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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Fivenightsatrolandas (non-member)

Fivenightsatrolandas doing the trust trade scam

Status: Unknown

 the sad truth is, those who trust are usually new scammers. And once they get a taste of their own medicine, they realize how bad scamming is.

Make sure you report the scammer above and stay safe online!

Friday, 27 February 2015

slvega (Member)

Hi guys! I've been seeing so many scammers today :( At least I can warn you guys about them!
Here's a gal who's CLEARLY a new scammer (you'll see what I mean when I show you her trade list)
She was scamming in Jamaa township, doing the "Glitched Ring" scam. 

It isn't very uncommon to see the glitched ring scam since non members can buy the rings as well. 
Normally you'd see the nm ring with the teal like gem in the middle, that is usually color-changed to look more real. I guess Duchess here didn't know about that, and thought ANY ring would work

Top: As you can see, on her trade list is another epic wonders ring. Bottom: Yes, it is none other then the Diamond ring. 

Here's a picture of the diamond ring in stores (I'm a nonmember, so I can't change the color of items) Something that surprises me, is that it's 3,000 gems, the other ring is much cheaper. Well, who knows 

Now, this is where the story REALLY takes a "Twist" After gathering up all the info. I needed to make a post, I went back on animaljam, and ended up in the same server! She started to use a DIFFERENT scamming technique! How bizzare is THAT! She didn't even switch servers! (I knew this because the same jammers where in the room)
 Here's the discussion for this post (if you're confused about the discussion thing, read my other scam post about Crazyhorse) 
Do you thing slvega was actually a new scammer, how do you suppose she got influenced?
My answer: I think she was a new scammer because she did a few things that a more "experienced" scammer wouldn't. Maybe she just wanted more rares and saw other people doing it?
Remember to put your answer down in the comments, and to share and report the scammer shown above :D 

Status: Unknown

Scammer Goldmine #31

Doing the trust scam

Doing the trust scam

Doing the trust scam

stay safe and report the jammers above for scamming. cya!

crazyhorse135 (Member)

Hello, Alpha here with my first scammer post! Ok, this jammer was advertising a giveaway for a porch swing at her den. But that sounds fine, except for the fact she also said it was a trust. It seemed pretty fishy, you can never be too safe though, so i checked it out. She had a porch swing inside her den, so at least there was a little proof (probably just her trying to give some reassurance, even though it isn't real), but when she came and the jammers arrived, it started to go "south"

Here's where she was mainly the whole time advertising, it's a little hard to see because of that owl.  I really thought that aj would "censor" that but, guess not... The other weird (in my opinion) part was none of her animals had items on them, they were all white, some had X eyes, it was suspicious. 

here's the porch swing in her den

Ahh yes, we all knew THIS was coming. I evacuated 6 people, although 3 jammers remained, they wouldn't budge! Also, it was at this point where she put some of her items on, weird...

There's a picture of her trade list. After 1 more jammer left, she decided to lock her den, probably going to a new server.

I didn't get a picture of the pop up that says, "The Den You Where In Has Been Locked" But here's a picture of the little den button shaded out. The reason it is shaded in the other picture is because I was in her den at the time. 

Status: 0 Harmed

REMEMBER: Always warn other jammers about scammer postings, and to report all jammers in scammer postings as well!

Also I had a little Idea, if it's ok with cerise, Scammer posts should be a bit more, interactive, and discussed! This way agents can think deeper about posts, and get involved :D

Question (comment your answer)- Why do you think Crazyhorse135 had animals that were all white with "X" eyes???
Here's my answer: Maybe cause' she wanted to look like she got hacked, or to look like a new jammer that doesn't know about scamming???

Member: mimi97292

HEYO!! first post, shadow here! again, like alpha said on her first post, our.. relationship with the society started out rocky. we caused all sorts of unwanted drama-- but were here to fix that. i apologize for my previous "boo-boos".

Anyway, on with the scammer: (this happened at wootmoo's den)

mimi97292 doing the trust trade scam

ummm that monkey in the corner though. XD
anyway, when I told her stop and began to warn people, she left.

Status: Unknown

Alpha Here!

