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Sunday, 27 November 2016

babydoll4903 (Member)

Hello. I am Flint. I found this person on November 26.

This caught my attention.

This is the jammer wall. I suspect this is a 'best gift wins' scam.
The way it works is you gift her a masterpiece, and she showcases it in her den or jammier wall.
The one with the most likes wins a spike.
Sound like a scam yet?

They said they would gift it back, but I doubt it.
I asked this.

They took it as this.

I said I meant showcase it on our trade while not giving it to you.
A jammer wall picture of a gullible person.
Hey wait a second I didn't notice fire was there.

I started calling them a scammer. They went to a locked den.

Onto the others.
Fire gave me these screenshots, along with a little report explaining them.

According to fire, awesome is a person who claimed to be working with babydoll on her Jammer Wall, Empress and Countess are rookies, and Legit is Fire.
Another one.

And another.

This is a jammer wall. Superbunnyftw has a good point, assuming the contest is over.

Apparently, she deleted all the screenshotted jammer walls from Fire.

Combining both sources of evidence, it's safe to say they scammed masterpieces.
Report them for scamming.

Status: 1+

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