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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

boy70 (Member)

Hey guys, Vic here with another post. Today's scammer is named boy70, let's get started.

So I was moseying along through Jamaa Township having a gay ol time when I spotted this. Since I couldn't even see the advertisers face I asked them to come out from behind the obvious owl in front of its face. Everyone started yelling "SCAMMER" at whoever this was, and when I asked who the scammer was someone informed me that it was a player named boy70, but they weren't in the room. So I went to an empty server, traded them and got teleported into their world. I then saw them advertising something completely different from the above image, which I'm guessing is because their previous scam did not work too well.

However, I still couldn't get a good picture of their nametag, so I asked them to step out of the crowd in all my text talking glory. Once I got him out of there, I started asking questions.

(I also asked them if it was long or short and they answered long but I wasn't able to get a picture of this)
Of course they wanted me to believe that they had a black long spiked collar. So I started bribing them, telling them I had a spiked wristband and a beta, but I wanted to know which one they wanted to see how rare hungry they were.

When they heard my offer they said that they wanted the spiked wrist but either were fine. I got ready to trade when I realized that I had given my spiked wrist to my wifi wifey (love u naffy) so I instead asked them if they wanted my 5 hatapalooza top hats.

They said that it was fine and that they wanted the 5 top hats, because they obviously trump the singular beta. I sent the trade, and surprise surprise, they tried to accept.

I declined, and got ready to tell them off but the moment I said "I am from the Scam Watchers Society" they immediately ran away and logged off. Typical.

Status: None Harmed

That's all folks!

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