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Friday, 25 November 2016

Gymnastboyaj (Member)

Hello everyone, my name is Snowspot. I'm an intern here and this is my first post.  Yesterday I was looking around for things to do, when I see an arctic wolf named Gymnastboyaj.  He was dancing and saying, "Plz trade me 1 rare :)"

 Since I was bored at the time, I decided to take a look at his trade list and see what he had and when I checked his trade list it was pretty obvious that no one in their right mind would trade a rare for those.  It was all stuff in stores that you could buy for gems. I decided even though someone who had played the game for a while would avoid him, there are still a lot of new jammers or people who just dont know the worth of many AJ items might end up falling for this little act.

 So I use what I learned a time ago and I tell him that on nothing his trade list is worth a rare and he says, "I don't care" and leaves.  But before I could teleport to him, he came back and went right back to the bridge.  I then tell him that he should check the value of his items and try trading something else that would be worth a rare.

An arctic fox then shows up by him, probably looking at his trade list.  I already know he tried to trade her because of what she said after it. Gymnast shouts, "WHYYYY???!!!"  The arctic fox tells him that none of the items he traded were really worth the item she tried to trade for, and that she wouldn't accept if he was going to be unfair and refuse to trade fairly. 

He goes over to the bridge, hoping for pity, but then wandered back over to me for some reason.  So I tell him that if he wants a rare he should trade more fairly, or trade items with other people until he has something he could trade for a rare.  Then he leaves the room angrily, probably to go try to pull off this scam somewhere else.

So make sure whenever you go to trade you know the value of your items and other people's items and make sure to trade fairly.
-Intern Snowspot

Status: None Harmed