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Saturday, 25 November 2017

Reesesthecat (Non-member)

The events of this post occurred on November 25th, 2017 at approximately 6:21 PM PST

Hey all, it's Dan here. Today we have a scammer that one of our newer agents alerted me to - Reesesthecat. They were sitting in their den, trying to get the few other people there to trust trade them.

I asked them why they were trusting and what exactly they were expecting to achieve, and their only response was simply "idk im just bored"

I continued to question and we just went in this vicious cycle for awhile where they wouldn't give any other reason for what they were doing aside from the fact they were bored. They denied being a scammer when I asked why they were scamming, but made no additional effort to explain why. A little later, they said they weren't going to scam the people trusting them and were, in fact, going to give back the items they accepted ("i was not going to scam them i was going to give it back", "trusting is when you make an over trade accept it get it and give back", "get you facts straight please").

They said this defiantly, as if they had just destroyed my entire argument, but they were just digging a bigger hole for themselves, since that is the textbook definition of what scamming on AJ is. I tried to explain this to them but we went right back to square one with the whole "idk im just bored" thing. Someone else in the den, who had remained silent the entire time, spoke up and told them to put a black long spiked collar they supposedly had on their trade list ("but the black long on trade for proof"). This indicates they may have advertised this as a black spike giveaway and only changed their mind when I got here, but there's no other evidence so don't quote me on that.

After this, they locked me, and presumably everyone else, out of the den.
Please report them for scamming.

Verdict: Attempted Scamming


  1. Hello! I really appreciate what you do. Could I become an agent. I already have video proof of a scammer (friday1999) please get back to me at or my aj username, sja817

    1. please submit an application through the joining page, and we'll consider letting you on the team

  2. hijacking this post to comment. how can i contact victory? i'm an old friend of hers and i logged onto aj today bc why not; saw her online and would like to talk to her again.