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Monday, 21 November 2016

Thejennabee18 (Member)

Hello readers, Vic here with another post. Last night I caught a scammer by the name of Thejennabee18. I was server hopping when I saw her saying this.

I had just arrived as she said this, so I couldn't really prove she was a scammer. I even asked what she would gift a bee outfit for, but she just logged off when I asked. About half an hour later, I found her again in a different server, but this time I was able to see what she was advertising. 

I sent her a Jam-A-Gram asking her to go to her den, so I could get evidence of her attempting to scam. After a minute she entered the den, and I began to question her.

Here I saw my chance to bribe her, and I told her that I had around 5 or 6 masterpieces. She didn't jump at the offer immediately, but took it up when I asked her a second time.

I decided to confront her after she said this, and asked if she actually had a bee outfit. Turns out that she did.

I was almost ready to consider that she might not be a scammer after she said that she would be willing to trade, but then she tried to buddy me and locked me out, for whatever reason.

Some people may think, "wait a minute, she isn't a scammer because she was okay with you trading!" This would be true if it weren't for the fact that she clearly wanted to be gifted the masterpieces when she was advertising and when I asked her the first time about the bee outfit. 

Please report Thejennabee18 for scamming.

Status: None Harmed


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