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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

hiimmaddie2 (Non-member)

Hello everyone, Pixyl here with another scammer, finally.

Anyways. This one is quite an obvious scam, but I went ahead and traded a worthless RIMs. As soon as I traded, they ran off. Of course, me being me, I totally forgot to figure out their username. Luckily, I was able to track them down, and caught them in Jamaa Township of another server.

I attempted to accuse them, but somebody else traded them some items. They ran off again, but not before I got their username.

I actually ended up working with the other person who got scammed in order to try and find them again, but we never did. They're obviously still a New Jammer, but their username will probably be approved in a few days. When it is, report them for scamming.

Status: 2+ Harmed

~ Agent Pixyl ~


  1. Whoa, how do you get their username when they're still a "New Jammer"?

    1. I think you're suppose to send them a certain amount of JAGs and then it will say the JAG limit notice and shows the user. I use to go to a scammer's den and make my alt follow my main making the game uncover the scammer's username but I don't know if that glitch was patched

    2. You JAG them until the mailbox is full, then see the message like Pixyl did, or you go to their den, then bring an alt to the den, and in the place where it says "_____'s Den" it will say the user.

  2. I wish you guys called yourself the swiss guard lol. Because sws looks like swiss and the whole actual swiss guard haha