-Member)

Agent PC with a scammer caught on 13 May. cakezz claimed that if you sent them a trade and accepted both confirmations, they would decline their confirmation. This appears to be a modern spin on the 'decline-all-trades' scam. As you should know, this is a scam because once they get something they like they will accept it and run away. Anyways, attilababy claimed that they had declined a long pink Spiked Collar, but another player claimed that cakezz had tried to accept a black long Spiked Collar. cakezz became very upset and protested being called a scammer. When asked what the point of trading was when they would just decline anyways, they said 'I like trading'. However, they refused to answer why they wouldn't trade FAIRLY. I don't think anyone fell for it, and a lot of people were calling them out as a scammer, so cakezz eventually gave up and ran away.

Now, you may be thinking, cakezz is probably an alt, and attilababy is probably their main. However, cakezz has many achievements, including having had membership in the past, and attilababy also has many achievements and currently has membership, as well as having Spiked Collars. It is still a possibility that cakezz is an old account and they switched to attilababy after a while, because cakezz does not seem to have any valuable items on, but evidence is still weak. Either way, atillababy was defending a clear scammer, so watch out for them as well. They might not have even traded their Spike in the first place and was just lying, but because you can't see other people's trades it's impossible to tell. In short, I'm suspicious but can't make an accusation.

Everyone thought that scams were eliminated by the trading update, or at the very least trust-trading and decline-trading were eliminated, but apparently not. The mental gymnastics people will do to get imaginary items on a frivolous internet kids' game is astounding. Watch out for this scam.

And of course, please report cakezz for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed


Thursday, 12 May 2016

ry15607 (Member)

Do you ever just find a scammer, who is trying something, so obscure, so unbelievably stupid, that you just think to yourself "What the *fizzy drink* even is the Animal Jam community now?" Well, I found one of those guys today. Jammers: This is 2016. This is when, people, are so idiotic, to try to tell you, that they need to borrow your spike, for their date. Yes Jammers, this is Animal Jam, the game, where 7-9 year old's, not only attempt to date each other, but try to steal your items with the excuse that they need it to impress their 7-9 year old date. I- what? I- I... I don't even... what is the meaning of life anymore?
See the hysterical video below.

Having trouble viewing the video? Click here to watch it on YouTube, where you can put it in full screen mode and view it in higher quality!
After I stopped recording, they CONTINUED to try to scam this way, until nearly everyone in Jamaa Township showed up and started calling them out as a scammer. They soon fled to my den, and tried to talk to me, but as I didn't want to hear their craptastic excuses, I locked them out.

Status: No One Harmed


toybonnieroxs101 (Member)

Agent PC with a scammer found on 8 May. toybonnieroxs claimed that if anyone gifted them a 'short or long [Spiked Collar]', then they would give them a black long Spiked Collar. They refused to show us this supposed black long, saying 'i dont have to' and then running away. I found them in a different room, and asked them if they had anything to say for themselves. For a while they were silent, but then screamed 'NOOOO'. Then they said 'i dont have to [tell you], u r not my mom'. They claimed they would have shown and/or told (wasn't clear which), but that I didn't leave them alone so they weren't going to. Then they ran away again. 

Needless to say, they did not have a black long like they claimed, and even if they did they certainly wouldn't send it to you. Instead they would run away with your Spike and not give anything in return.

Please report toybonnieroxs101 for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed


Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Pay It Forward

Hello Jammers, Cerise here! Now, before this post starts, let me clear up some misconceptions. You're probably about to comment, "Cerise! Why is there a picture of a book, and the title of that book, on this post? This isn't your school binder!" But let me explain why I'm making this post.

I recently finished reading this book called Pay It Forward - the young reader's edition. It's about this kid named Trevor who is assigned a social studies project in which he has to simply "COME UP WITH AN IDEA THAT COULD CHANGE THE WORLD". So he comes up with the "pay it forward" idea.
It works like this. If you do something nice to someone, say, hold the door for them or give them directions, tell them to pay it forward by doing a nice thing to 3 more people, and then telling them to do the same thing.

I want people inside, as well as outside, of the SWS to start trying to put this plan into action. I believe we could make a change by doing this together, even if it isn't a very big one.
I'll definitely be doing this myself, as well as giving items to people I see doing good deeds.

P.S. Read Pay It Forward, it's an awesome book.