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Thursday, 29 December 2016

fuzzypanda0206 (Member)

All credit goes to my friend, sneezy77, for catching this one.

They started off by advertising a "Christmas giveaway" at their den.

A few people went to their den, and they followed us in after a short time. I managed to buddy them, just to try and prevent myself from getting locked out.

Mhmm, sure we will. We asked them why they couldn't trade, and they said this:

I'm surprised this guy was actually able to come up with a slightly believable excuse. Very few scammers can do that, at least the ones that I see.
Each person in the den then gifted their items. I gifted a black studded collar, the deer gifted a phantom plushie and a Best Dressed game, and the arctic wolf gifted a fireplace. They unbuddied me, then announced the winner:

Judt isn't a word :|

No fricking duh
They then locked us out. Report fuzzy for scamming.

Status: 3 Harmed

~ Agent Pixyl ~

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  1. First comment!! Okay, sorry. That wasn't very professional. But that goat took a diamond item... Diamonds cost money. That should be against the law. Cringe but true. Not the most professional post I've made, but I have a pretty solid point. (which is subjective)