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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Update Notes 26/11/2016

Hello everyone, Cerise here with the early December update notes. We have several things planned for the last month before our 3 year anniversary, and our deadline. Speaking of the deadline, though, I'm immensely proud of you all. The society is getting a lot better, and if we keep this up we may be able to beat the deadline. But let's not think about that for now, I have some good news.

Firstly, we will be having a special event for Christmas - the 12 Days of the SWS. For every day between December 15th and December 26th, we will be hosting a special Christmas event, whether that be movie night on the chat, a raffle, or so on. On the very last day, December 26th, we will be doing the Christmas Drive giveaway, meaning we will go around to random areas and give random Jammers items from our item bank. The dates for each 12 Days celebration will be up soon, likely tomorrow or the day after.

Along with the 12 Days event, we will be having a Secret Santa exchange. Every active agent will be given another active agent whom they will have to get a gift for. We will collect all the gifts on a storage, and then, on the day of the exchange, we will give out the gifts to the appropriate agents.
The items we're looking for are anything within the value range of a pseudo-rare (fox hats, worns, pirate swords, gloves, bow and arrows, etc.) to rares and betas (spikes, den betas, retired items, etc.). Please get your items to a council member by Christmas Day, when the gifts will be exchanged. If for whatever reason something happens and you cannot get your gift in on time, talk to a council member so we can sort something out.
If you are an active agent interested in participating in the Secret Santa exchange, please comment your agent name and username below.

Current Secret Santa Participants
Agent Fire (fire66300)
Agent Cowlan (Cowlan)
Agent Cake (novanightmares)
Agent Electro (Electrowaffles)
Agent Phoenix (feathers13)
Agent Flint (swan867)
Agent Pixyl (littlesleepy)
Agent Hazel (Harmonioustune)
Agent Beta (Sleepyspirits)
Agent Light (fernlight2)
Agent Brave (hoppyfrogbug)
Agent Sharky (sharky10117)
Agent Zephyr (Kola33319)

Lastly, we have a new system for joining. Learn more on our new Join The Team page. We're still in need of new agents, so don't hesitate to submit an application.

That's all for now, Jammers. Happy holidays!


  1. Join the club, get free grub! -Zantigos Employee Slogan Weird Thing

    Anyhow, I thought we were stopping community services until we got in shape. Not that I think it's a good idea to stop, but still.

    Also, remind me, did/do we ever do a community service where people play adventures on hard mode and with all the proper animals to get the things? If not, good way to get items.

    Just random, you can usually tell if we doing a community service if every single agent buddy you have is on. Then you follow them and see what they doing.

    1. We are stopping community services. The only ones we're doing right now are the meet Santa thing and the Christmas drive, which I don't classify as a community service.
      And we do, but it's not classified as a service. Just something we do to fill up the item bank.

  2. Sounds like a great plan. Ive recently been interviewed to be an agent by Fire and Pyro. If you happen to have the reaults, please let me know how you would like to communicate it to me. ^.^

    1. We usually prefer communication on chat.

    2. Thw chat box for me says "Plugin not supported". -Akmlynx ^.^

    3. The chat box plugin may not work on certain devices. If you're on a mobile device, try switching to a laptop or a PC.

    4. If you only have mobile devices available, you can download a free app called "Puffin" and search us. The app has Flash, which can display plug-ins. This way, you can access the chat rooms.

    5. I can't get on wifi at the moment, (I don't have it at my home) but Friday I will be going to Starbucks for wifi. If all it needs is Adobe Flash thenI will be able to get on the chatroom then. Merry almost not really Christmas ^.^ -akmlynx

    6. Ok sorry if I'm being a bother. The chatroom doesn't work on my PC so if you could either just reply to this comment with tests to my interview or Jam-a-Gram me on Animal Jam that would be fantastic. Happy Holidays -akmlynx

  3. ayyyy i wanna get in on this spicy secret santa action

    agent name: pyro
    username: victoryscreechxD

  4. Agent name : Cowlan
    username: cowlan

  5. I'll join.
    Agent Name: Agent Cake.
    Username: novanightmares

  6. me alsoo

    agent name: electro
    username: electrowaffles

  7. Sounds pretty cool!


  8. So is the 12 Days of the SWS just for agents or an event for viewers as well?

    1. The 12 days event is for anyone who wants to come, but the Secret Santa exchange is only within the society. The Christmas Drive is done by the agents, but you can follow us around when we do it if you want.

  9. I'll join
    Agent Name: Pixyl
    Username: littlesleepy

  10. Agent Name: Flint
    Username: Swan867 (Main)

  11. I'll do it too!
    Agent name: Phoenix
    Username: Feathers13

  12. Sounds L I T

    Agent Name: Hazel

    Username: Harmonioustune

  13. I will do it too!!
    Agent Name: Agent Sharky
    username: sharky10117

  14. Hey, Ill join in on the festivities
    Agent Name: Brave
    Username: Hoppyfrogbug

  15. Possibly
    Agent Name: Light
    Username: Fernlight2

    Also yay I'm ungrounded in 3 days woo-hoo

  16. I'll join
    Agent Name: Zephyr
    Username: Kola33319

  17. I looked at the current scedule, and there are no raffles
    I know that's hard to pull off, but 'a raffle, or so on'

  18. When is the exchange?

  19. this never even happened wow

    1. It did. But only so many people who signed up actually got their gifts in.