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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Lpspopstarbackup (Member)

Feathers here with another scammer I caught on December 30th.  (Credits to manuel26 for unintentionally helping me!) 

Her list was all of the spikes she owned (I'm assuming,) some better than others 

So naturally, I went to her den and then she attempted to do an obvious scam. (She's Mythical Fastpaw, Handsome is just some dude that came along for the give away) 

And then she takes all her stuff off and replaces it with an item you can easily buy in stores. 

We start trading her, and when we don't accept for obvious reasons:

And then, manuel26 helped get me proof: 

So, I buddy her. (I don't trust her.) manuel, again helps me out. 

Sure you will. Anyhow, just to confirm, I sent her a decent trade. Of course, she accepted. 

No, you didn't. ಥ_ಥ

When asked what the prize is, this was her response. 

And then when I told her I was a member of the AJSWS and that she was being constantly screen shotted- 

I didn't get a picture of this, but I was actually manuel who had the party hat. I'm pretty sure she isn't manuel. 

Sure you were. Anyways, she wanted to know the AJSWS website, and when I couldn't tell her, she locked me out.

Status: No One Harmed


  1. Nice blog! I'm Gfox0 by the way! All my friends call me Gfox or Fox though! You can call me that if you want! And also, I'm glad to see an scammer watch animal jam blog STILL active! Woo hoo! Good for you' *hands badge with 'congratulations' on it*

    1. That's a shame because this was a great blog!

    2. Our leader, Cerise, retired in August, and since then, there has been a lot of drama and stress. A lot of a folks are moving into high school, and when they do, they tend to retire or become drastically less active. I suspect that if we continue, we may go into a downward spiral until we get some new ideas going that work, or until we die again.

  2. Help, i've been hacked, i don't know who hacked me but check my google plus post about it and who is responsible will be reported to ajhq


    1. I'm willing to help you

    2. UPDATE: I changed my password so it will never happen again

  3. I saw the note on the joining page. I guess this is it. Goodbye SWS. RIP 2014~2017.

  4. here is tip!
    if someone was REALLY quiting AJ then most of the time they would just quit and not bother,
    other times, (i'll do this when I quit,)
    if they were really quiting they wuodl just give their stuff away, for nothing, there not going to use it, why charge for it???
    *King Tough Bunny

  5. im buddies with her she seems nice,and this was probably somebody else doing it

  6. This is amazing, I love that you people care about the impact of scamming. You care so much you make a huge blog. Keep up the good work! I'm so proud of your work.


  7. How can i join aj scammer watch?

  8. I’m Lpspopstarbackup, I’m really sorry for scamming. I’ve realize scamming was not a good thing. I got a 3 day suspension. I’ve lost interest in animal jam. I don’t scam anymore. I learned my lesson from it, thank you for making me learn my lesson that we don’t need scammers in the AJ community. Sense I don’t really play animal jam anymore, can you please delete this? I’d also like to join the scammer watch.

    1. Thank you for speaking up. It's unlikely that we will remove the post though, since we don't do it for anyone else. Also, I don't really know why you'd be interested in joining the society if you do not play AJ anymore.