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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

bayabaytt (Non-member) + namecarlie (Non-member)

The events of this post occured on January 1st, 2018 at approximately 1:00 PM PST

Hey, it’s Electro here with this not-so-clever scammer, a bully, and long post following it. I had just logged on and found a "special surprise" in Jamaa Township, which was bayabaytt claiming that she was having a membership card giveaway (“MEMBERSHIP CARD AT MY DEN! NONMEMBERS ONLY”)

Here, one of the bystanders is asking “so are we gonna get membership” and the scammer is replying with “i only have one code”.

In these three pictures you will see bayabaytt saying that whoever trades the best gets the membership ("and it goes to the best trade") with a tie on her trade list. 
In the second picture you will see namecarlie automatically, with no hesitation, offering to trade her spiked collar ("ok imma trd rare spike"). 
Finally, in the third picture you will see namecarlie once again asking if they are supposed to accept the trade. After bayabaytt claimed that accepting was the only way to enter, namecarlie proceeded to trade them. 

Afterwards, I confronted them and asked them why it couldn't be a contest and why we had to accept it. She continued to ignore both these questions until I stated, "you might accept, and scam us". bayabaytt then replied with "oh no i'm not scamming i swear" along with namecarlie still backing her up ("i trust").

I then told them I was taking screenshots and that I was going to post them on the society's website. Immediately after that they looked it up and started mocking it and making remarks towards it ("its hilarious", "ur not famous").

It really just dragged on as they followed me into my den and threatened to lie about me and to send people to attack me ("ill say ur a fake n ur user in jamaa", "n there are gonna be many bad comments about u n also .."). After this I got sick of them and just locked them both out.
Please report them for scamming and bullying

namecarlie later confronted me in my den and pointed out this post. Dan joined me to try and explain to them what was going on. They were claiming I made a false allegation and that they weren't scamming.  That is true, and we offered to change their charge to bullying considering they was threatening me openly during the whole ordeal. When we asked them if that's what they wanted, they started yelling at us and called us bullies, and then started threatening us again. Needless to say, they weren't being very progressive.

Please report them for bullying

Verdict: Attempted Scamming


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  2. lol u locked us out then why did u buddy both of us. I guess u like scammers

    1. I legitimately can't tell if this is just a troll comment, or legitimate criticism. But, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, and answer your comment in a manner I would hope any criticism posted here in this context would be answered.

      A little background on me first, I was highly active in the scam catching community from December of 2012 until July of 2016. I've played a backseat role in it since, spare a few periods of hiatus.

      Let me tell you this, in my 4 years of catching scammers, I learned in the very beginning to buddy the scammer being engaged. There are a number of reasons for this. Personally, my main reason was to put to use a certain tactic, though admittedly I don't see that tactic being used here. The next reason is simply that if anybody else at the scene tries to put an end to the scam in a not-so-subtle manner, and the scammer tries to lock that person out of the den, you don't want to be swept up in it. The next reason why a scam catcher might buddy the scammer during the the scene is simply to extend some false sense of trust to the scammer. And, the last reason I can think of is that many people such as myself have buttons on their mouses that move back and forth between pages on your internet browser. If you accidentally click one, which is very easy to do, trust me, you will cause Animal Jam to refresh, and to find out the scammers username, you'll need to pull up your file names from the screenshots, and find the username of the scammer so that you can reengage them. This takes time. Time that the scammer could be acting during. It is much more efficient to simply buddy the scammer so that if this happens, you can just pull them up on your buddy list, and go to their den. I legitimately hope this reply more than thoroughly answers your question.

      -Council Member Anar