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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Scammer Goldmine #19

Hey guys, Agent Shiver here with a scammer goldmine, coming from 7 and Wootmoo's dens. 

Trust me and get outfit scam

Trust me scam

Trust me and get outfit scam

Trust me you get __ scam

Best trust gets __ scam

Anyways, thats all for this goldmine, stay safe and jam on!
-Agent Shiver

Ideas for SWS teachers and my thoughts on Electro's trial...

Hello fellow Scam Watchers! Agent Shiver here after a glorious vacation! Thats right, I'm back and I have some ideas for the SWS teachers that would be helpful! First, I think it would be fun if the teachers could open up a notebook, or a word document and plan out a schedule. For example… We could make ourselves a calendar, and write what things we will be teaching and when on the days. We could also have information about our students, like their rank, their perks, and when they have classes.  Then of course we could research more into what we are teaching, and plan out a written lecture on that document. Now onto my thoughts on Electro's trials. I have 5 reasons why Electro shouldn't even have trials and should be kicked on the spot…

1) Electro has been caught scamming on the mel0nhead user
2) Electro is good friends with fangangel, her scamming buddy
3) Electro made a flippin' blog about scamming!!!
4) Electro is not only a backstabbing, lying, scammer, but a quite rude person who posts things like, "Cerise is a liar" on their blog…
5) Electro broke a promise to the co-boss of the SWS, Agent Zee

Well I hope thats all enough to convince the agents that Electro should not only be guilty, but watched…
-Agent Shiver


Saturday, 30 August 2014

Melonh3ad - Same as Mel0nhead?

Hey Jammers! Cerise here! I was investigating with some of the other agents yesterday when we came across this New Jammers by the name of "Melonh3ad". If you've been following our blog for awhile, you'll know who Mel0nhead is. If you don't, I suggest reading this post, this post, and this post. Anywho, moving on. We went to Melonh3ad's den. Strangely, her den was in French, meaning she had gone onto the parent dashboard linked to that account and changed her preferred to language to French.

Watch out for this gal. When we went to her den, she acted as if she didn't know who we were. She's gonna be slightly harder to track, because she's still a New Jammer.

heartoffire123 (Member)

So, she said "Founder code my den". LOL. Obvious scam.
Then I won because I was the rarest *Blue long everyone else was unrare*
So she took me to my den, and said its a "Glitch".
Heres what she said:

LOL. She said I was gonna get a FOUNDER and now black long? She's pretty rare, and i can see why. SCAM. Also, I hope she knows I love my blue spike and I'm NOT trading it for black long.
Also, i told her this was gonna be on AJSWS and she did the ol "Guilt trip" (BTW doesnt work on  me)

I laughed through it all. Guilt trips do NOT work on me, so dont even TRY. 

Status: No One Harmed

Stay safe jammers!

The world is just sick.

This is how cruel the world can be.

Well, after that, I found a couple suspects. Apparently they like to trust, and say it isn't a scam.
That jerk bullied me and called me "warty" (POEEEETICCC. REEEEAL POEEETICC....)

Said I probably scam, when which I said I was | this | close to scanning once, where the judgement started. Even if they aren't scammers, they're still jerks.
Okay, big news: Mel0nhead's scam school is now an invite-only blog. IDK how she'll get new people, or if she just isn't inviting.

That's all for now, folks! Stay on yer toes! -Noggy 

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Update on Alpha

Snakedog62, and exiled SWS member, said I scammed.
What a sad attempt, honestly. And she wouldn't say anything else.
I pity her.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

How to stay safe from scammers and hackers! (REALLY HELPFUL!)

Hey guys! Moustache1 here with a quick post! I was on my favorite blog:  Animaljam Whip!and i was reading some of her pages yadadada until i came across this..: Scammers and Hackers. I read it and thought: Hey! Maybe this will be helpful if more people knew bout this! Sooo.... yeah! Heres the link C:   Enjoy it, and HAPPEH JAMMIN'~ (Love ya all~)

Monday, 25 August 2014

SWS Academy Teachers

All the spots have been filled up, and this is what I got!

