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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

An average morning in my comment section. (Posted here because Cerise removed me from the blog of the agents for some reason.)

So it started with this one person saying they never knew what it was like to be framed before. HOW is this video framing him...? He used mods plain as day.
Then this person played along.
That there is our LOVELY buddy Blue. Trying to backpedal after being caught are we my friend?

Mmm I like this person. She tells people to face the fact they got caught.
OUCH, thats a bit harsh.
You have seen proof of him using mods here, if he has mods, what do you think he uses them for lmao
I no longer like this  person. I will not tolerate bullying in my comment section.
First part, ok. Second part, eh.

Monday, 28 September 2015

awesomeprettyjam (Member)

This girl was advertising for a trust trade party at her den. But she wasn't just doing that. She also said that only members were allowed to come - so she's a discriminator and a scammer. I went to her den to check it out.

I waited a few minutes and she came to her den. I asked her if she was a scammer and a discriminator, and she said no. Backpedaling begins.
I asked her what she was then, and she asked me to trust her and that she would trust me back.

I asked her why I should trust trade a total stranger, and she didn't even try to make up an excuse - she just told me to do it.

Afterward she locked me out.

Status: No One Harmed

Thursday, 24 September 2015

jamfox102 (Member)

Ermergursh i have been on all afternoon! Here is another post!
So I found him in Mt Shiveer, trusting away.

Just your usual truster, with a little twist.

This was his trade list. I guess he wanted black longs and stuff.. or its a glitch..
Story Time!
So basically I was trading for a purple long.
My offer: Red Short, Blue Long Wrist, Straw Hat, And Heart Ring
I did the trade then ran off to do something. (In Real Life)
Then when I came back, I got a orange pirate sword instead of a purple long.
These scams are basically downloading, hacking and more stuff to make something look more rare then it really is. 

I said "You have good stuff on trade." But he ignored me and kept trusting.

Status: Unknown

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Scammer Goldmine #38

Hey guys! Its Aviator here! Where today, I have another trusting party. I have changed the title because  I didn't catch enough for it to be called a "goldmine".

Another recording one. Wow..
So I went to investigate and I found some people there that you should know about.

Doing The "Trust Trade " Scam

This girl fluffy48017 came, but she asked me awkward questions, like if I was someone's mom,
or aunt. Since she came to the trusting party, but left, I guess we should keep her just in case.

This was my conversation, i only screenshot a bit.
Snow: fluffy
Count: Me
Maybe she was confused or something, but better safe then sorry!

Thats when foxlily began trusting.

I didn't catch her user, but watch out for her.

This panda said that I was going to scam someone, and I got confused. 

(Btw im a girl lol )

As you probably can see, Fuzzy said that "Count" (me) was going to scam, and you can see me arguing.

Then she claimed that I "gotta" do her, and I said no and fled to my den to start assembling this post.
Bye Jammers, stay safe on Animal Jam!

Status: No One Harmed

Sunday, 20 September 2015

ninjario900 (Non-member)

Hey folks, Shiver here with a scammer I found trusting in the Jamaa Township. His username is: ninjario900.

Anyway, ninjario900 was trusting for no real reward; just for pleasure and scamming.

After a couple minutes, someone trusted him and was scammed... Or so I thought.

The "victim's" username was friday1999. I went to his den to ask him what was scammed.

He told me: "Red long and blue long, why?" 

Of course, immediately after he said this, I noticed he still had a red spike on him... What an idiot.

I decided to check out his den some more, and saw that he had 3 Cami's Frogs; aka a very beta den item.

I was about to confront him of scamming when he suddenly started spamming the chat for me to donate to him. 

Not only that, but after I told him he was a scammer and left, he proceeded to spam my jam-a-grams.

ninjario900 and friday1999 are the same person, and none of them got scammed. friday1999 was just hoping for a generous jammer to come along and give him free spikes.

Status: 0 Harmed

Pokieo2 (Non-member)

So, I was in Jamma, trying to get good trades for my black wrist, when I saw this dude:

If you can't tell, he's saying "Win spike my den!!!!!!". So, of course I went to his den to see who was there and then he said it was trust. The way I keep people from locking their den on me is I trust trade them horrible stuff, like plushies or stuff you can buy in stores.

This was him after he attempted to scam me, then locked his den.

Status:  No One Harmed

Saturday, 19 September 2015

AJSG Internship.

Hello Jammers! Tacocat101 here, with an exciting post! For those of you who don't know, I am the leader of the Animal Jam Scam Guard, or AJSG for short. We were founded in late 2012 by me, and two buddies. As of recent, we have been a BIT low on Agents. AJSG only hires the "cream of the crop" however. So, I'm opening up internship again! Be warned of a few things however, I am VERY strict. You must not allow ANYONE to know you are in this group. Ever played Blackjack? You don't want the other player to know what cards you have in your hand. As an intern, you will have a 3 month evaluation period before I can determine if I wish to hire you as a full fledged Agent. During this evaluation, I will see
-How active you are
-If your trustworthy
-Your skill level
During this time, you are required to catch a MINIMUM of 75 Scammers.
So what are you waiting for? Email me @ with the following forum filled out....
-Are you over or under the age of 12?
-Whats your username?
-How long have you been Scam Catching?
-A minimum 2 paragraphs on the history of your Animal Jam experience.
-Any special tactics you have?
-How many Alts can you play on at a time?
-Time zone?
-Do you have Free Chat?
-Do you have Screen Recording software, and if not, can you get it?
-Do you have a YouTube channel, and if not, can you get one?
If you want to join, DO NOT ask questions in the comments.
Thank you!