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Monday, 6 April 2015

The SWS Is Closing Its Doors...

Hello everyone, I have some news. On this day, the 6th of April, 2015, the SWS closes its doors for good. Lock them and throw away the key.

We jumped, we made the jump, but then the ground crumbled beneath us and we fell into the void. But hey, looks like there's a soft landing down there!

Before you get sad, don't worry. Just because this society is gone, doesn't mean you have to stop scam catching. Zee and I have a society in which we will be scam catching by ourselves. You can all move on now, start your own societies maybe. Maybe you can go join someone else's society. If you have any trouble getting employed or starting your own society, I am here.

I guess this is goodbye then. Because the SWS has made a big impact on AJ, the site will stay up for years after this message has been posted, so that maybe we can inspire future generations of scam catchers.

If you are reading this in 2016 or something, please, continue fighting the good fight that firetigerx started.


gdas16 (member)

Hey jammers while I was in jamaa today I found this scammer named gdas16 scamming.

Gdas was caught trusting. 
Apparently you have to trust him for a worn. 
Hmm sounds like a typical scammer.

Status: Unknown

coolgirl61784 (member)

Hey jammers!
Sorry for the lack of posting and seeming so rude lately. 
Im sorry:( 
So lets get started
Cool girl was caught scamming jamaa township.
She was flash trading.
When I told her she was scamming she said no im not you creep.
And said mean things. 
This is what scamming can do to you. 
Make you mean.

Status: 1+
I saw some people flash  trading her so.
Another scammer post will be coming any minute.

ks30104 (member)

Hey guys, this is my first post because I never knew how to! So today I have a scammer doing trust to win her black long!

You see in this picture that she has plenty of necklaces on trade, so if someone trades her, I bet its going to be better then a necklace!

Status: None Harmed

     Thanks - Agent Time :D

Sunday, 5 April 2015

New Rules.

Hello! I've been put into the job of whipping you guys into shape. So here are 2 new rules.
Rule 1. Make a drama post, or drama, your fired.
Rule 2. You need to post at least two scammers a week, if not your fired. Please let us know if you have something important that week and we'll work it out.
Rule 3. Complainers will be warned we have a 0 toleration policy. If they continue, they will be fired.
Signing off, Agent Taco. These rules have been approved by 5 Agents, they are...
Edited @ 9:44 A.M EST- Comments have been disabled.
Edited @ 9:52 a.m EST- A third rule has been added and Cerise has been removed from the list as her request, and the post edited accordingly.

The Drama Ends Now.

     The SWS is starting to fail. Me and Shiver, Co-bosses, and agents do not want that. We are ending the ''drama'' now.

We are drafting all recent drama posts. We will be only posting scammers and notices. No drama posts for example saying ''This did that'' and whatever.  Any posts like that will be drafted. No advertising either. Only scammers and notices. Any other posts will be drafted. 

Because the SWS is starting to go down, we want all the agents to be in tip top shape. And treat us the new leaders with respect. We will be strict if we have to. The reason of constant agents being fired is because we want the society ''quality not quantity''. We now see this causes more drama. As Taco said ''rule with an iron fist''. The new bosses don't have that much experience of leading, so yes we will be doing things we wont understand after we did it. We will replenish the SWS and go to tip top shape like it used to be. 

Saturday, 4 April 2015

My New Channel

Hey jammers! Shiver here with some brief news. I am starting a new scam catching channel on Youtube. You can find it by clicking here.

Please subscribe! -Shiver

woozand (Member)

The following post is brought to you by the Animal Jam Scam Guard, or AJSG for short, you can see every scammer we catch by subscribing to my YouTube channel by clicking here.

Hello Jammers! Tacocat101 here with yet another scammer! Watch the short video below for the proof


Also, I am sorry, but we have decided to disable comments on any post that may cause drama. We are sick of hearing the same comments over and over on them. This is how we feel reading them.

-Agent Taco

An Apology.

So, after Spanish was fired, there were rumors going around that she was planning revenge on the Society. (Via hacking or scamming Co Boss's and Boss's) I figured that if I was a bit mean to her, then told her I would stop if she didn't get revenge on the Society, then I would protect it. Oh well, my plans never work, and I now realize my little plan was the (this is bolded for the people who dont read the entire post) wrong thing to do and I'm sorry.
-Agent Taco

Friday, 3 April 2015

Thursday, 2 April 2015

biscute1609 (Member)

Hello! Agent Taco here with another scammer! I even sent them something, as I have been getting quite a lot of messages saying "You didnt PROOVE they scam..." Watch the video below.

It's sad how bad scammers are at there jobs these days, it makes catching them boring : P And before you guys take my words and stretch them, that was joke : ) 

Status: +1 Harmed 

P.S- I'll remove this if an Admin asks me, as I know it violates the first posting rule, but for those who want to stay up to date on any and EVERY scammer I catch, you can subscribe to my channel that just returned from hiatus today, by clicking here.

District 19 is staying up?

Hey guys! Spanish here! So today, I'm going to tell y'all somethin'. Me and alpha are going to continue posting and hiring agents on the District 19 blog! If u want to join, u can go to district page  on SWS or type in this link:
You can join by clicking Joining!
Alpha is in charge of checking for new forms from people who want to join.
Just fill out the form and alpha will check it and u will be an Agent!
~ A message from Spanish, be a jammer not a scammer!


Also, before I go, one last thing. SWS wont be supporting the D19 blog, so me and alpha are gonna continue ourselves, probably hiring other agents.