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Friday, 11 November 2016

lala899 (Member)

Hey guys, Feathers here with my first post that I didn't just make Vic do for me. Anyways, I saw lala here advertising for a list giveaway on November 10th.

 I think it's also worth mentioning she had some pretty good stuff on there.

Thought this was suspicious, so I enetered the den to see what the dealio was.


 Of course you are.

 Hmm, thats suspicious.

 And then, of course, she takes everything off her list and replaces it with one of the worst items in the game.

"If you accept, I will trade [your items] back with an item you want," is the correct grammar translation.
An obvious scam.

Now, I don't have evidence of this, but other people started sending trades as well, and whenever she would accept, she kept saying it was a glitch.


Luckily, Dove Bravebelle here left, so no one got scammed. Bubblyblueberry here, one of the "winners:"

 And then she anticlimactically literally just logged out.
Please report this chick for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed

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