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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Scam Catcher Spotlight #1 - Jamaa's Scackers Destination

We have consent from the leader of this Society to make this post. _________________________________________________________________________________

Hiya Jammers! In this edition of Scam Catcher Spotlight, we will be talking about the Scam-Catching Society known as "Jamaa's Scackers Destination". It was founded on August 17th, 2014, by Violet86271, and has close to 10,000 page views! It has had a slow, yet steady posting schedule ever since it was founded, the most recent post, as of now, being made on April 25th, 2016.
It currently has 4 active Agents, yet they still manage to hold down a tight and organised association.  The blog itself has many helpful features, such as search bar on the side so you search up and see if any Jammer you're suspicious about. They have neat "About Scamming" and "About hacking" pages to help you learn way's to help you prevent yourself from being hacked or scammed. Their blog is even accepting applications to join!
In this post, we'll be reviewing and critiquing the entire blog on 3 different aspects - visuals, organisation, and posting, and then rate it out of 5 stars. This means we'll look at the blog and state what's good about it, as well as state its flaws and ways that the owner(s), as well as other scam catchers, can fix them.
Make sure to check out their blog here.

Jamaa's Scackers Destination

The blog itself doesn't look too bad - they didn't just stick with one of the default templates and decided to make their own. However, one thing I did notice is the inconsistent font. On the posts, comments, page selectors, and pages, the font is a sketchy looking one, while for everything else, it is a default-looking font like Arial or Calibri, and the titles for the posts and pages use a completely different font. I would suggest changing the font to be consistent for the entire blog to make it easier on the eyes of the reader.
As well as this, the header image's background colours correspond to the two different colours used by certain header fonts - lime green and orange, which compliment each other nicely. My only problem with this is that the colours are a little too bright and could use some toning down.
Lastly, I think that the choice of a greyish-green background isn't the best. If the accents of the blog are green and orange, then maybe a soft orange or soft green background would work. I would also suggest adjusting the widths of the blog, specifically the width of the post body to be wider, as it's not much wider than the sidebars. If you guys want some graphics for your blog, Cerise has lots of free time on her hands and would gladly make some visuals for you.
Overall, I give it a 6.5/10 for the visuals.

Looking through the blog itself, it seems pretty fine with its organising skills. Excluding the homepage, it has 6 additional pages - about, join the team, meet the team, about hackers, about scammers, and a posting guide. I'm going to do a breakdown of each page and tell you what you could work on for each page.
The about page is pretty stacked - there's not much to critique about it. It does its best to fully explain what the society does and how it works.
For the join the team page, I think it would be better if you made the about page and itself just become one page. Other than that, the way you join is pretty simple - email Violet, the owner, with your joining resume and await a response.
The meet the team page is pretty good as well. It contains a list of all the active and inactive agents, a picture of their animal, their agent name, and a few things about them, which is good to help you get to know them. The only thing I'd look into fixing is the huge mass of unnecessary spacing at the very end of the page and in between Agent Lexey's and Agent Peace's profiles.
The "about hackers" and "about scammers" page are pretty simple. They explain what scammers and hackers are and detail tips on how you can avoid being hacked or scammed yourself. However, like the join the team and about pages, I'd suggest combining these two into one page and simply call it the "about scackers" page, to help it live up to the society's name!
I'll talk about the posting guide in the posting section of the review.
Overall, I give it a 7.5/10 for the organisation.

This is where I really think the blog falls short. It has a consistent posting schedule and an easy-to-follow posting guiding, but very few posts actually follow these rules and guidelines. Although there is a great variety of agents posting (unlike this society, cough cough), most of the posts either a) are scammer posts without proper evidence, or any evidence at all, b) posts that are completely unrelated to scam catching, or c) posts that are just agents talking about how they can't find any scackers. To solve this problem, I would suggest taking the route the SWS has chosen - have all agents save their posts as drafts to be reviewed by a higher up before publication, and/or remove all agents that aren't making posts about scackers (or any posts at all).
Overall, I give it a 4/10 for the posting.


