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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

sparky88888 (Non-member)

The events of this post occurred on January 14, 2018 at approximately 12:58 PM PST

Pixyl here, with a trust trade scammer. I was in Jamaa Township when I spotted sparky88888 advertising a giveaway for their list, which included three rare spikes, two party hats, a tiki mask, and a raccoon tail. I went to their den to see how this would play out.



When the “giveaway” began, they confirmed that the contest was trust trading (“you accept everything then at last thing i decline”). They put a couple of lower value items on trade, and let the scam begin.


A couple people tried to trade, but apparently none of their items were good enough to get scammed, because nothing got accepted for quite a while. Eventually, the scammer got into a bit of a fight with the other people in the den (“if you think ima scam then leave”, “hi sir can you plz leave”, “I DONT WANT ANYTHING”, “UGH”).


I got extremely bored watching everyone else screaming, so I traded a couple of diamond spikes for their mustache. They promptly accepted and locked us out.


Please report them for scamming.

Verdict: Confirmed Scammer


  1. hello. my username is muffbun, on aj. well, i saw a scam. someone... a new jammer... was caught scamming by me. they scammed me of my grren long.

    1. sorry to hear that, but we can't do anything about a scammer with no evidence