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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Animal6051 (Member)

I found somebody doing a giveaway at their den. I went to check it out (In the end, the giveaway wasn't a scam. It's all fine). I found Animal6051 dancing in the den, saying 'send me good get a fox hat'. From the looks of it, nobody got scammed. But she was attempting a scam. What she would really do is run off when you sent her something good, leaving you without your item, and the fox hat.

Status: No One Harmed

Monday, 28 April 2014

Hanhan6 (Member)

Hanhan6 was dancing in Jamaa Township, saying 'first one to gift me a rare gets a prize'. She continued shouting this for awhile, then later I found two people yelling at her because she didn't give them a prize.

One of them was whining, saying 'give me back my pirate sword'. Then she started defending herself and playing innocent, saying 'you didn't send me a sword'.

Status: 2+ Harmed

Saturday, 26 April 2014

ilovecat07661 (Member)

Ilovecat07662 was dancing in Jamaa Township, saying 'if you want rare claw go to my den everyone gets 1'. This seemed like a scam, so I went to check it out. Lots of people were there, chatting about how it was probably a scam.

When she came back to her den, she quieted everyone down. She told everyone that if they wanted the claw they would have to send her stuff ('send me gift i send claw back').

Everyone was excited to get a claw, so they immediately started sending. Afterward, she locked her den and ran off.
I went to go do some other things at my den, and when I was getting people, she showed up and said 'some people I scammed are here 0.0'

Status: 10+ Harmed

Skittlezandrainbowz (Member)

Skittlezandrainbowz was dancing in Jamaa Township, saying 'if you want a membership go to my den'. I went to check it out. I was the only one there, surprisingly.

I asked him what I had to do to get the membership. He told me he needed my password (Now, this isn't a scam as much as it is a hack. But it still calls for a post). I told him I was making a post about him and left.


Here I found her again, saying 'send me a good rare and I send good back'. She stopped as soon as she overheard me talking about my affiliation with the SWS, and started doing a 'send me gifts I give a shoutout' instead.

Somebody known as Peaceandmusic24 said Skittlez was 'epic' and asked her to buddy her. That seemed suspicious.

Status Unknown

Friday, 25 April 2014

Joeybentrim (Member)

(Post by Agent Zee)

Joeybentrim was dancing in Jamaa Township, saying 'send me gifts 30th gift wins headdress'. Once he had 30 gifts, he announced the winner and left. I thought the headdress had been given, but I was proven wrong when I overheard some of the giveaway's participants complaining.

[ No photo available :'( ]

After he left, he came back several other times, but didn't attempt a scam. Instead, he said 'send me unwanted rares and goods'. He didn't promise to give anything in return, therefore it wasn't a scam for sure. He must've overheard me talking about my affiliation with the Scam Watchers Society and got scared that he was going to get caught.

Status: 1+ Harmed

Prfpower (Member)

Prfpower was in Jamaa Township, saying 'if you want my items go to my den i'm quitting'. I went to check it out. Lots of people were there. When she came back, she told us to send her rares and that the best rare would win her headdress. This is a scam, because if she was quitting, she wouldn't need or want the rares.

Afterward, she locked her den and ran off. Everyone who sent her stuff was crowding around me in Coral Canyons. 5 minutes later, she came back saying she would send the stuff back. So she did. Nobody got scammed in the end, but she is still a suspect.

Status: 7+ Harmed

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Pineapplesandpeanutbutter (Non-member)

Pineapplesandpeanutbutter was dancing in somebody's den, saying 'trade me good and get my headdress or party hat'. I noticed he had a plushie on trade, and 3 achievements. He probably didn't have either. After awhile, he ran off, probably going to find an area where people would actually fall for his trick.

What he would really do was wait until he got a trade he liked, accept and run off, leaving you without your item and without your headdress or 
party hat.

Status: No One Harmed

Sunday, 20 April 2014

1006cutekitten (Member)

1006cutekitten was dancing in Jamaa Township with a necklace on trade. She was saying 'trade me good and I give you arctic wolf code'. I knew that the arctic wolf codes only worked once and that this was a scam. Somebody traded her a rare item monday, and she accepted. Then she said 'the code is..' then she typed random letters and numbers into the keyboard and ran off.

