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Thursday, 27 October 2016

froggyfroggy02 (Non-member)

Pixyl here with my fifth procrastination today (Shhhh homework definitely doesn't need to be done). This guy started out like this:

As you can see, the crowns on his trade aren't actual betas, they are the lookalikes you can buy in stores. I started saying that the crowns weren't beta, and:

Suuuuure it is. I started saying that they probably would have accepted trades for those. I then decided to test my theory, and traded them 4 or 5 rares and a spike. Predictably, they accepted.

I started talking about how they would have accepted and how they were a scammer, trying to get them to defend themselves. They went AFK for a while, then finally started saying it was a prank again, even though I had already proved that wrong:

(Eternal Spiritfox is me, Fuzzy Roundbunny is froggy)

Aaaand then they left. Report them for scamming.

Status: 0 Harmed

~ Agent Pixyl ~


  1. Crowns are betas, actually. They were in the beta stage. Not all betas are hard to get.

    1. There is a variant of tiara widely known as the beta variant. It appears as light green with a blue gem, and they are highly coveted. Scammers tend to claim they have the beta tiara, and then use the lookalike version that is the store-bought green tiara with a red gem. It's no coincidence they used this specific color.