     Hi guys, as the title says, Alpha Here! Most of you might not know me, but I have a kinda rough history I would say. (some of the older agents know what i'm talking about) But I can't wait to get to know everyone :DDD. I know about my past, and history is written in pen, but that's what whiteouts for :) If I don't know you that well or I don't know u that well(or you just want to x3) I'd love to know ya better ;)! Answer these questions if you don't know anything to say
Your fave:
Starbucks order (or another fast-food place)
weird fear:

Here's mine!

book Oh so many to choose from :D I love the warrior cats series, I recently finished the Matched series (its a trilogy) if you like si-fi, try it out :DDD
movie Guardians of the galaxy, Annie, and Mulan
color any shade of blue
food I like trying new things, I love any food I come across :3
band Nightcore isn't a band but it's EPIC!
youtuber Nigahiga iisuperwomanii Jenamarbles Nerdynummies
Starbucks order (or another fast-food place) Carmel frappachino with extra caramel and whipped cream, With a marble cake :D
Weird fear: Ok ik they're REALLLY WEIRD but here they are :3 Escalators, I LOVE elevators, but for a way to long to explain reason, escalators *shivers, twitches*, also this ones real weird, but Cheetos... Oh and scooters... Long story short, (belive it or not) I alrmost broke my arm off while riding one... I have a scar on my elbow :P, I don't mind it anymore, it's not that big.

THANK U SOO MUCH FOR READIN' AND SEE YA NEXT TIME :D (sorry it was a little long and possibly boring XD)

Lola17703 (Non-member)

This gal was doing a giveaway for her trade list at her den, and openly said it was trusting. It seems people don't really care about trusting anymore, which is sad.

She left before I could go, but judging by her achievements, she's probably someone's backup account.

Status: Unknown

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

All Agents Attention ....

Hey guys! This is for all the agents. I don't know if many of you noticed, but this is called SCAM WATCHER SOCIETY. Most agents have been posting about their lives. I understand if you are making an announcement for leaving for a while and not posting or like Cerise, making announcements for agents like recruits. But it's not really a ' scam watcher society ' if we're talking about your life. I mean, what does getting hacked with have anything to do with ANYTHING? Or sonic? or ... just stop plEase! If you're going to talk about drama, make the SWS DWS . DRAMA WATCHER SOCIETY..

no hate for any agents. i respect you all very equally and you guys are like my family! :) :) :)

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Elections + Trials

The elections have finished! Congrats to all our candidates, but Agent Silver is the new co-boss! Alpha and Dew are now department managers!

Hello everyone! Good news! Sadly, we have to hold trials for another agent. But the good news is, we're once again holding elections for a new co-boss!


Time - February 23rd, @ 4:00 PM AJSWS Time

Where - Cerise's den

Outcome: Agent Blue has been fired.


For the elections, this time, we're going to have some restrictions. Not everyone can apply to be a candidate, and the voting will be silent.

Time - February 23rd, @ whenever the trials end PM AJSWS Time

Where - Cerise's den


  • Must have caught a decent amount of scammers
  • Must have good leadership skills
  • Must have a clean record (no trials, records of scamming, etc.)
  • Must have good cooperation skills
  • Must be able to be mature when needed
Ask Cerise to apply or if you have any questions.

Scammer Goldmine #30

 Hey jammers!
Violet here with a goldmine post. Wow there are so many scammers these days in julian2's den!

Trust trading

Trust trading

 Trust trading

Trust trading 

Flash trading

Thats my goldmine on the posting rules it says 4-7 scammers posted so here is 5. I hope I did it right ive never done a goldmine before!
Thats all for today!
Remember to stay safe and away from scammers!

- Agent violet

Dear Everybody,

Saturday, 21 February 2015

It's About Time I've posted this...

Okay, Shiver here with some news I've been wanting to post in a week. It's about Paranorm, my once thought trusted friend. It all began when I was at his den. Theincrediblemouse, Para's nm backup, came in.

Para was talking about how much loyal Electro is than he. I was confused, so I asked him why. Para, on Theincrediblemouse, broke out in a story I will never forget.

As if this was shocking enough, I asked who the group of people was.

There wasn't a group, it was Paranorm who was knocking the agents down to become more powerful. Out of shock and confusion, I almost instantly knew who Para was. Watchoutcerise. I was sure of it, even though I had no evidence. Think about it, they talk the same, and Para may be using WOC to knock some agents down like he had wanted all along... He could be using Watchoutcerise to frame agents.
Anyway, Para went on, pleading I wouldn't tell Cerise the things he would tell me.

I'm sorry, but loyalty is more important...

Paranorm gave me the person he had been flashing with's username: wheniruled.

So apparently wheniruled has a main... I'd like to figure that out.
After the huge confession, I got logged out, and followed Theincrediblemouse to Cerise's den. I was shocked at what Para had told me, and needed to tell the SWS. 
I hope you all take great attention to this, and trust only your closest allies.