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Sunday, 31 January 2016

prescious11967 (Member)

Hi guys! Agent Maji Here with a trust trader.. I found this girl asking for people to trust trade her in Jamaa Township.

I came over and asked why we would risk our items and she said:

(By "rlly are" she meant "really rare")
I then asked "What if it's a nonmember, and they like their item?"
She ignored me.
I kept asking questions, and pretending that I didn't understand trust trading. She left, right after I asked "What if you scem me?"

Status: No One Harmed

Saturday, 30 January 2016

sj61773 (Member)

Aye Jammeh's, what up, its Agent Taco back, with another scammer. This one, was trying the age-old Beta Hood Sca- "BUTTZ TICOOOOOO, THE SCALOPERNOPE DNDINT NO IT TWASNT A BAETUH HOOOODDDD" "BUUUUTTTZZZ TAHHHCOOOOO, IT HZA A HEAREASE ON, I1T KNNOZWS ITSZ RURZ U SCLOPERNOPER" "BUUUTTT TICOOOOOOAHHCOOOOOO, I LKIE SNOWWWW LEUPURDZ, THEHFURE ITS NOPE A SCALOPERNOPER" Ah, that's nice comment section. I really, really don't care though, due to the plain and simple fact that they admitted it was an attempted scam. Video evidence below.

Basically, it goes pretty simply. I say it's not a beta hood, they say it is, they run away, I confront them, they admit it was an attempted scam.
And for those of you who are not allowed to watch videos, introducing, (much to my disdain...) picture evidence! Welcome everyone, to the 1930's, where we don't have technology that can record our screen, and instead have strange things called "cameras" or in this case, snipping tool!

Status: No One Harmed

Thursday, 28 January 2016

SWS Play Wild

Hello Jammers, Cerise here. Now that AJHQ's second game, Play Wild, is gaining more players, there are definetly going to be more scammers on that game. As a result, the SWS will be making a branch on Play Wild. There are barely any scammers on Play Wild right now, so the branch will take awhile to set up and agents will not be put in service until the branch is fully set up.
If you are interested in signing up for the Play Wild branch, please comment below with the form located at the bottom of this post.

In order to apply for a spot in the Play Wild branch, you must meet the following requirements:

-Have a working mobile emulator that can run Play Wild (if you have an android emulator that can run Play Wild, please tell Cerise because she really needs one)

-Have at least a month's worth of experience in the SWS (some exceptions may apply if we get desperate for positions)

-Have a working screenshot tool and/or a video recorder

If you meet all these requirements, please comment this form in the comment section below with the answers filled in. The council will review each application and decide who gets in and who doesn't. The list of people that got in will be announced when the branch is fully set up.

Agent Name:
Emulator Name:
Amount of Time in Society So Far:

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Skyrae30 (Member)

Hey Jammers! Agent Taco here, back with another scammer. Big thank you goes to Agent Skywalker for alerting me to this scam! It was a Membership account giveaway, and you of course had to send the item first, then he'd supposedly give you the account.  Although I doubt he'd give you the password even, if he did, he'd surely take any rares you put on it, then change the password too it. I didn't think of a way to prove he was untrustworthy until mid video. I asked if he would put any rares on the account, and he eventually agreed to supposedly put a Light Pink Headdress on the account (which I knew he didn't have). Anyways, although the video is fairly long, it's a bit funny towards the end. Here it is.

So there you have it. (Once again, big thank you to Agent Skywalker for alerting me to this scammer!)

Status: No one harmed

Friday, 22 January 2016

SWS Christmas Drive Video


Hey all, I just wanted to let you know that I finally got the Christmas drive video up. I know it's almost a month overdue, I finally got it up.
Good day.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Calamity Corner - blashna12345 (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here with a rather obscure bully. A little bit of background, I was searching "animal jam sws" on YouTube and found this guy's video. He had a scam catching society with the exact same name as ours, so I asked to meet up to chat about scam catching. And so we did.
I met at his den with Taco and Aviator, so we chatted. He showed us his officers, but none of them were talking or moving. So Taco called them out as his alts, and he started getting defensive. Later on, he confronted us and said that Taco and I were the same person, so we ran around to prove it. We got into a little argument about why we weren't the same people, but he was having none of it, I assume because we called him out on the other "officers" he had.