In total, we rate the Jamaa's Scackers Destination a ⋆⋆⋆ out of 5 stars. If you're a scam catcher who has wanted to join the SWS, or just a scam catcher who wants to join a society in general, I would suggest signing up for the JSD. It does everything that a decent scam catching society should do, and it does it well, albeit with a few flaws here and there. However, by following the solutions we have proposed in this review, it could bump itself up to 4 stars, and maybe even 5 stars! Good luck to Agent Violet, all the agents in the society, and any other aspiring scam catchers reading this.


And to the end this post off, the first edition of Scam Catcher Confessions...
"Sometimes when I see a scammer, I won't even bother to get evidence. I just report them and walk away."
-Anonymous Agent
Want to have your confession featured? Simply comment on any post with a scam catcher confession as an anonymous commenter and comment your confession! Please make sure it doesn't name any names and doesn't have any hate speech in it.

That's all for this edition of Scam Catchers Spotlight! Until next time-

anytimeispizzatime (Non-Member)

Hello, it's Agent PC with a scammer I caught on 27 April. anytimeispizzatime claimed that whoever sent the first trade that they accepted would win 'really good' den betas. They refused to show these den betas to us, claiming that you would see when they accepted the trade - except, you wouldn't, because they don't have any den betas and even if they did they would not give them to you. When I asked why they couldn't just trade directly, they said 'it's a matter of trust' (that sounds like what a cyberpredator might say, so remember that if someone says this to get you to do something, they are most likely NOT trustworthy). When I called them a scammer, they did not defend themselves beyond a simple 'no'. They blocked me, but I continued to let everyone else around us know they were scamming.


Unfortunately, you can see towards the end of the video that someone sent them a trade just moments before they fled. This leads me to believe that they may have scammed at least one person - however, no-one in the immediate room said anything along the lines of 'I got scammed' afterwards, so I am not sure who this person was, nor was I able to interview them.

Based on their achievements, anytimeispizzatime is probably an alt, too. If someone else or I find their main account, I will be sure to update, possibly in a new post if I get enough evidence.

Please report anytimeispizzatime for scamming.

Status: Unknown


Wednesday, 27 April 2016

erinvio (Member)

Hello, it's Agent PC here with a scammer I found on 20 April. erinvio claimed that if you gifted them 'black items', they would gift back 'rare betas', including Spiked Collars and beta Hoods. When I asked them to prove they had these items, they ran away. I chased them down for a while, they still refused to give a reason why they wanted to gift instead of trade. When I pressed, they changed their offer around, offering for me to trade the black items and them to gift the betas afterwards, then saying for me to trade them black items and they would trade the betas afterwards. Again when I asked them to show me these supposed betas, they ran away.

Then I contacted them on their Jammer Wall, and got some insight. They admitted to having attempted to scam:

They asked me not to tell AJHQ, promising never to scam again:

They offered to gift me their den items (to keep me quiet):

They claimed the reason they wanted to gift was because 'it's [their] birthday':

They apologised again, and then...whatever this means...:

I'm really glad that they promised not to scam again, but it is my duty to publish any evidence I have. After all, they might have just been saying that to get me off their back - there is really no way to tell.

Status: No One Harmed


Tuesday, 26 April 2016

jojobubbanono (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here. I caught this girl a few nights ago during one of my sessions of late-night scam catching. Anyways, this girl was claiming that if you sent her a spiked collar, she'd send you something better, despite none of her animals having anything of "value" on them.

I went up to her and asked her "why can't you just trade directly for the spike?'. She ignored me. I asked again, she proceeded to run to the other side of the room and continue advertising. I repeatedly tried to ask her the question, until I decided to just start calling her out as a scammer, to which she responded rather viciously. She started screaming at me and called me a bully for calling her a scammer, even though I gave her a chance to defend herself and she ignored me.
She even went as far as to start screaming at nearby strangers to report me, most of whom either walked away frightened or asked what happened. As soon as I explained what happened, they either reported her or stayed along to defend me. Thanks, strangers.

After immediately saying she wasn't a scammer, she continued to scam - in front of all the people she tried to recruit to her side. However, this time, she changed her advertisement to "send me a spike and I'll send a better spike". So, once again, I started trying to question her, and she ran away, to the amusement of my newfound following of strangers and myself.

