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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Jammer21f61 (Non-Member) + Baseballcayne (Member)

Hello, Jammers, it is I, Flint, here again with my 10,000 scammer or something. Found these people on October 8, 2016.

This is them advertising for a giveaway.

This is how you 'enter'. (Duke is her suspected accomplice)


Someone confirmed this is a scam.

We all started calling her out as a scammer. Then owly here started defending her (Like in 1st chatbox pictures) Owly also was 'winning'.

I called 'em out as partners. They said this. (I suspect the owl is her alt)

We called her a scammer again, and they told us a story.

We don't care. I asked her why she was giving away her spike if her wrist was scammed.

I started saying I was an agent of the AJSWS. Look how friendly they took it!

Status: Unknown


  1. The wrist's still good even if you don't have the collar...

  2. Hi, I'm pørcupine and I'd like to join the ajsws. My computers a bit messed up, so I can't go in the chat rooms. When I do try to, no chat box pops up or anything. I've actually been wanting to be a scam catcher for a while. Sorry if I'm a bit late!
    P.S. IF you want to hit me up on aj, you have to copy the ø for my username and ctrl+v to paste it in.