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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Yesterday and the Future

Hello agents and viewers. As you all know, yesterday was the society's 3rd birthday party. Thank you to everyone who attended, as we had to announce some big news for the society. The society will, afer 3 years of service, be closing its doors. Whether it be permanently or just for awhile, we simply cannot continue to support the society right now.
When we announced this at the party, we had some people who wanted to help dig the society out of this metaphorical ditch by finding new members or even advertising on their YouTube channels or websites, likely because they simply didn't understand why the society was closing. We unfortunately even had one person who started insulting us and called us selfish for wishing to close the society. If you were one of these people or you share a similar mindset, please take a moment to read this handy-dandy explanation as to why the society is closing.

This society was created to stop scammers and to help people. However, we have a very small amount of agents who are active, and even fewer are capable of doing their jobs, let alone willing. We only have 2 active council members, which isn't enough to lead a society. Recruiting has been a failure and any of the rookies we seem to pick up from it either don't do work or leave within a week. These factors combined means that next to no work is being done, which defeats the purpose of the society. At the moment, the society only seems to be a source of stress for anyone working, and this is the polar opposite of what its intended function was.
If you still think we are selfish for deciding to close the society out of concern for our agents' mental health, then I hate to say that you are the selfish one for wanting us to continue in poor working conditions solely for the pleasure of others.

On a happier note, this society has also done many good things. Scam catching aside, many wonderful friendships and relationships have been formed through this society. I've met many friends during my time here who I will keep in my heart forever, and I'm sure that many of the other agents could say the same.

So I suppose this is goodbye for now. Until the society ever gets rebooted, presumably under new rules, this website will remain in archive mode, meaning it will not be updated but it will stay live. The chat rooms will remain active and moderated, just don't come on expecting us to help you with any scammers. Please note that the original owner (Mod Cerise)  retains ownershipofr the society and she is the only one who has the privilege to reactivate it. If you see anybody claiming that the society is opening again or that they will be rebooting the society themselves and the message does not come directly from the blog, it is a lie.
If you were an active follower of this blog and wish to receive an update for when it gets rebooted, you can follow the blog by inputting your email address on the follow widget located on the left sidebar of the blog. If you are an agent who wishes to continue the dream of scam catching, we have plans for you as well. Speak to a council member if you would like to know more.

Thank you all for your continued support through these 3 great years, we'll see you next time.

-Mod Cerise


  1. Aww it's sad to see the society go. Maybe it's for the best though:')

  2. It is the nature of these things, isn't it. You either start a society and it fails within a month because it was too much work, or it cancels eventually because nobody is doing it anymore. Seen a lot of both while browsing anti-scam societies.

  3. Whether this is a temporary goodbye or permanent, I'd like to thank you for everything you have done. The society started out as a small group in Cerise's den but look, 3 years later and theres a blog, fans, and friends that love this society. You have done so much to help the community. And to anyone who thinks the society is being selfish for closing, just remember everything is impermanent. They went through having to deal with people like Pink, Blue, WOC, & so many more. Theyve chosen to care more about there mental health than a blog. And whatever happens, I'm behind the society 100%. It has been a pleasure getting to know everyone in the society. And as Albert Einstein once said "Never give up on what on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts." -Akmlynx

  4. Wow. I'm truly going to miss the society if you decide to close it for good. I remember when I first found this blog and I knew that I immediately wanted to join, and then a few months later, it happened! It was like a dream come true for me. Time passed, and soon I found myself making friends with the agents that I idolized, and making my way up the ranks until I was voted a moderator, then I was a council member. I got to meet so many amazing people, like Cerise, Beta, Taco, and everyone else who gave me so much support...and then I decided to quit. I was slowly slipping out of the Animal Jam community, and I felt like there was no point for me to be in a society about a game I didn't even play anymore.

    However, I will always remember you all as my aj family. Always <333

    -agent avie

  5. Hey Cerise!
    It's former agent Pie. ( pie99909 ) I quit under pressure. I was two young to understand how things worked. However, I am older now, and I wish to reconnect with the society. Even though it is closed. If you wish to contact me through Animal Jam my user is Dianthas. Thank you for your time and effort.
    - Former Agent Pie