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Friday, 5 January 2018

pokemonk (Member)

The events of this post occurred on January 3rd, 2018 at approximately 8:00 PM PST

Hello, Dan here. This post was written by Agent Closhy, one of our rookies. The rest of this post is what she has written.
Today I logged in as normal, and spawned in Coral Canyons. I saw someone saying “Report pokemonk for scamming my yellow long!” I tried to go to pokemonk’s den to investigate, but it was locked. I eventually got into their den, but got locked out as soon as they saw me, and I had guessed someone had gotten scammed. I tried again, and I immediately got into their den.

They were in the middle of explaining the rules of some game, so I assume they were doing another giveaway. The rules were basically just them telling us that it was a trust, although they wouldn’t admit it. I then confronted pokemonk, and asked them why they couldn't just use the trading system. All they said in response was "good". Me and princessfox1358, the other person in the den, were incredibly confused. I then asked them multiple times why they had said that, and each time pokemonk just responded “good.”

It got tiring quickly, so I started interrogating them about how they had scammed my friend (the stranger in Coral Canyons). They proceeded to play dumb and acted like they had no idea what I was talking about. They even admitted that they had scammed a yellow spike, which isn't a very wise decision to make.

After I asked pokemonk why they couldn’t use the normal trade system, I saw princessfox1358’s red long collar disappear off their neck, and we got locked out. I then kept going into their den whenever it was unlocked and I kept screaming “WHY DID YOU SCAM MY FRIEND’S RED LONG!” They ignored me and continued to pretend they had no idea what was going on. They then locked everyone out. I went back again, and I told them they had scammed my friend’s red long and they responded, “No I scammed a yellow long.”

They then started laughing at me, apparently thinking that they were smarter than me, and said there was no way they could get their stuff back. I told them that I was part of the Animal Jam Scam Watchers Society and they tried to strike a deal with me, in order to not be on the site. I told them if they gave everything they scammed, they would not be on the site. They asked me if they gifted me the “red long” and I gifted them my diamond spiked collar after if they would be on the site. I said no, playing along, as that wasn’t the only thing they had scammed.
They told me they would send first, but I couldn’t look until I gifted them as it they said it was a “glitch.” They gifted me, and I looked at the gift, but it was a fancy top hat, not a red long spiked collar. I told them that they had gifted me a fancy top hat and they said it was another “glitch.”

After that, they locked me out.

In the end there were at least two victims, but many more are suspected as for the whole hour and a half they were playing, it was spent scamming and attempting to scam. The only known victim is princessfox1358.
Please report them for scamming.

Verdict: Confirmed Scammer


  1. Oop, when I said "wanna deal?" It was me responding to them from when they had asked for a deal, but it's not in the chat history because I refreshed. Thanks a lot AJ :T

    1. That happened to me yesterday. A scammer had said something, and I didn't have time to screenshot it. I tried to find it in the chat history, but everything had been cleared. I was like, why do u do dis to me AJ?! DX