--For those sensitive to swearing, this is just a language warning--

craycraypanda101 (Member)

Hey Jammers! Cerise here. This girl was asking people to gift her a short spiked collar and that she would send her long spiked collar to anyone that did. I didn't get a picture of her saying "whoever", but you get the poinnttt.

I asked her why she couldn't just use the trade system, and she answered by saying "i just like gifts", which surely isn't an excuse for not using the trade system that was added for a reason.
Someone else also came up and started saying that Miss had scammed her, which isn't too unlikely.

She ran off after I told her to use the trade system.
Please report her for scamming.

Status: Unknown

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

centuryotter A Confirmed Hacker?

Hey Jammers, Cerise here. So, with the recent exposure of Blue apparently scamming, I now have evidence of him threatening to hack someone, and they said it happened within the last week.

You can view the post here (the pictures on the post that is, the last person's Jam-A-Gram has no correlation to Blue as far as I know).

For those unaware, Blue and Pink have more backups than there are people on a football team. slothlover127 is one of them. If you don't believe me, refer back to this post from September of 2015.

So, we now have evidence of Blue threatening to hack someone. How do you like them apples?

Monday, 18 January 2016

8jj8 (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here with another scammer that Agent Skywalker caught using his new tactic (read more about it here). This girl claimed to be able to double his items. He went to her den to double the items, and I stayed to watch.

She asked him to put it on his trade list and then gift it to her, like most doubling item scammers do.

When asked how she would double it, she claimed she had a "double tool" that allowed her to double items. Sounds more like a mod if anything.

We later took her to Skywalker's den and began her interrogation. When we asked what the "double tool" was, she said it was a glitch.

We then asked why she couldn't have just told Skywalker the glitch so that he could do it himself, she answered by saying it was "too complicated".

She ended up leaving when we told her we had pictures.
Please report her for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Lilcat2013 (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here with a scammer that Agent Skywalker caught with a new scam catching tactic. He was asking for people to double his items, and this girl gladly volunteered. They went to his den while I camped out and got evidence.

"Ok so you gift it to me then I do this and that and the other thing. It's kind of complicated".
She was pretty much asking him to send her his item, then she would double it. Typical scam.

(The chat reset because I left and came back)
They then decided to do a test, with a necklace. I didn't get a picture, but Skywalker said that the necklace appeared on her animal, which is exactly what happens when you buy a new item. This almost entirely proves her shenanigans false.

We later stormed the den, and she apparently confessed to scamming when we confronted her? Then she started doing all the guilt trip stuff like "you're making me cry in real life!!".

Report her for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Calamity Corner - disney199 (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here. I was getting people for the help center and advertised that the agents were wearing the yellow police hats. This girl Jam-A-Grammed me asking if she could wear one, so I said no because we weren't hiring.

When I said no, she decided to Jam-A-Gram me back with "ew your den is awful by the way", which she obviously only said because she was mad I said no.

Report her for bullying or something.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Calamity Corner - lleyyyaa (Non-member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here. This girl was at my den with one other person. They asked to be my buddy, to which I responded by saying I don't buddy anyone I don't know. lleyyyla was apparently outraged that I had said no to her buddy request and started calling me a nerd.

I asked her why she thought so, and she apparently had no reason for doing so. She continued to insult me, so I gave a little insult in retaliation, and then she lost it. She had a hissy fit and started freaking out, saying she would report me. So apparently, in her eyes, it's okay for her to insult me, but if I insult her, I deserve to be reported and suspended.

She and her friend both ended up leaving.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

ilovepug1212 (Non-member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here with another scammer. This person was in Jamaa Township asking people if they wanted membership, which is quite suspicious if you ask me. They got a taker and asked them to come to their den, so I followed.
They claimed to have 3 memberships (there were 3 people including me there), which is quite a lot, considering they were apparently quitting AJ and got all 3 memberships for Christmas.

