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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Calamity Corner Special - Bunnyqueen645 (Member)

Hello readers, Vic here with my first Calamity Cornerpost. This event actually affects one of our agents, Cowlan, so consider this a special post. The person in question is named Bunnyqueen645. 
Cowlan was in Jamaa Township when she saw Bunnyqueen hosting an alleged "mailtime", but she also said that she would give gifts in return. She was presumably attempting the same scam today, as evident by these screenshots of her nauseating Jammer Wall.

(if you can't read this, she says "But better! You can get things from rare item Mondays, to spiked wristbands! Plz help out, I need gifts by ones clock! Thank you so much if you decide to give!!")

Cowlan confronted her, saying that she was recording. Bunnyqueen responded with something along the lines of "I don't care" and she started getting passive aggressive, so Cowlan left. Below is the post Cowlan made on her blog about Bunnyqueen:

Bunnyqueen got angry about Cowlan calling her out, and made a post on her own blog ( about Cowlan, calling her a "twisted scam watcher".
The entirety of Bunnyqueen's blog has been deleted. You can view what was saved of the old posts (as well as view the comments) via this link.


So, Bunnyqueen claims that Cowlan traded her a jester hat and accused her of not allowing Non Members to trade their entries. I learned recently from Cowlan that this isn't true, and that she never owned a Jester Hat in the first place or that she said anything about Non Members.

Warning: Ahead are images containing heavy, uncensored profanity. If you are sensitive to such content, view at your own risk. Thank you.

To make it even more obvious that she was only trying to make herself look better, the screenshot of the Jammer wall message in her post says that it was posted just now, meaning that she probably said it, took a screenshot of it, then claimed she never held anything against Non Members. She also thinks for some reason that Cowlan can't post in October because she was the September agent of the month? I don't know, children are confusing.

The rest of her post tells the readers to "stand up" to Cowlan by reporting her. She also thinks that Flint is Cowlan, for whatever reason. Then she states with a big old pep in her step, "SEE YOU ALL WHEN I DO MY NEXT REPORT! :D". Her next lackluster report was again about Cowlan, this time titled "Cowlan (AGAIN)".

Basically, Cowlan started a post about Bunnyqueen on her own blog, and Bunnyqueen got unbelievably butthurt about it and apparently thinks that Cowlan is playing "mind games." Below is the link to the comments section of the finished post, and it's quite disturbing how much intelligence and common sense Bunnyqueen seems to lack.

The same day, Bunnyqueen made yet another post about Cowlan. Get used to this.

 The only thing she does in this post is whine on and on about how she isn't a scammer, yet has no proof. Then she continues to talk about Jester Hats for whatever reason, then she uses this obnoxious, big red image to emphasize her point that Cowlan is apparently a "brat".

The same day AGAIN, she makes a post. I don't have to explain anything, it is literally just her being a colossal jerk to Cowlan just because she told Bunnyqueen to stop.

The next day she made a post about some fall items, but she just couldn't resist the urge to crap on Cowlan again in the beginning of the post. She also says something about having to delete all of her screenshots because of desktop space, which I highly doubt.

Three days later, she made this big block of a post in which she tries to get attention and sympathy, despite the fact that her entire blog is dedicated to bashing on someone with anxiety and depression.

There are multiple things wrong with this. First of all, why would she be allowed to take not only the curl up test, but the pacer as well if she had a cut in her arm that is oh so big, fat and deep? Then she wants people to feel sorry for her because she got the highest score in both the curl up test and the pacer?! How HORRIBLE! 

She also casually mentions the fact that her grandmother died, yet she stays on her computer all day bitching and moaning about someone over the internet and uses her death for sympathy. 

She then completely flips out and starts swearing at and insulting Cowlan in all caps. Remember this.
It's really, REALLY low to be constantly harassing someone with serious personal problems and make up pathetic excuses that her grandmother allegedly died. That's not an excuse to go out of your way to ruin someone's life by constantly getting on their case.
At this point Cowlan had told us on chat about Bunnyqueen, so Fire, Cerise, Beta and I left some comments on her posts, all of which she deleted, of course, since she's too scared to handle criticism of any kind. Here is a big montage of all the deleted comments that she refuses to acknowledge.

A day later, she made another post seeking sympathy and playing the victim card. She basically just whines about getting a virtual item taken from her, so I commented something sarcastic which she removed.

"Also no cursing will be permitted on this blog. If you do not stop you will be made banned."

Remember how just a day prior she was absolutely swearing like a sailor via post? When this was pointed out, she made a post titled "RULES" in a desperate attempt to save herself.

The real kicker is that she breaks nearly all of these rules herself. 

