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Thursday, 13 October 2016

xxitssunnyxx (Member)

Hello everyone! Agent Fox here. I found this jammer in Jamaa Township. They were advertising "Give me a spike, or a diamond shop one, and I will give you four shorts" but without all of the nice grammar and such. 

On the other hand, they did say please. Anyways, I asked them to put the shorts up on trade. After a long silence they moved to the other side of the Township. I followed them, and asked again. This time they responded with the go-to: I can't trade, I can only gift.


I told them that AJHQ stops trading and gifting at the same time. Immediately after this they went back over to the other side. I told others around me to report them for scamming and they logged off. 

Status: Unknown


  1. What happened to the "Ask the Agents" page, it says "this page doesn't exist". -Akmlynx

    1. It had too many comments, so we removed it. The problem was that the new comments wouldn't show up, thus rendering us (the agents) unable to reply to them.

  2. omg i saw this person and told them the same things and told ppl to report him then he logged off