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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

jjcoolswagboss (Member)

Feathers here with a scammer I caught on November 13.

This was immediately suspicious, and before I even said anything to him, he said:

When I asked what the prize was, this was his response:

"a spike" isn't very specific, so I asked him what kind of spike exactly.

When I bugged him to put it on trade, but he left. Luckily, He had items on his trade so I could join his world. That took me to his den. I continued to bug him.

Of course there is.

 Pathetic excuses.

But you can't put it on trade, wear it, or provide any proof that you have it? Anyways,

And then, of course, I got locked out. Report for scamming.

Status: Unknown


  1. I caught a big scammer today! the user is swagparri52. I took screenshots of the whole thing! The scam they did was "If you want a member account say pie" And a lot of poor jammers said pie. Then they said: "my den if you said pie." So I went to try to see if they were scamming. They said put your offer on trade, and a lot of people put really rare and game code items, masterpieces, and even spikes! Then they said this person was winning, and they added more. Then they said: "I think "blank" is winning they won!" And then they locked us out right away. Please report them for scamming and trying to give away a free member account and they said no scam! Luckily, no jammers were harmed, and they might have buddied the winner and just locked everyone else out. but, they could gave scammed the person! so be aware!

    1. We are unable to make posts about scammers, bullies, etc. if we do not have evidence of them doing such things. If you can provide screenshots and/or video evidence, please share them with us, along with a written summary akin to that of the ones in our posts detailing what happened.