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Friday, 28 October 2016

Savanha101 (Member)

Pixyl here. This guy started out by saying they got hacked, and that we should gift them items.

Sure ya did, honey. I asked them how we were supposed to know they weren't lying, and this happened:

Reeeeeeeally now? I told them that that wasn't proof, then started saying I thought this was a scam.
Then they left.

Sorry for the short post, some scammers are really bad at defending themselves. Anyways, report them for scamming.

Status: Unknown

~ Agent Pixyl ~


  1. stop i was hacked and i think if you are going to accuse me of this then stop i didn't scam and it's rude to think jammers did something wrong when they aren't i did nothing wrong

    1. Please explain how we are in the wrong here. You claimed to have been "hacked", when hacking is almost 100% impossible on AJ. If somehow you did get "hacked", which was likely just cracking or you just telling somebody your password, you shouldn't be begging for items. You should be going out and trying to get your stuff back instead of begging for the sympathy of others and making yourself look incredibly auspicious.

    2. i was hacked the user of the kid that did it is wolfjac1256 i think

    3. And where's your evidence? How do you know they hacked you? How did they hack you?

    4. i have video proof and pic proof and they hacked me i know the user cuz i whent in my den on a spare account and they where their trading with my main and i got back on and everything was gone

    5. And how did they hack into your account? Hacking is basically impossible on AJ.

    6. idk i cant tell how ppl hack in cuz i was asleep and i got proof from my friend she recorded it and took pics