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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Livingpie (Member)

Hello everyone! Fox here with another person being mean to little kids! Yay!
So I was giving my first try at baiting scammers, and I found this one within 2 minutes of advertising.
This person also showed up, but they wouldn't talk besides saying "I can", so I locked them out.

So back to Livingpie, they wanted to get down to business:

Thank you for splitting up your sentences. It's really nice.

I asked them if I could trade a "test item" (aka a store item). Apparently not.

Oh yes, wouldn't want to waste your amazing hacking skillz.

I tried to trade them, and they rejected. What.

They then got impatient:


Riiight... I'm wasting my time just talking to you. Anyways. I traded them some rares that I won from the daily spin.

They left my den, unbuddied me, and logged off. 

I'll be looking into the other person I mentioned at the beginning, to see if I can get proof of them scamming.

Report Livingpie for scamming. 

Status: No One Harmed


  1. It's kinda funny how the Users are " LivingPIE " And " Whipcream"

  2. That's pretty ironic. But scamming is always a serious matter, even if they we're just from the daily spin. I love your guys's work. Its very impressive! Keep it up, Avengers!