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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Yoeagles110 (Member)

Hello, readers. Vic here with another post. Today I caught quite the peculiar scammer named yoeagles110. I was roaming around Jamaa Township when I saw someone attempting a simple "best gift wins spike" scam. 

I thought he wouldn't have much interesting to say, so I just screenshotted him saying this so I could add it to the scammer goldmine I'm making. Of course, it would be irresponsible to just walk away, so I told him to go to his den so I could confront him. Once he showed up, I asked him to confirm that he would, indeed, gift me a spike if I gifted him.

I told him I would gift him a long spiked wrist, and he did say it was good enough when I asked. To stall him more, I asked what color the spike he'd be gifting me was. He told me that it was a purple spike, so I assumed that it was the wrist he was wearing and he confirmed this.

He started to get impatient after me asking this and told me that I was taking long. Obviously eager to steal pixels from stupid kids.

I wasn't going to gift him, so I asked why I couldn't trade for the spike instead and he gave me the most moronic answer I've ever heard from a scammer.

I was so dumbfounded by this response that I was at a complete loss for words. After a couple minutes I managed to ask him why, and he claimed his mom thought trading was "dangerous." So I decided to play along and asked him to get his mom on. He went AFK for about 6 seconds, then his mom said hello. When I asked "her" why she thought trading was dangerous, she said this.

Her grammar is surprisingly broken for an adult, don't you think? 

After saying this, I was locked out.

How predictable.

Please report Yoeagles110 for scamming.

Status: None Harmed

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  1. They are a scammer. Apparently they can make a member plushie machine into a nm plushie machine by typing something into their computer and it will turn into a nm item. Dont trust them!!! It will NOT work and you will get scammed.