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Saturday, 29 November 2014

I'm not quitting... WHAAAT

You can keep your stuff, though.
Keep all the stuff I gave you, the one thing I need are my horns.

My fabulous hornssssss :o

I may continue to scam watch, but I'll mostly be here to try and make people happy.
Bye for now!

Puma5671 (member)

Do I need to say more?


Friday, 28 November 2014

Xxkirrlinexx + Aowsomewolf; The rudest slobs on AJ

Hey guys! Agent Shiver here with two rude slobs Cotton found on AJ. Cotton got a whole video of Xxkirllinexx bashing her about being a non member, but my film wasn't working so I took photos from the actual video. Anyways, the link to the actual vid is here:

So, if you don't wanna watch the video, I'll explain what was going on. So first, Cotton was in the Jamaa Township trolling on about Miley Cyrus and how she loves her. I do this all the time in Sarepia; I wouldn't be alarmed. Then, Xxkirrlinexx comes along and starts bashing Cotton about how she loves Miley and that she's making fun of her. Then, Xxkirrlinexx started a huge drama queen fight.

These are photos of the actual vid, so sorry if they're pixely!
Anyways, Xxkirrlinexx and her "boyfriend" Aowsomewolf showed up with Cotton at Kimbara. Cotton wanted me to back her up, so I asked what was happening and they said this to me…

They called me the "b" word. I told them, "You seem tense." And they stopped talking. Hah! Anyways, Xxkirrlinexx has a backup with a ton of spikes and a founder on it. I would consider her a hacking suspect or a scammer as well as a brat.

This is also footage of Cotton's vid… Kirrlline is her beta backup.
Anyways, Cotton got super mad at the people, and so I just logged off. I have nothing against Cotton, but she overreacted as well… Anyways, please report these people for being bullies, for bad language, and for being just plain inappropriate. Thanks!
-Agent Shiver

Thursday, 27 November 2014


Remember Shiver's post about being hacked? And about agent purple. Well. I was searching my buddies and followed this one buddy (fennekin100) She was all black, identical to WOC. I asked what she was being hacked, (i had nothing else to say) She ssaid nothing. All her animals were gone and she used to be really rare, her den was also empty. I sent her a JAG saying, "Whats happening?"I got this reply..

Ikr ... Crazy! Some people are freaking out about Fman.. I seriously DON'T believe in Fman.. Its the silliest thing I've ever heard.. Like Shiver said, people are getting hacked change your password. It may be someone whose a really good guesser.. I don't know.

Anyways, Happy Jamming! -Electro

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Fangangel Tracking

Hey guys! Agent Shiver here with some interesting information about jumbo550. I made a video, but the last couple minutes of it are me scrolling through the Daily Explorer to show you guys AJHQ  said themselves that they don't generate items and give it out to people. I eventually found it after my recording stopped…

Anyways, watch the recording and then scroll down to see some pictures…

So practically, Jumbo is claiming he is the new recruit, Agent Rockstar or, "Agent Freedom." Since he claims he is, he says he's in the SWS. I know for a fact Agent Rockstar, the new recruit, is NOT jumbo because the real Rockstar goes to Cerise's school. Jumbo doesn't know that, so is continuing to pose as Rockstar. I told him earlier to get on Rockstar's file, and he left… This doesn't mean Jumbo goes to Cerise's school, but means he's pretending he is the owner of Rockstar's file, AKA "Agent Freedom."
-Agent Shiver

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

I was hacked!

Hey guys, Agent Shiver here with some chilling news… I was hacked. Luckily, nothing too important was taken, other than my headdress and some diamonds (which were spent and recycled). I changed my password and locked my backups, but what struck me was that Agent Purple was hacked as well. Whoever's doing this might be aiming for the SWS, so I urge you all to change your passwords right now and look out for any suspicious behavior. Cya later and stay safe!
- Agent Shiver

Supperdaddy (Member)

Hello guys! I am back here and I will be on more since I have no school anymore! The scammer's name is SupperDaddy. You could also see it on her player card. 

This girl wanted people to trust for her outfit!
It's not even good!

She is also a bully.
Want proof?
Well she tried to bully me and here's the video :

Also, no one got harmed! Since I ran her off saying she's a scammer :l.

Status: No One Harmed

Monday, 24 November 2014

luckyarcticwolf534 (Member)

Hey jammers! 
I found this jammer scamming her user name is pretty long actually.
She was doing the gift me for my clothes scam.

Here she is doing the scam.
I asked her if she got a spike yet and she said no sooooo.

Status: Unknown

Agent violet!!

Word Fix

Hey jammer, Agent Purple here! Sorry I wasn't on for a while someone hacked my account and I couldn't change my password. Finally it worked today. But when I got on I  noticed my red worn was GONE! So if you guys have any spare red worn and want to give it to me that would be great! If not I will trade a pink one for a red! Have a nice day guys! Jam ON!

 That would help a lot thanks!

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Xxpuppie ( Non-Member )

Hello Jammers out there! I'm Paranorm, a new rookie of AJSWS. I just joined today!
So, let's start, shall we?

Ok, first of all, her name is xxpuppie, the title of this post contains it.
She's a non member..

This is by the video, by the way.
Want to see the way she is now?
If you do, well take a look!

This is her now, if you look it up!

, the trick she tried to use and worked was The Trust Trade Trick
Also, since I saw a arctic wolf 'get' a spike collar, I did it.
Pretty stupid of me, right?   I'm one of those people that actually risk their selves for other people.

If you need more proof/evidence, look at this video that I posted!

A suspect is also IndigoViolent123, I think... Why do I mention her as a suspect..?
It's because xxpuppie was at her den. I thought they were trading... Also, DONOT trust these people. Mostly xxpuppie. To be honest, I don't like the fact that Indigoviolent123 has ALOT of fans.
I'm at least happy that on one of her friend's video. Someone said she scammed a item of her/his.
This is my first post.. The next post is soon coming! Like tomorrow...

Status: 1+ Harmed

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Yep, more trials. Don't ask for who, don't ask why, it will all be explained at the trials Don't feel like typing up an extra long post.

Time - November 20th 4:00 PM AJSWS Time

Place - ShadowclawXX's den

That's all for now, Jammers! Stay safe and see you at the trials!

Fang Tracking

Hey Electro here!
I saw Fang and Jumbo on so of course I decided to go follow them. Right as I got to where they were (racingsky's den) Fang said she had to go. Later Jumbo told me she just didn't want to be around me.
Up Above is anitaswagger9832 saying that Fang is famous and that Fang is her BFF..
Above, racingsky is saying that their trusting. Earlier she was trusting with Fang, another friend of Fang's that I say we keep track of.
above is Racingsky's main. 
Major Rockyjoy is Jumbo telling me that Racingsky is a scammer and duchess is her main. Duchess says she would, "Never scammer" Sure..
Then duchess tells me that her sister (anitaswagger9832) is scared I'm gonna hack her...

^ racingsky's sister
I remember seeing this person trust with fang before..
a couple days later I look up racingsky..... and look what i find. 

Well, happy scam catching! -electro

Monday, 17 November 2014

Anti-Scmmer Mob

Hey jammers Agent Purple here, I was wondering around jamaa and I found a HUGE anti-scammer convention

It was pretty cool seeing all the jammers going against scamming. Just wanted to say this see ya guys.