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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

flashwing05 (Non-member)

Thiiiiiiiis one was a mess. Anyways, I was stalking random people, trying to figure out if they were scammers, when I saw this guy saying something about spikes. I didn't get a screenshot of that, but he eventually started advertising again. 

I started saying that was unfair, they ran away, and then started advertising on the other side of the Township.

Naturally, I went to their den. They started off by telling us this:

Sure, sure you do. They asked us to trade them spikes... This was their trade list.

(There wasn't anything good below those either)

Another Jammer and I started protesting and saying it wasn't fair, and of course:

Great methods, huh? Anyways, go report them for scamming.

Status: 0 Harmed

~ Agent Pixyl ~

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