Just as I suspected, this guy started asking for our passwords so that he could "put the membership on our accounts", even though it was quite obvious he was going to take all our items.

When we asked why they couldn't just e-mail it to us, they started saying "i'm not allowed to give out personal info". This is some of the worst backpedaling I have ever seen in all my experience as a scam catchers, this person wasn't even trying.
It's funny because they're well aware that it's against the rules to give out personal information, yet here they are, asking us for our password.

When I started calling them out as a scammer and initiated stage 5, they locked me out. I went back in once or twice and mocked them some more, but they kept locking me out.

Please report this guy for personal info.

Status: No One Harmed

Saturday, 9 January 2016

centuryotter (Member)

*due to the large amount of swearing and profanity in this post, Cerise has replaced every swear word with the word "fizzy drink" for your leisure*

Holyyyy *fizzy drink* it takes a lot to *fizzy drink* make me this *fizzy drink* angryyyy, but the piece of *fizzy drink* *fizzy drink* we all know as *fizzy drink* "centuryotter" has succeeded in making me this *fizzy drink* angryyyy. Let's continue. So, back in June, centuryotter was the *fizzy drink* we knew as blue54899. A total *fizzy drink* piece of *fizzy drink* who told people he hoped their moms got ran over, made racist comments, made sexist comments, made mental discrimination comments, and let's not forget told people (including Cerise) to kill themselves in a variety of ways such as telling them to jump off cliffs, stab themselves, drink bleach etc, and made homophobic comments. He also has AUTO ACCEPT, and the trade glitch. So see the original video of the piece of *fizzy drink* scamming, watch my original video about him here.


yah, so I thought he changed, and so did many people, but no, this *fizzy drink* NEVER changes. He scammed, AGAIN like the little *fizzy drink* *fizzy drink* *fizzy drink* he is. Here is him admitting to it.

There you have it.

Friday, 8 January 2016

rareajlover3 (Non-member)

Hey Jammers! Cerise here with yet another scammer. This girl was hosting for a trust trade giveaway for her spiked collar, so I went to check it out.

I asked them about the spike. They said it was a short orange collar. I asked them how they would get it, considering their lack of achievements. They said they had to go get it, and proceeded to log off.

I searched them up again to get the picture for their player card and saw they were back online and that they actually had the spike. But considering their achievements, they probably went to go get it from a main account.

Status: No One Harmed

The Anti-Trust Trading Update

Victory, finally, at long last! Something that will dramatically reduce the amount of Scamming that happens! Here's a little skit I made, Burderbearz is my alt if you couldnt figure that out.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Calamity Corner - luigic1 + layla1008

Hello Jammers! Cerise here with these two Jammers that were doing something very innappropriate in Jamaa Township.
Also, sorry about the cruddy player card picture for luigic1. It wouldn't load no matter how long I waited.


Wednesday, 6 January 2016

jammerlps2 (Non-member)

Greetings Jammers! Cerise here with another scammer. I was sitting in Jamaa Township when this girl came up and started asking for trusts.

I asked her why we would trade if she would just say no, and she ignored me. Someone else accused her of scamming. She only answered to them. I continually bugged her about it until I got this answer. She didn't even put any effort into her excuse.

When I called her out as a scammer, she immediately hightailed it out of there.

Please report her for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

imogenisfab (Member)

Hey Jammers! Cerise here. This girl was advertising for a trust trade "giveaway" for her trade list at her den, so I went to check it out.

(Cerise's HUD photobomb)

I went to her den and there were 2 other people there. One person named charlotteisfab (usernamme similarity anyone?) who may have been her partner in crime, considering she was defending her the entire time.
Anyways, imogenisfab changed her list (which was apparently a spiked wristband, I forgot to check) into a rare pumpkin head and asked us to start trading.

I asked her why we were trading for the pumpkin head, but she kept ignoring me. I kept trying to talk to her, but she kept blaming her "laggy computer" on not answering me.
I kept asking her, and she later started calling us all brats.

Then she locked us out. End of story.

Status: No One Harmed