Finally, when my squadron of accidental white-knights began to surround her and yell for people to report her, she finally showed the spike that she planned to give out. Spoiler alert, it was a diamond shop spike.

I asked how she could give it away as a "better spike"when she expected people to send rare spikes. She didn't answer, blocked me, and immediately left. Typical.

Report her for scamming.

Status: Unknown

Monday, 25 April 2016

Quitting. (For Real This Time)

Hey jammers! Its me, Aviator here, and welcome to probably the last post you'll ever see on here by me...
Thats right, I'm actually quitting for real this time. That last time was just, well, I guess I was fighting with my friend, and I didn't want to fight anymore..
I'm kind of bored of AJ now, and well, now I find myself barely on it. Also, I found new games that I love, such as Yandere Simulator, Pirate101, and Wizard101.
Its been really fun being in this society <3 All the agents here are amazing, really nice, and on their way to making Animal Jam great again. Thanks so much Cerise, for letting me be a part of this team. I'll honestly be missing catching scammers and stuff, but I think its time for a change.

Well, this is it. Goodbye Jammers! Thanks for letting me part of the:

Squishysnek/Pokecritters (Member, Non-member)

Hello Jammer's! It's Colonel Taco here, back with another scammer. I was chillin' in Jamaa Township, and I saw a code scammer. When I prompted them to ask what the code was for, they ran off. Shortly after, I got a Jam-A-Gram from someone claiming to have a code for a rare. I went to my den, and they attempted to get me to trade me my spike for their alleged Founders' Hat code, which, for those wondering, does not exist at the time that this post is being made. See the somewhat amusing video below.

If you're having trouble viewing the video, click here to view it directly on YouTube, and put it in full screen mode.

"BBBAWTTT TICOOOO U SAID THEIR WERE TWO SCALERZ" "BAWT TICO UR A LIAR" "BUT TICO I HERD U DONT LIKE DORITOS AND IM MLG SO UR RACIST" k thx comment section rlly appreciate your thoughtful comments. After every scammer I catch, I look around Google a bit to try to find out if the scammer is on social media, has alts, etc. Eventually I stumbled across a bootleg version of YouTube that you get from that shady kid who always buys Pepsi instead of Coke at lunch down the back alley 4 blocks south from your school (it's called YouVideo), and on it, I found that the scammer had entered a giveaway about 2 weeks ago. To save your computer from getting cancer and your identity stolen by 8 different Russian hackers on this site, I decided to take a picture of the comment for you.
Now, you may ask, what is so major about that? I did a bit more stalking, and found their channel on actual YouTube. In their "About" page, they claimed to be Pokecritters.

You might need to enlarge that, I don't really know.  Make of this what you will, but Pokecritters is most likely Squishysnek's alt, or used to be main.

Status: No one harmed

Sunday, 24 April 2016

morgangirl12 (Non-member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here. I apologise for the lack of scammers being posted, there's been a scammer drought so we've been taking this time to update the society. Anyways, one of our new agents alerted me to this girl who was doing the "trade me best trade wins spike" scam.

There was a crowd of people around her yelling at her to show the spike, but she was ignoring them. She left immediately after some girl traded her. The agent and I followed her to her den and questioned her. Here is our conversation:

"Anyways, could we see the spike you claim to have?"
"what spike?"

She supposedly traded the spike to sabrina20624, despite neither of them having the trade bubble over their heads. We suspect this is her main account.

"Why can't you just do a draw for the spike?"
"becuz im not giving my spike for free"

"Why can't you just have people trade directly for the spike?"
"becuz i will give the spike after?"

I asked her the same question again.
"becuz if i do that then people will not be fair"

After we told her we had pictures of the entire conversation, she started claiming that her brother would beat her if she didn't do it. Using child abuse as an excuse - disgusting.

She locked us out when we told her we were from the AJSWS. Casual scammer.
Report her for scamming.

She continually went around and framed me for scamming, this is what happened after.

Status: Unknown

kitten1216 (Member)

Yo y'all, it's Colonel Taco here, back with another scammer. I was just sitting in Jamaa Township, when I saw two scammers. I had to pick which one to go after, and I randomly chose the lion. See the video below.

If you are having trouble seeing what is going on, click here to view it on YouTube, and view it in full screen.


