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Friday, 27 June 2014

Scammer Goldmine #5




ucantrustme (that username though xD)

Fangangel: The Entire Story

There has been a story revolving around Fangangel for a few months now. People have been asking me questions about her. Well, I'm here to sum it all up in one post. So here you go.

It all started back when I was recruiting people for the SWS in April. Fangangel came in and complained that she had been scammed. She said that she had lost her entire set of Phantom Armour. She accused sarapinky123, a wolf dressed entirely in phantom armour, of scamming it and her purple worn blanket. At the time, we fully believed her. But I was stilly a bit iffy about it. Because wherever Fang went, Major (sarapinky123) followed. It was like they were buddies.

A few weeks after this, we went to Fangangel's den. We asked if she had any info about Major. She said she didn't buddy him, but I still didn't believe her. And she casually said, as if it happened alot, that he had just scammed somebody.

So we went out for a bit to go track Major. While we were tracking, I went to Fangangel's den out of curiosity. I wasn't surprised when I saw her pulliing the "best trade wins" scam in her den WITH MAJOR AT HER SIDE.
 Note: Before this happened, I also found her scamming, but she didn't know I was watching her.

We didn't talk to each other for a long while. Until one day, a few weeks after, she said that Perrione had scammed her. We didn't believe her at first, but once we heard that Perrione had scammed other people before, we immediately went on the chase. It turned out that, like Major, Perrione was actually teamed with her. When we found him in his den, he didn't know we were looking for him and asked us to trust trade with him.

After this encounter, all 3 of them knew we were onto them. We did camp-outs in Perrione's den every once in awhile. And we never got any good info. Just recently, Fangangel came to us and said she had stopped scamming. I didn't believe her, but let her help us to start off. But she blew her last chance when she was caught trying to scam Agent Minty with the "give me your item and I can double it" scam. 

Just today, I found Fangangel trust trading in her den with a friend. I accused her of scamming, and she started complaining that she really had turned good. She tried to get her buddy to trust trade with her for proof that she wasn't a scammer.

After awhile, I caught her confessing a few things.

So it turns out that Major was actually her backup all along. And no wonder Major was sitting right beside them, not saying a word while Fang and her buddy trust traded.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Scammer Goldmine #4







britny125 (Member)

This guy was dancing in Appondale doing the "send me stuff I'm new" scam. I took note of her achievements; She had AT LEAST 60. She also had a membership. I asked her "if you're so new then why do you have so many achievments?". When I asked her, she did the crying emote and ran off.

Status: No One Harmed

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Monday, 23 June 2014

Scammer Goldmine #2









Sunday, 22 June 2014

We Met a Beta Tester!

Heyo Jammers! This post isn't about a scammer, but about a really awesome player from the BETA testing days! We got to hang out with him at Coral Canyons and have a party and play games with him at his den!

Silverfox3 + Spiralfire (Non-member)


Silverfox3 was saying 'spiked collar giveaway at my den'. I went to her den to see what was going on. I immediately doubted she had a spiked collar when I looked at her achievements.

Not only that, but she had 2 necklaces on her trade list, the obvious formula for the 'best trade wins' scam. Spiralfire was hopping around the den with 2 necklaces and 2 spiked collars on his trade list. He was boasting that he was going to trust her both of his spiked collars.

Just as I suspected, when Silver came back, she told us to trust trade her. Spiral was the only one who was doing it, and I noticed something weird happen. The necklace disappeared off Silver's trade list, and the blue spiked collar disappeared off Spiral's, meaning he had given her the spiked collar.

Then, when everyone started confronting them and complaining that they were the same person, Spiral started saying that he never had a spiked collar, even though he had 2 on his trade list earlier.

And just as I suspected, she locked her den.

Side note: Silver locked her den a few times while she was getting people, and I noticed that Spiral wasn't one of the people being teleported out, proving that the 2 of them were buddies.

Status: Unknown

Friday, 20 June 2014

luna6805 (Member)

This guy was in Jamaa Township saying 'go to my den for rare headdress'. This seemed suspicious, so I went to her den to check it out.
When I got there, she had no headdress on trade. She had a Sophia Statue from the Chamber of Knowledge. Just as I suspected, she said 'whoever trades the best wins it'

Some people traded, while the others started yelling at her and calling her a scam. While they were yelling at her, she claimed to be quitting AJ.

After the fight broke out, Luna got angry at us and locked her den.

Status: No One Harmed

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

1234sert49 (Member)

This guy was trying the decline all trades scam. After he realized we were watching him, he decided to try and throw us off and started saying "if you want my headdress go to my den". Obviously, I went.

At first, when we got there, he was telling us to trust trade him. But after he realized that we were still watching, he put the headdress on trade and told us to actually trade our offers.

Status: Unknown