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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Charafromundertale23 (Member)

Cowlan here (with my first post). I lured this scammer into my den by saying "My den if you can double all my rares," while having some of my rarest items on trade.

This is her saying she could double my rares.

This is her saying she needs the items I need her to double. Typical.

I don''t have a picture of this, but I traded her a magenta tie (which was store-bought, of course) and otld her to double my githced tie, but to be careful as it was very similar to the ones in stores.

She traded for it (a necklace on her part), and then sat in silence for nearly three minutes. I traded her a random item, and she declined so I knew she wasn't away from they keyboard. I told her I was "recording", although I only took screenshots.

Of course you did. She ended up logging off once I told her I was recording. Report her for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed

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