Chill, at the end of the video they even admitted they tried to scam me.

Status: No one harmed

P.S. taco if you want me to add more text to your signature JUST ASK
-cerise who made all the council member signatures

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

lexisky + did90022 (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here with a scammer that one of our newest agents, Agent Sporty, alerted me to over the chat. She was doing a "gift me best gift wins spike" scam as far as I know, but I don't think Sporty got evidence, so we did the next best thing - question lexisky to get as much proof as we could. We all met up at her den and asked her to come with us, so she did. Then panic ensued.

We told lexi (Snowflake) we'd like to ask her a few questions. We didn't mention the part about how we were going to be taking pictures and video because that would freak her out. Which, by the way, is exactly what she did. As soon as we mentioned questions, she left her den and her assumed partner, did90022, entered the den and started screaming at us. He claimed "THE FOX SENT A GAME FOR A SPIKE THATS NOT FAIR" in defence of Snowflake (Sporty was a fox at the time, and she sent a game machine to test out the scam).
Naturally, I told him that we're here to question Snowflake and not him, which, when translated from impatient-scam-catcher-trying-to-be-polite into English, says "*fizzy drink* off, kid, we're trying to work here". Turns out this kid is saltier than the average scamming partner because he started screaming and hurting me via roleplay, wow, I'm so scared.

Snowflake also came back into the den, but as soon as we mentioned the questions again, she left. This process repeated about 3 times before she was gone for a little longer than usual. We were all sitting around, waiting for her to come back, when did90022 deciding to start his lame attempt at backpedalling. He started yelling that Sporty ("the fox") scammed him. Infinity (did's animal name) claimed that Sporty had said she would give an elf tail, but he didn't finish what he was saying before we asked if he had proof. Spoiler alert, he didn't. The only proof he had was "ASK SNOWFLAKE". Backpedalling failed there, buddy.

After that, we managed to persuade Snowflake to come back into MY den so that we could ask her a few questions without Infinity killing me multiple times through a roleplay I didn't even know I was participating in. For the next 20 minutes, yes, 20 minutes, I recorded Snowflake and I's entire conversation and uploaded it to YouTube (sped up a bit though).

Her story is extremely flawed, and let me explain why.

1. She claims that Endz dared her to scam, and she couldn't refuse a dare. Someone dared her to scam and she gladly accepted. Please remind me why we should list her as innocent.
2. How did Endz get her password, and why can't she just change her password?
3. Why would Endz want the password of some random kid? Why wouldn't he go try and get the password of someone like Aparri?
4. Why did her account not get logged off when "Endz got on her account"?
5. How did Endz even know we were having the conversation in time to get on the account? Right, he didn't.
6. Why did Endz dare her to scam when he could've just hacked her account and used it as a sockpuppet himself?
7. Why would Endz be daring someone to scam for themselves? That means they get the items, not him.

Anyways, I believe this concludes this post. Please don't report Endz, because we have literally no idea who he is, but please report lexisky for scamming and did90022 for bullying.

Stay safe and happy Jamming!

Status: Unknown

Sunday, 17 April 2016

wolfbirthda (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here. I was doing a prize pack giveaway and this guy was one of the people who came in. He asked me to put my wood floor on trade, to which I responded it wasn't on trade for a reason.

Before the giveaway began, he sent me this JAG that said "you wanna scallop after this", which, when translated into English, means "do you want to scam after this?".

I replied to him saying "excuse me?". He left the den and didn't respond.

Report him for scamming.

Status: Unknown

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Update Notes 16/04/2016

Hello Jammers! Cerise here. Today, because of a fiasco that involved two individuals agreeing to meet each other in real life over the chat room, the society is going to have a massive change of policy to implement new security measures to guarantee that this doesn't happen again.

For the first part of this update, there are 3 new rules being added to the personal claim & declaration to ensure tight control and high security over the agents:

-Your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) must know that you are in this society, and give permission for you to participate in society activities. Your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) must also have a way to contact us in case of emergency, and we must be able to contact them.

-The sharing of personal information that can be used to identify your specific location through the society in any way, shape, or form is strictly forbidden, and will get you fired without trial. This also includes planning to meet with anyone that you are introduced to via this society in real life, as this could result in the society’s website being sued by the COPPA laws.

