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Friday, 28 October 2016

Zachary267 (Member)

Hey guys, Sonic here with my first post. So, Today I found Zachary267 pulling the ''Glitched ____ On trade!'' scam.

After I saw that, I went to the Epic Wonders to compare the two because I didn't know the glitched rings well. After I went to the Epic Wonders, I went back to Jamaa Township to confront them. Here is what their ''Glitched ring'' looked like. 

 I confronted them saying ''That isn't a glitched ring.'' And they responded to this saying

   After that, Some other person joined saying it wasn't a glitched ring. Zachary responded with saying ''WELL A FRIEND TOLD ME OK'', Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a screenshot of this because they changed their message quickly. You can consider them to be a scammer because they were lying about item value.

Status: Unknown


  1. Yes it it true, I used to scam, and I don't anymore, so please just leave me alone

    1. The society shut down 6 months ago. We've been "leaving you alone" since this post was made.

    2. this was posted 9 months ago