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Monday, 5 December 2016

marisahisthebest8 (Member)

Hello. This is Flint with a strange being. Found them December 5.

I had my orange party hat on trade, and they sent me this.
Everything wrong with it:
-Why would I gift you my party hat?
-You are not famous
-You don't even know me, how am I your idol?


Also, I know they said 'New Year Party Hat', but that is a normal one. Here is a picture I found off Google Images.

Image result for animal jam new year party hat

They went on my jammer wall and said 'gift me it' again. I tried to maneuver them into saying something stupid, but all I got was this.
By the way, I asked him if what he gifted back would be worth something, and he stopped talking.

I went to my den, and they started it up again.



Then they said this.
Why should I gift you just because it's your birthday? I don't really care.


Our conversation!
Captain is me, Victory is the strange person.


Then a bunch of random non-members showed up and said 'Happy Birthday' to her.
I suspect these are her alts.
If this was real, why would you show up EXACTLY when she needed them and RANDOMLY say 'Happy Birthday!'? That seems unlikely.


A picture of the random alts that showed up.

She used it as 'proof' it was her birthday.

I said I would not give free good stuff to some random person.

They then said 'GTG' and logged off. One of the alts remained, and I told the alt that they weren't a real person, I have no idea why, but anyways.

Report them for scamming.
And in case you were wondering 'What scam is this?' it is a birthday scam that I feel I have reasonable proof of. The proof is the alts showing up to confirm her.

Status: No One Harmed


  1. thats weird

    also 'what on earth'

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