-Upon joining the society and signing this personal claim & declaration, but prior to getting it sealed by a council member, you must be interviewed so we have sufficient information about things such as your siblings, devices you own, and times you’re active on the internet. This is to help fight impersonation and fraud, as well as keep the society’s secrets safe.

All agents must re-sign their declarations HERE, as well as tell a council member their email and/or the email of one of their parents or legal guardians if possible.


For the second part of this update, all agents must have parental consent to be a part of this society and participate in society activities. Upon joining, parents or guardians of new agents will be sent a confirmation email from to let them know what the society is about and that we need permission from them for their child to be able to join.
If your parent or guardian has any questions about the society and how it functions, or they wish to pull you out of the society or make any personal alterations to your personal claim & declaration, they can email us.
Our goal is to get to know the parents and assure them that we'll alert them if their child has broken the rules of the society, is receiving any punishment, or if they're trying to do anything bad, say meet with someone else in real life.

As a counterpart to this new update, a parents page will be added where parents can read and learn more about the society.


If you have any questions, please comment below.
Stay safe and happy Jamming!


Hello Jammers! Cerise here with some new ideas for the society, in an attempt to make new types of posts and hopefully get more viewers flocking to our banner.

As for the first new post idea, I  was thinking we should start making posts called Scam Catcher Spotlights. This idea was originally by Agent Taco, however we never got around to it. The SCS (nostalgia moment for those who get it) will be a series of posts where we write up reviews of other groups of scam catchers or anti-evil societies and list a bunch of things they can do to help them become better at what they do. The post will be publicly posted on this blog so that we can perhaps get their blogs some more viewers (if they have one) or members.

I was also thinking we could start a small series called "scam catcher confessions", where agents or other scam catchers can anonymously post their confessions about scam catching, and we'll feature them in a post. The only  rule would be that the confessions cannot be directed as hate speech towards anyone else, however, they can be directed towards a group of people without naming any names (i.e. I hate it when the AJ community..).

Lastly, for those of you who don't know, the AJSWS has a YouTube channel that we rarely use. We only really use it when we're doing huge item giveaways, like the Christmas Drive 2015, or when there's a huge event, like Pink Shirt Day. However, I don't think we're fully utilizing the YouTube channel. I think that, every week or every 2 weeks, we should do a quick 5 minute video where we talk about new things in the society and stuff.

What do you think about these possible changes? Leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Bharlie (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here with a rather short post. I was advertising for my new program, which I will unveil on this blog soon enough, when this person walked up to me, said "i scam", and ran away, probably because they immediately regretted it.

I don't know if they're actually a scammer, nor do I care, because telling a scam catcher you're a scammer isn't the right way to troll, as this kid will soon learn.

Report them for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

tiny60798 (Member)

Hey y;all! It's Taco here, and I seem to be on a bit of a roll these last few days catching those scammers ^.^ Also, to newer Agents, you should check out this page on the Academy, you might find it useful. Anyways, onto the post. Late last night, right before I was about to hit the hay, I found a scammer. So, I decided to get video evidence and edit up the video before going to bed, but I was too sleepy to make this post last night, so here it is now. Basically the scammer was claiming she would give away her AJ account. I offered a black long for it, and she fell for the bait. She eventually tried to convince me that there was no way to change the password on the account once she gave it to me. See the video below.

"BUTTT TIIIIIIICOOOOOOOOOOO U SAID U WERE WORKIN' ON UR VIDEO QUALEITIE" Well my lovely commenter, I advise you, and every other Agent who cant see what's going on, clicks this link to see it on YouTube, and watch it in full screen. The quality that way is perfectly fine. Anyways, yeah, sorry if you wanted more "BUTTTT TIIIIICOOOOOOOOS" but oh well. Anyways, make sure to report this gal for scamming.

