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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Enternal169 (Member)

Hello everyone! Fox here with my first post in a while. (Sorry bout that)
So I found this person in the township advertising the best trade wins a spike scam:

(Sorry that it is a bad picture)

I asked them to put it up on trade, and they actually had it! I was going to thank them for not being a scammer or something when they said that we couldn't trade directly for it. I asked them why we couldn't just trade directly for it. No response, they just continued advertising. Out of curiosity, I traded them. Surprise surprise, they tried to accept.

I declined, and played the innocent jammer card, and asked them to trade their wristband, since they had accepted it. At this point, I think they were getting suspicious of me, so they were just flashing messages to me up between the same message that's above. I managed to get this one:

No, I do get it, you are a scammer. Anyways, others had noticed the drama at this point and were calling them out on scamming. They went to a different world, and I followed them. Same advertising. I asked them very politely to leave AJ forever or stop scamming. They went to yet another world. I told everyone to report them, and in response, they yelled "stop following me" and logged off. Please report them for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed

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