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Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Today, I got an e-mail from our former rookie, Agent Leafy (VICTORYSCREECHxd), Telling me to tell all of you that she is leaving the SWS.
Because, we treated her horribly. I'm not even exaggerating, agents. We never included her enough, and, as she said, NOBODY ever let her post/posted about her scams. She had real potential, Agents, and We just trashed it. And we were so nice to all the other rookies. Wow, agents. We really need to step it up here.

Snowywo1ffy (Non-member)

Heya, Jammers! Just found a random scammer :T

I saw someone had made an offer to trade a fire pit, and when I checked, they were a NM with 4 achievements.
Here's some thingies that happened (gosh I don't really get the individual scammer layout)
Her den

Attempting a scam

She claimed her main account was suspended, and its username was snowywolfy

Does that look like a main member account? I don't think so :l

Status: No One Harmed

(Though I don't think she's gonna stop scamming.)
(Just realized that's a given. Derp.)

Sunday, 28 September 2014


Hello Everyone Electro Here....
This is very important and interesting news..
Im sorry none of us have pictures because, we never thought is was gonna turn out this way..
Watch out Cerise Jam a grammed Neon telling her to go to Zee's den. Neon told me, and I told Shiver and Brave. We all went to Zee's den and Surely Watchoutcerise was there. She said that she was a anonymous and she was recreating the watch out Cerise on her own (witch is believable in my opinion) We asked who she was and she said, "Im not going to tell you. you need to guess, if you get it right i'll tell you" We started guessing and the only hint she gave us was that she was a girl. We guessed all the agents and non-agents that we knew. (boy and girl) Finally we came down to the last 2.. Puma and Beta.. WatchoutCerise said somebody had guessed it right when we said Puma and Beta and then left. We were debating on whether it was Beta or Puma. Then i remembered and asked from past agents if Puma was a girl, they all said no. Witch gave us the one choice that it might be Beta. Is it really beta..? Or is she being framed? I think we all should look a little more into this.. -Electro

About Off-Topic Posts

Hullo everyone, Zee here with an announcement regarding off-topic posts. To keep drama to a minimum, ONLY SCAMMERS CAN BE POSTED. The only exception is if Cerise, a Co-Boss, or AJHQ is making a special announcement. Electro is also allowed to post her drawings, because it does not raise any problems.

EDIT;; If you are making signatures/drawings/etc. for the agents or someone else, please post them on the GRAPHICS PAGE. We have it there for a reason.

Also adding labels to all the posts


Saturday, 27 September 2014

What happened to Jumbo's achievements?

She got a long bow, but I remember her having many more achievements.. I'll keep an eye on her. I just thought it was worth mentioning. ovo

Regarding the Chat Room

Hey Jammers! Cerise here! This is just a message to everyone who uses the chat room on our site. 

First of all, a new chat room has been added. It will be used to hold meetings in which we talk about subjects that cannot be talked about on Animal Jam. This page will NOT be open to the public, and only those with a link can access it. Remember, this chat room ISN'T for sitting around and chatting with your friends. If you want to chat, use the main chat room, it's there for a reason.

Second of all, the rules are being enforced more. Many people have been swearing on the chat box. Well let me tell you something. THE RULES SAY NO SWEARING OR VULGAR LANGUAGE. I don't care if you are an agent or not, if you swear on the chat box or disrespect any of it's rules, you will be punished equally.

Finally, the rankings. Non-agents will be kept at the rank "guest". Agents will be kept at the rank "meber". Seniors/Council members will be kept at the rank "moderator" and I will be kept at the rank "owner". Seems simple enough, right?

That's all for now Jammers! Stay safe and happy Jamming!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

About berrytheprincess

Alright, as many of you may know, the comments on the post, berrytheprincess, have been full of hate. I'm thinking about deleting the whole post because its causing a lot of heart-ache for some people, impersonating (fem D:), and fights between random people who want to make us feel bad. I almost can predict this post will be the same thing in the comments; full of hatred and inappropriate language about so many wrong, wrong things. I hope you all understand that we should all power through the idiots out there who enjoy people who get sad, so don't let them be enjoyed by not getting sad. Go ahead and comment about your decision on if you want it deleted or not. Have fun, stay safe, and keep scam watching!
-Agent Shiver

300+ Pageviews Present - Animal Jam Scamming Similar to Real-Life Drugs?

Hi guys. I did this report on my main blog as a 300+ Pageviews present. You can read it here.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Berrytheprincess (member)

Alright, Agent Shiver here with yet ANOTHER scammer post! These things are never good, but its also good to inform and warn people about these scammers. So as you can see, we've got Berrytheprincess who was found saying, "Gift me spike I gift you my black." And she wants you to record too.

After a couple minutes of camping out, watching her, she left and someone said this…

Tough luck kid, its always the victim's fault :I
Welp, that about sums this post up, stay safe and have fun!
-Agent Shiver

Status: 1 Harmed

Pet379 (Member)

Hey Electro here!
Soooo I was in Jamaa, when a little, lying, scammer popped up!

