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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Coolxbboy (Non-Member)

Hey guys, it's Scarce here with another post. Today I'm writing about a scammer by the name of Coolxbboy. This is a long one, so let's get started. 

When I first saw him advertising in Jamaa Township, I was a bit confused seeing as everyone should know by now that the trust trade scam is impossible thanks to an update to the trade system, so I thought that this was either someone new to scamming or an idiot. When I arrived in his den, I was again confused because there wasn't anyone there, despite him saying "winner gets prize." He also immediately came into the den after I did, and sent me a buddy request.

For the sake of catching him I accepted, and he went on to explain the rules of this "trusted trade" game.

Now isn't that cute? I was starting to think subconsciously that maybe he was sincere, until he told me this.

Obviously, I wasn't going to do this, so I decided to stall him with some questions.

Seeing them offer a spiked collar as a prize is never a good sign, so I asked him to bring this alleged backup into the den. He told me he couldn't, and when I asked why, he sat there unspeaking for a good 25 seconds before finally responding.

This is obviously a horrid, HORRID excuse, so I didn't even bother and just asked what the username of his backup was. Again.. more excuses.

Obvious victim card playing. I noticed a backpedal in this, however, and called him out on it. Surprisingly enough he just said he would bring in the backup when I called him out and didn't argue too much.

He paused for a long, long time when I pointed this out, and finally responded with this after a full minute or so.

This is the point where he brought in the backup and.. oh my..

E... ew...

He told me the spiked collar was on MOMPARRISWAGLOL's trade list, and when I checked I found that he had lied about the spike. 

He very specifically said that it was short, and when I called it a COLLAR he didn't try to correct me in any form. This may have been to convince me that the spike was rarer than it actually was. I called him out on lying, and he got butthurt and locked me out.



Report Coolxbboy for scamming.

Status: None Harmed

That's all folks!


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