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Saturday, 6 January 2018

logangforlife65 (Member)

The events of this post occurred on January 5th, 2018 at approximately 4:00 PM PST

It's Electro again and here I am with another scammer. Agent Closhy and I were out scam catching when I came upon logangforlife65 (wonder if they regret their choice of username now...) advertising the giveaway scam ("pink short giveaway my den!!!!!"). I quickly alerted her and she joined me to go check it out.

I joined them in their den and only Closhy and I were there. Very soon after the scammer arrived, despite there being only two people, and said, "you trade me your best item you got and you might win".

After this, Closhy and I decided to confront them. In the picture below you'll see me asking, "Wouldn't that be considered scamming?" And them replying, "no ill trade you your item back". Clearly, they implied that they wanted me to accept the trade, give them my best item, and they would trade it back.

In the picture above Closhy is asking, "Yeah how do we know you won't scam us?" And them replying "i wont SCAM!!!" We continued to ask things such as why they couldnt make it a regular contest or why we had to accept the trade, but they just ignored the questions. 

Meanwhile, they got quite frustrated and locked both Closhy and I out of the den.
Please report them for scamming.

Verdict: Attempted Scamming

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  1. That person also got really mad at me when I came back to their den and told others they were a scammmer.