 Here I found her again in Crystal Sands an hour later, doing the same scam but with a diamond code. She ran away as soon as she saw me.

Status: 1 Harmed

2002juju (Member)

2002juju was dancing in Jamaa Township, saying 'if you want my headdress go to my den, no scam'. It probably was a scam, if he has to say 'not a scam' to get people to come.

So I went to his den to check it out. When he came back, he put a grey mat on trade and told us that we had to trade our offers. Everyone in the den immediately called him a scammer and refused to trade. 

Then everyone wanted proof that he had the headdress and told him to put it on. He said he didn't want to put it on because it was pink. Then the other people at the den told him to put it on trade, but he kept saying 'its not a scan i promise', as if he had not seen their chat.

After while, he got mad at us and kicked us out.

Status: Unknown

Eyeballwizard (Member)

Eyeballwizard was trying the decline all trades scam. He danced in Jamaa Township, saying 'I SAY NO TO ALL TRADES, TRY ME'. From the looks of it, nobody had the guts to try. Therefore nobody got scammed. But he was attempting a scam and that is what counts.

Status: No One Harmed

Tiger21206isawesome (Non-member)

Tiger21206isawesome was dancing in Mt Shiveer, saying "trust me I'm recording". I doubt she was recording. It is a trick to lure Jammers into trust-trading her because they would want to be in a video. Then they would keep the trade up for longer because they were on video, and that would give her  enough time to accept and run off.

Status: No One Harmed

Xxgalaxiez (Non-member)

Xxgalaxiez was dancing in Kimbara Outback, saying 'if you want my spiked wristband go to my den'. I went to her den and noted that she had the spiked wristband on trade. Then I looked at her achievements. She had 9. That was odd. My immediate thought was that she was a scammer, or a rare person/scammer's other account. When she came into her den, she put a blue cheese hat on her trade list. She started telling us to trade our offers and that the best offer wins the spiked wristband.

The only person who was trading her was lionss123, and they seemed to know each other. I was thinking that lionss123 was either her real account, or partner in scamming.

Status: Unknown

Tater262728 (Member)

Tater262728 was advertising for a spiked collar give-away at her den. Zeekitty and I went to check it out. She put a yellow koala plushie on trade and said that the best trade won the spiked collar. My thought was that she wait until she got a trade she really wanted, then accept and run off. And I was right.

Only one person (who claimed to be quitting AJ, therefore not worrying if she got scammed) had the guts to trade. But at the end, tater262728 accepted the trade, locked her den and ran off.

Status: 1 Harmed

Gymnasticsrocks089 (Non-member)

Gymnasticsrocks089 was hopping in Crystal Sands, saying 'non-rare headdress give-away at my den'. This seemed fishy, so I went to check it out. As proof she had the headdress, she put it on trade. It was dark pink. After that, she took it off trade and replaced it with a red seal plushie.

Just as I suspected, she told people to trade their offer. My thought was that she would decline for most of the trades, and when she got one she really wanted, she would accept and run off.

Status: Unknown

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Reiforeva (Member)

Reiforeva was trotting around Jamaa Township, saying 'send me unwanted headdress or unwanted items for an epic awesome prize'. What I suspected would happen is that she would do a send and run. You would send her the item she wanted, and she would run away, leaving you without your item or your prize. 

After I confronted her, she started whining, saying that she wasn't scamming. So I told her to just use the trading system, or she wouldn't get the headdress she wanted. But she did the sad emote and didn't answer to anything I said after that, playing innocent as if she hadn't 

seen my chat.

Status: No One Harmed

capuljan123 (Non-member)

Capuljan123 was in Coral Canyons without any accessories on. He begged for people to give him rares because he was poor. However, I confronted him for scamming because he was wearing a Rare Bow and Arrow on his wolf. As soon as I confronted him, he ran off.

Status: No One Harmed