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Monday, 20 November 2017

jonathan88 (Non-member)

The events of this post occurred on November 20th, 2017 at approximately 6:15 PM PST

Hey guys, Pixyl here again. Today we have a trust trader. This scammer was extremely uncooperative, which is always fun to deal with. They started out by advertising that if you traded them rares for a bad item, they would trade you back their first birthday cake.

They did actually have the birthday cake, which kind of surprised me. I asked them what kind of rares they wanted, and they said it didn't matter. I then tried to trade two Rare Item Mondays directly for the cake, but they declined and went to another world. I tracked them through multiple other worlds, trying to back them into a corner, but they were determined to ignore me. I finally gave in and traded the rares for the tie. They accepted, of course, then left again.

I tracked them one last time to see what they were doing, and they had immediately gone to another Jamaa Township and started the same scam again. Please report them for scamming.

Verdict: Confirmed Scammer

> Agent Pixyl <

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  1. I've seen this same person before but when i tried to screenshot them they left Possibly other people seen them scamming too i suppose i Would like to know how long they've been keeping this up