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Sunday, 20 November 2016

dragonslayer1006 (Member)

Hello, everyone. The scammers have been scarce lately. I found this one November 20th.

This is them doing the most obvious scam ever.

I was going to question them, but another person who I forgot the name of started accusing them of scamming.

They left, and I followed them. This is what they said to a NM wolf  (who is most likely someone's alt) after I assume they gave them something in hopes of a membership.
I am not entirely sure what they meant, I assume 'You didn't enter it correctly, but I was going to give it (the membership) to you'.

They confirmed they gave a spike.

They both proceeded to log off.
Report dragonslayer1006 for scamming.

Status: 1+ Harmed


  1. Ok look don't half to post what people do it's called stalking and have u heard of u half to have the persons permission to post things of them. I am Dragonslayer1006 and I see u never had my permission to post this.

    1. would you ask a criminal for their permission to report them to the police?

    2. We are under no obligation to ask you or anyone else we catch for permission to post you on the website, since these are not photos of you. They are screenshots of your avatar on an online game, a.k.a. not your personal identity. If they were actually pictures of your face, then that would indeed be extremely illegal, but that isn't the case here.
      This isn't anything close to stalking. These are screenshots of things your avatar said on a public online game where anyone else in the room could've seen what you said. The legal definition of stalking someone is "criminal activity consisting of the repeated following and harassing of another person", which we are not doing.