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Monday, 24 October 2016

Rosellaforfriends (Member)

Hey guys, Vic here with another post. Today I'll be writing about a scammer by the name of Rosellaforfriends. Agent Feathers caught this scammer, so all image credit goes to her.

So, Feathers saw this person advertising in Jamaa Township, saying that she had a glitched ring. Here is an image of the supposed "glitched" turquoise ring.

Someone pointed out that it wasn't glitched, and Rosella responded with "don't listen to him he's my brother".

Feathers was able to confirm that she was flaunting a store bought ring as "glitched", and asked Rosella what she was willing to accept for said ring. Rosella said that she wanted some rares for the ring, and when Feathers asked her to elaborate, she responded with "spikes".

So Feathers traded four spiked wristbands for the ring, and Rosella tried to accept it, proving Feathers' suspicions of scamming. 

After Rosella attempted to scam her, Feathers revealed that she was from the Scam Watchers Society and that she had been recording the ordeal the entire time. Of course Rosella tried to defend herself, but couldn't because she's a degenerate 8 year old.

Rosella then revealed that she was also recording, though I highly doubt this as she would literally just be filming herself scamming. Feathers was smart and left it at that, exiting the den. Later she checked and it turns out that Rosella actually did have a YouTube channel. Of course no video of her scamming, though. Her last video was uploaded a month ago, titled "AJ MY FIRST VID". She sounds very young, here's the link if you're interested for whatever reason. 

Report Rosellaforfriends for scamming.

Status: None Harmed

Thats all folks!

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