In short, Bunnyqueen is nothing but a bully who's too scared to face any kind of backlash on her own website. She's a heartless coward who won't play a game if it's not rigged so that only she can win. She spends her days ganging up on, insulting, and relentlessly harassing people who did nothing wrong even after they tell her to stop. Then, when other people find out about her behavior and come to try and talk some sense into her painfully thick skull, she silences them by deleting their comments because she doesn't want to face any kind of criticism for her actions.
On top of that, she creates rules for her website which don't apply to her so that she has the right to be as hypocritical and immature as she pleases, threatening to "ban" anyone who calls her out.
And then, she puts the cherry on top by attempting to weasel out of her wrongdoings by pulling the victim card and trying to make everybody feel bad for her so that it looks like SHE'S the one being personally attacked here.

Bunnyqueen, if you're reading this, you could've ended this all before it even started. If you just acknowledged your wrongdoings and apologized when Cowlan caught you, this wouldn't have happened. If you just acknowledged your wrongdoings and apologized when we came on your blog, this wouldn't have happened. If you just acknowledged your wrongdoings and apologized when this whole situation got big, this wouldn't have happened. We probably would have forgiven you and dropped the situation. But instead of showing some integrity, you decided that you would just continue to harass Cowlan even after you finished beating her into submission. You decided you would use the dirtiest tactics to make people feel sorry for you. I hope you reconsider your actions, and hopefully learn that this isn't the way to deal with conflicts with other people.

This is a serious issue that needs to be resolved. Cowlan is going under a lot of stress because of this, and we have been trying to get Bunnyqueen to stop with the harassment. Feel free to leave your own two cents about her behavior on her blog, but don't make a comment consisting of just a bunch of swear words. It will only make you and the SWS seem childish. Thank you.

I may make a follow-up post to this in the future, as I have multiple screenshots of Bunnyqueen yelling and swearing at Cowlan through comments that I left out. So far there hasn't been another post on her blog as of November 14th, 2016, and I hope it stays that way.

Please report Bunnyqueen645 for scamming and bullying.


  1. Replies
    1. The SWS version of censoring swear words and such.

  2. btw.. Can you maybe not cuss?

    1. there was a warning...


    2. its her post she does what she wants

    3. There's a warning at the beginning of the post. If you didn't want to see the swearing, you shouldn't have continued reading the post.

  3. Replies
    1. No..... Breaking News! I'm Flint!


  4. Wut happened to beta

    1. Nothing happened to Beta?

    2. Why are you commenting about Beta on a post that has next to nothing to do with her...

    3. Maybe they thought Beta hadn't posted in a while.

  5. My blog is now inactive, therefore there is nothing to see on it anymore. I tried to apologize to cowlan but she told me to leave her den , the unbuddied me. But I just thought everyone who wants to try to find those posts on my blog, can't because I deleted all the posts and marked my blog inactive. Have a nice day - Erin (bunnyqueen645)

    1. Why?
      I mean, the only reason you would is that you couldn't face criticism, because anyone who takes the Agents as threats or stress has the spine of a jellyfish.

    2. This is what I'm talking about. At least I TRIED to apologize, like you wanted all along. And no it was not this post, but people who told me it was going to far and helped me realize that I DID go to far. The thing here is at least I TRIED. Have a good day - Erin (bunnyqueen645)

    3. I try not to make these last long, anyway

      1. I am not the diplomat that represents the entire SWS. The only thing I saw wrong with you is
      A. the deletion of comments
      B. you not following your own rules and
      C. that big red brat post-it note thing

      2. Good, you realized you went to far. This is a good thing.
      Now lets just drop it

      -Flint (that is somehow Cowlan)

    4. I agree, thank you - bunnyqueen645.

  6. Here's some advice bunnyqyeen don't dwell on this and act like its the worst thing to happen. There are other people who are in worse situations then being caught scamming on a children's game.

  7. How in the world can someone be this butthurt?
    how even?
    _ _

    1. You wouldn't believe it if you hadn't seen it.

  8. Hey, just noticed something... On the picture of their jammer wall entry (bunnyqueen's), it said "just now". That means that they had just made the post when they took the picture.

    That probably means that the post was made just to "prove" they weren't scamming.

    Thought you might want to know this.


    1. i already said this in the post.

      On one of BQ's posts, she had a picture of that on her jammer wall. It said just now, meaning that they had just made the post when they took the picture. That means they probably made that post just for the picture, cause I doubt that they just went around taking pictures of all their jammer wall posts.

  9. WOAH old posts (also stop, bq. i know you stopped, but still, dont harass people.)