Status: No one harmed

Monday, 11 April 2016

AJ Play Wild - Prize Pack Giveaway

Hello Jammers! Cerise here. Because I have so many spare items on Play Wild, I'm hosting the society's first official Weekly Prize Pack Giveaway! There will be 3 sets of color-coordinated items being given out, and all you have to do to enter is:

1. Take a picture of yourself next to a scammer in AJ or Play Wild

2. Upload the picture to an image sharing site like ezimba, tinypic, or deviantART

3. Comment the link to the picture, as well as your Play Wild username and all 3 packs in order of which you want most to least 

4. That's it!

You can also submit multiple scammers to enter multiple times, so get hunting!
Entries will close 2 weeks after the first person enters, so start finding scammers!

Prize Packs

1. Ruthless Red

Pack Contains: Red Baseball Cap, Red Square Glasses, Red Heart Scarf

2. Pretty in Purple

Pack Contains: Purple Angel Wings, Purple Cowboy Hat, Purple Heart Bowtie, Purple Elf Armor Boots

3. Atomic Funk

Pack Contains: Green/Purple Cotton Candy Hairdo, Green Square Glasses, Green Clover Bowtie, Green Guitar

Good luck!

mantha326 (Member)

Hello y'all! It's Agent Taco here, with a scammer that Agent Sky alerted me to while I was moderating the Chat Room. It was the classic "GIFT ME WIN STUFFS FROM MY LIST OMG!!1!1!1!1" When asked the question of "Why can't we just trade for the item's from your list directly?" they claimed AJHQ turned off  their gifting. Uh oh! One catch to that there bud, AJHQ only disables both your trading AND your gifting, not one or the other. When I called her out on this, she did a confused emote and said "no!" and ran away. Below is video evidence of the entire scam.

"BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTT TIIIIIIIIICOOOOOOOOO UR QUALITY IS LITERALLY LIKE A GRAIN HARVESTER!!!!1!!1!!??"?"" "BUUUUUUTTSS TIIICOOOOOOOOO U HAVE QUALITY LIKE UR RUNNING D.O.S STILLLLL"""""!!212  "buuuut TIIICOOO112112 I HAVE CELIAC DISEASE AND THIS IS SO GRAINY IS MAKES ME ACT UP SO IM SUUUUINGGGG UUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!12" - Yes, I know this video is extremely grainy and poor in quality. I'm working on improving the quality of my videos, ok? So Beta, you meanie, don't get on my case and be like BUTTT TICOOOOOO. Anyways, I wonder if more of this post was me making fun of complainers, or actually talking about the scammer. Anyways, yah, report her for scamming or whatever.

Status: No one harmed.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

youngboy33 (Member)

Hey guys! Its Avie here, finally back with another post. My "posting skills" are a bit rusty, and I apologize if I forget any rules or anything.
Anyway, this guy was trying to scam me out of an orange long. Want proof? Here you go.

So I was just in Jamaa Township, chilling with some non-members and members and trading, when suddenly, I get this Jam-A-Gram from youngboy33. Its kind of obvious they were trying to scam.
I tried to reply with "No, AJHQ made the trade system for a reason", but apparently "his inbox was full". 
Wow, AJHQ.  Just wow.
Anyway, the guy appeared in my den (I keep it unlocked sometimes) and after I failed at trying to Jam-A-Gram him, I came to my den. 
He asked me if it was a deal, and I refused, saying what I meant to say in the Jam-A-Gram, that the trade system was made for a reason. And then he said this:

I'm sorry, but I couldn't care less about your favorite color. 
So after mentioning the trading system AGAIN, he said this:

Okay, now aparrently, he got scammed out of a party hat by trading, which can't be possible now because of the new trade system. So either he's a lying sneak, or he just can't move on with his life (its possible the "scam" occurred with the past trading system). We've all been scammed before (Most of us at least), and we've moved on. Why can't you?

After I questioned him more, he said "They quickly changed the trade and got it". 
How could someone change a trade while an offer is going? Its not possible (it might be if you had one of those mod things, but I don't know a lot about those, so um...)
Anyways, after that, the guy claimed he was recording. (I wish I was actually recording too, I wonder what the guy would say lol).
I didn't believe him, of course. 
I argued with him for a while. He kept talking about his recording, and I kept saying that I didn't care. Besides, he was the one trying to scam. I doubt the kid even has a channel.
The guy finally decided to leave.

A rare headdress would be nice, but I know I'm not going to get it. He's just trying to scam me. 
*sigh* When will these scammers ever learn?

Status: No One Harmed