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Friday, 7 October 2016

Bigfanofscooter (Nonmember)

Hey there, jammers! It's Agent Skywalker here after a long period of doing basically nothing save recruiting, I'm back with this gal who was doing an old classic in Jamaa Township on October 7, 2016.
This is her advertising:

Like I said, a classic scam. As usual for this particular method, her trade list was sporting some newly-purchased necklaces.

I asked her why we had to trade for these, when she claimed to have a perfectly good spike we could use. In return, I got the most useless and pathetic answer in existence, which didn't make ol' Skyguy too happy.

That's right, folks, her answer was 'Becuz im bored xd.' But the cringe doesn't end there, as you're about to see her excuse when I asked if I could at least see the item.

'i gtg soon ahh' was her totally original reply. A bystander caught onto her game, and called her out for scamming:

Her comeback of 'idk what a scam is' is incredibly NOT thought through, since someone able to spend enough time on this god forsaken game to get a spiked collar should definitely know their basic AJ talk. If I were this chick, I'd definitely run away from my accusers at this point, which is exactly what she did.
On the other side of Jamaa, an arctic wolf was sleeping on the bridge, bawling about how they were just scammed some items I didn't care enough to find out (my level of insensitivity originates from the fact that so many jammers claim to have been scammed in order to recieve donations, and I find it likely that this person was doing the same). Big saw, and made the comment 'oh thats sad.' Now this gives me a kick, because she claimed to be unaware what a scam even was, not five minutes ago!

Her reply to this was:

'it sounds bad lol'
She's just full of terrible excuses, isn't she?
Big excused herself from my presence again, and I followed her to the other side of Jamaa where she continued to do her lil' advertisement again. I warned jammers not to trade the *fizzy drink* but they must not have listened, since I saw Big get some trades. A second later, her necklace count dropped to two, which unfortunately confirms that someone was scammed. I doubled my efforts, but to no avail, since she kept getting more trades, and eventually said "ORANGE ARCTIC WINNING!" A few minutes more of this, and she left the room. Thanks to AJHQ, players who you aren't buddied with appear offline, so I couldn't track her down again. The orange wolf she spoke of left, too, without a word, so I guess that COULD mean it was her main, but I'm not sure how likely that theory is.
Guess it's time to wrap up this post, guys, thank you for reporting Bigfanofscooter of scamming for her nefarious deeds.
Skyguy out.

Status: 3 or So Harmed



  1. Flint wuts ur user? -Penguin820

  2. Is anyone else wondering who "scooter" is? \_(••)_/

  3. well, if there trade button is not gray, that means there online. just wanna say that -Nightheart