-Knowledge of the SWSRS - Agent Pink

-Knowledge of the website - Agent Eletro

-Knowledge of disguises and scam catching - Agent Shiver, Agent Fire, Agent Brave

-Types of scams - Agent Noggy

The AJHQ Scam

Electro here!
I was walking around in Burke for no real reason.. Then a New Jammer Bunny came up to me and said "In order of AJHQ i say u give me your spike"
Of course I said no and told her she wasn't AJHQ and if she was AJHQ she wouldn't be asking for my spike.
After that she went on about how shes gonna tell her boss and I will be banned.. LOL NICE TRY
Status: Harmed None

Sunday, 24 August 2014

lavagirl90205 (member)

 Hey guys! Moustache1 here, with my first postttt! Woohoo~, Anyway This girl (shown up above) Is doing the trust scam, obviously scam, Alot of people were trading her and it "looked" like she was saying no,
  1. Anyways, i would still watch out for her. Happy jammin'! HARMED: Unknown

SWS Academy Teacher Sign-Ups

Hello Jammers! Cerise here! So as most of you know, we recently started up the SWS Academy, a unit used to help train the rookies/interns that don't know what to do. We are currently in search of teachers to teach the rookies/interns certain skills for the society. We only have a few requirements:

-You are a senior agent/about to become a senior agent
-You fully understand the concept

Here are the subjects to be taught:

-Knowledge of the SWS Recovery Services - Agent Pink

-Knowledge of the website - OPEN

-Knowledge of disguises and scam catching - OPEN

-Types of scammers - Agent Noggy

If you'd like to sign up, see me on Animal Jam, or reply to this post.

That's all for now, Jammers! Stay safe and happy Jamming!

Watchoutcerise - Unknown

Hey guys! I got some pictures of this guy named Watchoutcerise, who I speculate to be Mel0n or Fang.
                          (SPOILER ALERT: He doesn't.)
               Evidence torwards you actually being her.
   Then how would you know about it? Move evidence...
                            I think this kinda proves it.
                           YEAAHHH bhfdrkjithrends

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Jammer8970114 (member)

Hey guys, Star here. Its been a long time, but i FINALLY found a scammer!
You know how julian2 quit? Well this girl was saying julian2 "scammed her fox hats" and she wanted someone to send :/
Julian NEVER scammed and we ALL know that. Also, HE QUIT. he cant just SCAM them. Well,
i just asked her, heres what she said
Hmm, if THE julian HIMSELF scammed you, i think you would know... i would.
Now heres the "SEND ME GIFTS" Part.
stay safe, jammers!

My Reports on Tracking Fangangel!

August 8th, 2014:
Fang went trading in Aldan. She got someone to trade her a long purple collar (fairly). She also asked me what my best items were.

August 9th, 2014:
She came to my den and said "Hi". I said hi back. The conversation doesn't have any important info on it. After that, AJ logged us off and updated.

August 10th, 2014:
We had yet another normal conversation so that I could gain her trust. She had two necklaces on her trade (jumbo550) and three spiked collars on sarapinky123. After that, she went to her friend's giveaway. I decided not to follow. After a while, she came back and told me she got a non-rare pink bow.

August 11th, 2014:
Trading fairly and normally.

August 20, 2014:
She asked me if 3 long collars was fair for a founder. I said I don't know, then my friend locked Fang out of her den.

Later, she was talking about talking to 7 or something. She was also hosting a trusting party, and invited me to trust her.

 I of course, said no. owo Then she was talking to everyone in the den. I didn't get a picture, but she told everyone to trust trade her.

August 22, 2014:

Went to xxnorth(something, forgot)xx's den.
Went to Icyspicy557's den.

August 23, 2014:
Went to Bahari Bay, then told me to go to her den (Jumbo550). We decided to help eachother collect the nm lionfish armor. (The things I do for SWS... XD)

acs73 (Member)

Hello everyone, this is Agent Melon here. Today I found a scammer in WootMoo's den. Her username is acs73. 

Ok, as you can see above, she is trying to get people to trust her. Luckily, no one trusted her and she left. She had a top hat on her animal for proof, but I don't think she would have just gave her top hat away. 
Here she has a trade list, a cheetah plushie. I'm very glad no one trusted her, but watch out for her in the future!