"trade me a beta and u will get a worn no jk" Really think I was gonna believe that? I warned everybody, but did they listen..? Of course not..
I looked on her trade and surely there was a necklace on there.
I stayed and watched to see what she would do, and once again, someones worn got scammed..

Stay safe jammers! And remember, Be a Jammer NOT a Scammer! -Agent Electro

Status: 1 Harmed

princessdjt (member)

Hey guys! Agent Shiver here with a scammer Agent Delta, (our new rookie) has caught. 
So first I got a jamagram saying Delta caught a scammer. I went to where she was and we saw princessdjt dancing saying, "Trade me I never accept!"

She had a bunny hat on trade, and as we watched her, she logged off for a couple moments, and the bunny hat was gone, off her trade. (so many commas) 
Anyways, great job catching that scammer Delta!!
-Agent Shiver & Delta

Status: Harmed 1

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Themakerofanimaljam (Non-member)

I was in jamaa when I noticed this jammer! She was doing a trust the trust scam I think! And she only had one item on trade!

Here she is doing the trust trading scam! Looks like she hasn't gotten that far someone called her weird!

This was her trade just a necklace you can tell if a jammer is a scammer by if they only have a necklace on trade!

And in conclusion this is what I found of a scammer remember to report this jammer

Status: No One Harmed

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

iLegendary (member)

Hey guys! Agent Shiver here with a suspicious dude named iLegendary… I first saw him when I went with my buddy to Zios in Aldan, his trade list (vines, used to be in stores) doesn't look suspicious, but I saw this…

That doesn't mean they're beta if they aren't in store. I decided it wasn't a big deal until he started advertising something else, in his den...

The vines are certainly glitched, and they seem a bit more pixely than usual. I then came up with the theory that he's using one of those creepy add-ons, similar to the beta "skullys" glitch. For those of you who don't know what "skullys" are, listen up. They were once a beta item that were completely taken out of the game because they looked inappropriate on pandas, so you can't get them, and nobody has them… Also, skullys is actually spelt skullies, so this is certainly an add-on that may be the same as these vines…
Minty's Note: I made a gif of the weird vines.

 The way this is a scam is three reasons.
1: Add-ons hack Animal Jam, and aren't allowed (not sure if its an add-on)
2: You could trade 4 spikes, and get absolutely nothing in return (again not sure)
3: They aren't beta, so this is a major, major overtrade...
Welp, I hope we can all watch out for this creepy game adder dude (again not sure if add-on). Have fun!
-Agent Shiver

Status: Unknown

Note from Noggy, it's not. You can do that glitch by piling a ton of items in the same spot.

Scammer Goldmine #22

Minty here, this one is at 7's den. Sorry 'bout the fox one, I didn't catch his username. He left pretty quickly.

Doing the trust trade scam

Doing the flash trading scam

Doing the "send me ___ I send you ___" scam

Doing the trust trade scam

Unknown Username
Doing the flash trade scam

Dong the gift swap scam. The letters are fading, but she was saying "GIFT ME I CAN DO BETTER!"

That's all I found for now, watch out and Jam On!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Cerise Leaving

Hello again, It's the extremely active Agent Minty here, and I swear this is the last post tonight! Anywho, Cerise has to leave for a week, (until next Tuesday), for her Aunt's wedding, and won't be very active until then, if active at all.
     She has left me (Minty), Shiver, and Zee in charge. LOL WE CALL THE SHOTS NOW!
So, if Shiver, Zee, or I call a meeting or make an important post, treat it as if we are Cerisse. Meetings are to be held in the cavern at Cerise's den, per usual.

P.S. During the time I am gone, my den will be set to the HQ and it will be locked so that no strangers get into our meetings.

Have a good time while I am gone, the co-bosses will tell you about OPFAC (Operation Paws for a Cause) and take you out to get items!

Also, co-bosses, I am leaving it up to you guys to update the featured scammer every day.


yogurt446 (member)

Hey guys, It's Minty again! This girl was advertising for a "Founder Hat Giveaway" at her den. I didn't get pics of her advertising, but I knew right away that nobody would give away a FOUNDER.

When I got to her den, this happened.

Next, she put a Chomper Clam on trade. I traded some dumb, unwanted items for it, to see if she would accept. Turns out she did.

Then, after that, she locked her den and put the "scammed" (dumb, unwanted) items on her trade list.

Status: 1+ Harmed

Stay safe and Jam On!


I have 3 words:
Minty's back, Baby!

Scammer Goldmine #21

Was apparently doing the "best trust wins ___" scam. 

Doing the "best trust wins ___" scam. After I called him out as a scammer, he put the wings on trade and was trading fairly, but he may pose a threat.

Doing the trust trading scam

Doing the "best trust wins ___" scam

Doing the gift swap scam