Status: No One Harmed

Friday, 22 August 2014

fangangel's little scammer.

Hello Fellow Jammers! Neonkittie here :D Look what I saw when I went to Fang's den! Apparentley she hangs with the scammer down below, who scammed "someone unknown."

Note: Snowflake Peachywolf is Fangangel.

Mel0nhead's Scamming Blog!

Tacocat is at it AGAIN.


Taco's a scammer


He's bullying someone in that video, and attempting to scam. Well, Taco, last time I checked, didn't YOU used to be a scammer?

My post on my blog:

Mel0nhead Tracking #1

Hello Jammers! Cerise here with another update on tracking Mel0nhead. So, Electro took me to Brady's Lab in Aldan. Sure enough, Mel0n was there, asking for people to bet with her.

When nobody was betting with her, she started pulling the old "I'm recording" trick.

Soon enough, a group of about 3 arctic wolves came running up to her, betting items like spiked wristbands. One of them said that she really didn't have a spiked collar, so Mel0nhead told them she would put it on trade as proof.

I waited for her to put it on trade. She suddenly said "there", indicating she had put it on her trade list, but immediately ran away after that. I checked her trade list, sure enough, there was still nothing on it.

After that, she buddied me.  I accepted, and followed Electro to Mel0n's den. When I got there, she asked me to turn into my snow leopard. I refused and told her I wouldn't until she told me why. She replied, saying she would just take the picture from the blog. Electro and I taunted her, asking what she was doing with the pictures, and made up funny suggestions, like "wanted" posters. After Electro refused to show her her own picture, Mel0nhead got mad at us and locked us out.

Littlepanda11234 (Non-member)

I was walking around in Jamaa Township when I saw this gal standing on the bridge to the left of Jamaa Township. She claimed to be giving away 10 diamond codes at her den. Smart idea, since the otters just came. There were necklaces on her trade, and I think we all know what that means.

So I went to her den to investigate. She buddied me the moment I came in. Then, as suspected, she said this:

After I confronted her, she immediately unbuddied me, locked the den, and ran off to attempt scamming again.

Status: Unknown

Thursday, 21 August 2014

See you until saturday august 30th!

Alright guys, I noticed a LOT of agents haven't noticed I'm leaving, so this is my LAST POST until Saturday August 30th, when I get back from my vacation. I'm going to go to bed so that I'll be refreshed when we get on the plane we're going on tomorrow, so please spread the news! BYE!!!
-Agent Shiver

Fangangel Tracking #7

Hello fellow scam watchers. Shiver here! I found some very interesting news along with Zee, Fire, Electro, and Minty today. First off, as soon as I logged on, I decided to go follow Zee and Electro to sarapinky123's den were she later locked us out. We all soon went to Electro's den where fangangel and mel0nhead were. A follower of fang came to Electro's den and started to ask me what was going on. I then convinced the fang follower to become an SWS follower and to unbuddy fang (I'm so proud of myself XD). After the drama, I got a funny picture of mel0nhead throwing a fit…

And a picture of fang angels unusually beta trade list…

Anyways, mel0nhead and fangangel soon left to the Jam Mart Clothing store where I saw her, mel0nhead, and a new character named lucky52972…

I don't know about you, but I feel like this could be one of fang's backups. How do I know? Right after fangangel's Planet Walls disappeared, they appeared on lucky's trade list. Not just that but she seems to be a very beta non-member who likes fang quite a lot. 

I even got a picture of them together. What could this all mean? Are fang, mel0n, and this new character lucky52972 all working together? About 10 minutes after, I went to sarapinky123's den. It turns out sarapinky123 is more rare than you think. She switched her den  times… Each den had different stuff in it. One den was empty, one looked normal, one had at least 10 cami's frogs, and the other was her "hacked" den… Fang is tricking us about how beta and rare she is, and did you know she has 9 porch swings?! One last thing… Remember that fangangel tracking #3?

 I finally found that arctic wolf jumbo was with! Her username is abbey929. 

Apparently she is good friends with fangangel… I sure did some hard work today, and I hope it pays off for the whole week I'll be gone on vacation! Have fun scam watching!

sarapinky123 and abbey929 together
-Agent Shiver